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  1. *Big hugs* Anxiety and OCD is such an awful things to have especially at a young age and with his body going in to shock will just be his way of coping at the moment and may even grow out off. Keep your head high hunni you have done an amazing job with your son we all know how heartbreaking it is when we hear something like that about our babies but it’s one persons opinion and something that could possibly change in the future. Everything will be okay xxx
  2. My new OCD video - same song and kind of the same video I just tried to make it easier for people to read and put more detail in it. let me know what you think thanks guys
  3. These are brilliant thanks guys Just short statements or a paragraph is good thank you x
  4. Hi I hope i am posting in the right section but i have the feedback left on my other video so i wanted to make a new one and slow it down a little. also i wanted to make it based on just OCD so i wondered if you guys could help me. I want to know how you would describe OCD to another person? and How OCD makes you feel? If you could help me i will use the replies in the video thank you
  5. Stay strong PhilM we all know how awful a panic attack is, the good thing is you knew what it was but sometimes they do catch us by surprise so try not to think too much about it and look for helpful ways to calm your anxiety before it reaches a panic attack one thing i always find helpful is the 'name five things' approach and by the time i have finished i can't remember what made me so anxious so give it a try if you haven't tried it before.. Name five things… As the panic and anxiety start to manifest, find your way to a seat and place your hands on your heart or thighs or to a place where you can place both hands on a counter. Take a deep inhale and exhale (as deep as possible). Name five things you can see. Say the names to yourself or outloud. Name five things you could reach out and touch. Name five things you can hear. The more things you are able to name that you can see, touch, hear, and maybe even smell, the more your focus starts to draw in to the present. The world begins to slow down and become less overwhelming and daunting. Hope this helps Jess
  6. Hey guys thanks for the replies I agree with you both although i also tried to keep up with the song i wanted the 'You're not alone' to pop up as the singer sang it but that meant squeezing all the info into 2 slides so i had to cut it from 4 slides to 2 lol i hope that makes sense... Anyways i hope its enough to help people Thanks guys!
  7. Hi guys with Ashley's permission i wanted to show you all my video i made for OCD. Please watch and let me know what you think
  8. My wonderful bestie not just with ocd but everything whenever I need to talk ur always there ? im so grateful for everything xx Ah thanks hunni I've missed my girls (and guys) that have helped me a lot too x Thank you merry Christmas xx I'm always here for u too missy u have helped me with so much since I met u when my dad was in hospital u n @Wonderer were amazing support ? xx Thanks Mike stay strong and merry Christmas xx
  9. Just a quick reminder for christmas guys to remind you all that... ☆ Recover IS Possible ☆ Stay strong you all have the strength to get through this... a year ago i couldnt see myself enjoying christmas as my OCD and anxiety was in full force - a year later and IM SO EXCITED for this christmas so i hope theres some hope there for you guys that it may be tough right now but stay strong, get help in CBT and get better Jess Xx
  10. Recovery IS Possible.... no matter how hard it is for you right now and how long you have battled through this just remember that Recovery is absolutely possible! Believe in yourself, get the help you need by CBT and get your life back because you deserve it!!! luv jess xxx
  11. Ah bless snow! I'm glad I could help ❤️ Hope u have a good nights sleep xx
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