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  1. OceanDweller

    The Road Less Travelled

    Thank you all for your very generous responses. I am truly humbled. This is a wonderful, inclusive forum and I feel blessed to have been a part of such a wonderful community. Look after yourselves y’all. OD signing off...
  2. Hey You Guys I have thought of little else but OCD for the previous two years or so. I have made some good friends here on the forum and received some invaluable support. It’s time, I feel, to move forward and to have a crack at life on life’s terms. I am, therefore, plotting an extended period of absence, beginning over the day or so. To this end, I would like to wish you all the very best in your ongoing endeavours. It’s been a privilege knowing you all. Take care and good luck. OD
  3. OceanDweller

    Had to tell a lie

    I guess the obvious (but potentially antagonistic!) question is... do you imagine your partner fantasises about your friends and family?
  4. Pretty much. My attitude to alcohol, drugs and chocolate bars has always been ‘why stop at one?!’. It’s safer for me to avoid anything that could be used to fill the hole in my soul.
  5. OceanDweller

    OCD or Anxiety?

    I agree with this. A pal of mine once said ‘if you feel it, you feel it’. Nobody has the right to dictate whether your emotions are justifiable or not. And being sensitive (as I’m often described) should not be viewed as a slur. Being sensitive means you care about yourself and you’re conscious of others’ feelings too. Here’s to all us sensitive souls! Long may we refuse to hide how we feel.
  6. Hi BelAnna I can relate. I went through months of binge eating last year. I put on about a stone in weight. Like you, I was careful to count exactly how many of each item I scoffed. And, again like you, I only stopped once I reached a ‘round (no pun intended!) number on the scales. I’ve since lost the weight and largely steer clear of ‘treats’ now. Your issues surrounding food are clearly complex and enduring. I’m not an expert on eating disorders, but I have read that professional intervention can work wonders. I do believe that our predilection to binge eating and OCD are related. I’m sorry that I don’t have a solution to offer you.
  7. OceanDweller

    Had to tell a lie

    Taboos will always represent a unique temptation. I’ll wager the majority of folk have fantasised about their brother/sister in law. It’s because it’s ‘wrong’ that it’s alluring. But (as always) it’s our actions, not our thoughts, that define us. And it’s this fact alone that you need to accept.
  8. Ironic that a thread about IQ was conveived by the most obvious imbecile ever to darken the forum.
  9. Hi Chels. Personally, I believe it’s a matter of finding the right partner. Once you’re acquainted with ‘the one’, he won’t be put off by your OCD (and the fact that your last boyfriend was says far more about his failings than it does about you). Hang in there. We will all have our day in the sunshine.
  10. OceanDweller

    Had to tell a lie

    Do you believe that our thoughts are automatic? I do. Involuntary. Often unwanted. Devoid of intent or blame. And so entirely unreflective of our true selves.
  11. OceanDweller

    Had to tell a lie

    Hi battlethrough. That’s what’s known as a (heavily!) loaded question. Some truths are best left unexposed. If your partner fears the truth, she shouldn’t ask scary questions.
  12. OceanDweller


    Morning GBG. I’m feeling sane enough thank you! I did not enjoy the slumber of the righteous. New meds wreaking havoc I suspect. I note from your thread that you and your wife are gliding through smoother waters. Good on you.
  13. OceanDweller


    Bless you Emsie. Thank you. X
  14. OceanDweller


    Hi Avo. Thanks very much for your post. Not quite that long, but that’s a generous compliment. Much obliged. Ultimately, if someone with the capacity to ‘do me in’ also had the inclination, there would be very little I could do about it anyway, so worrying (as always) is pointless. As you rightly say, how self-absorbed most folk are is a blessing in situations such as this.