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  1. Yes I have read the advice but I still want to move house again due to the germs
  2. Well yes but I feel my life’s is doomed and I need to move house due to stuff being ruined?
  3. My theripst has offered to see me again but I also worry the £40 fee is too much per month
  4. Yes it’s very difficult my anxiety so far has told me: 1. I need to move house 2. I need to replace the radiator 3. It will take me a long time to accept the radiator like it did with the door im guessing I should I be aiming for number 3 to live with it but I find it hard like a suitcase has dirty washing plus clean yet I don’t worry yet this even if it touched the radiator would create a similar surface of so called germs yet I don’t feel or think like that? Is that something I can change or challenge because so often I have these contradictory situations and my head focuses on certain issues. Logically it makes no sense when another example is my bed I take my clothes off to change put them on the bed they are dirty yet my partner puts clean washing in the same spot without any worry from me. Thus is where I don’t get my ocd it all seems unnecessary to worry like this. It I feel absolutely awful and think about stuff being “ruined”?
  5. It worries me the stuff I believe is tainted will never go away and these areas will always trouble me I wish I could get over that however even when my ocd is mild I find it difficult when I think something is forever contaminated
  6. I had another big contamination issue tonight My partner done a wash and there was clean washing on the radiator so I had to rewash these clothes and worry about having to replace the radiator. I know you will say my ocd is lying but for me it’s a genuine worry. I mean I don’t worry if she goes near the heater when there is no clothes it’s barely the thought that the washing isn’t clean or the thought the washing if kept on heater would have contaminated my sofa and drawers and anywhere I worn these items. I feel my world is being hoovered up and I feel like the last house eventually lots of Areas become “forever contaminated”. Like I say it’s mostly dirty laundry that is worrying me right now so perhaps someone can reassure me that perhaps they do things differently in there house. For me dirty washing near clean washing causes me too much stess. Yes I mean I can name times when I got changed in my bedroom and there was clean washing around and it only caused me mild anxiety. The laundry on the heater issue happened in my old house I can’t remember much of what I done other than I would move it when doing a dirty wash so I’m guessing this happened in the past and I kept using the heater. This time I’m not overly keen on using the heater I mean yes it’s rash as when I use a suitcase it carry’s both clean and dirty washing so it does contradict but it seems my ocd just doesn’t like some stuff and wants to believe there is a danger or anxiety to be had. I worry about these issues forever more and don’t forget that’s the issue I can pin point 1,2,3,4,5..ect areas of my home where I believe a handle, an area of floor or whatever is tainted I don’t know how I can get out of that thinking. I mean it must happen to everybody whether it be a leak or something in there house that gets spoiled or dirty and they have to live with it for someone without ocd it’s not forever contaminated but for me this kind of ocd I cant live with and I moved house partly due to it. My reaction is to avoid it but this seems typical of ocd from what I have been reading
  7. Yes I mean lately I have worried about clean washing for example my bucket for cleaning was next to a crate I use to put clean washing in and I worried my windows would become tainted and also the washing being outside getting wet I worried it would also be tainted? It seems my ocd is wide ranging and is constantly looking for reasons to worry about clothing. I don’t get why my ocd is totally focused on one issue right now? Problem with ocd is not everybody has the same worries as me so sometimes books can be a bit basic and not related to my particular worry but I can certainly look at a few again
  8. My ocd makes me want to believe every item of clothing I wear is dirty as I always have these thoughts and urge to change clothes. How can I control this better?
  9. I still have the irons so not sure what I should do about them? I’m still using the old iron Some washing was out in the rain and I worried about the cleanliness of the washing as it was very heavy rain How can I stop worrying about dirty washing? When I was at my parents she had a bag of clothes she was washing for someone else and happily put the bag in a cupboard with my ocd I can’t do that but I’m guessing this is because I have ocd about dirty washing? How can I get over the fear of dirty washing?
  10. Thanks but the link above doesn’t seem to cover Scotland
  11. Well you probably think I should ignore the thought but sometimes it’s difficult when it pops back up. I keep trying to remind myself it was a false thought and nothing is dirty. I got rid of the iron board so my mind moved into the worrying about the floor. Is it possible to not worry about anything?
  12. Yes I did another compulsion by getting rid of the new iron board. I sold it as I was too scared to return it incase it contaminated the shop. I carefully carried it downstairs but afterwords I worried I had contaminated my floor with it. The reason is I had a thought when I took it upstairs i put it in bathroom next to dirty washing hence why I got rid of it. The anxiety was too great to keep it but sadly by even getting rid of it the anxiety still comes. My mind feels trapped or should I say the ocd wants to trap my mind into whatever I do it remains dirty. This has been a pattern of late I know if I buy a new iron board I will Instantly think it’s dirty. An area I improved on was not taking two towels but past few days I’ve went back to taking more than one as I had a thought I would contaminate the sofa. I believe the ocd aim here is for everywhere to feel dirty. I go back to what I said before it’s even more difficult as the thoughts are false I have never went into a bathroom with anything I purchased but my head went on the journey to get rid of the item only to find even removing that item causes me anxiety due to the false thought .
  13. Is it normal to feel so physically ill? I don’t think I have felt this bad If I have not for a while. Like I feel a constant tension and worry for these thoughts and want to lie on bed? Is this the anxiety?
  14. What can I do when they make me feel ill and I worry all day about these thoughts?