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  1. Yes that’s true how can I stop the ruminating this seems a difficult cycle to break?
  2. I’ve had thoughts like if I don’t replace my phone my wedding day will be ruined and I have these thoughts going round my head and the guilt if u sell the phone I stand to lose hundreds of pounds how can I deal with these feelings? I can say for a fact I know my ocd is so bad I probably would worry at the wedding only replacing gives me the relief?
  3. Phil10

    Some advice - cleaning and germs

    I can relate where I also don’t feel germs are a risk. I wish I could reach a stage where I could use anti bacterial wipes to avoid replacing though.
  4. So anyway I replaced the rucksack. That’s what she touched I believe my phone has germs or is tainted as I used headphones from the rucksack. Can anybody reassure me it’s safe and no germs? My head says touching the headphones spread the germs now I don’t think she touched them just opened the bag? My ocd wants me to buy everyone new here
  5. I want to sell my phone I spent a grand on however if I sell it I stand to lose £400 pounds so I feel it’s not a good idea I replace? I wish I was able to clean my items to feel some relief but I don’t?
  6. Well yes but my mind says if I just replace a few things the anxiety will drop? I was ok a few days ago but today spent all day worrying again?
  7. I was all set to get the credit card out and replace the phone and iPad today however I realised I would lose almost half the value on my two week old phone so that’s not a great idea also my staff card for work is in my pocket daily and I touched that after touching the phone so by replacing could be never ending with everything I touched. I feel the item is spoiled and tainted and I’m finding this hard to deal with my head says maybe just replace a few items at whatever cost but problem is I may still worry like if I touched anything else after the phone so it would be a never ending cycle ..
  8. Thanks yes I feel that some days it may beat me but some days I don’t take a new towel or change my jeans due to the thoughts so yes it can win but I will prove it won’t always win. I also have a fear of flying issue and I’m hooing to book a short flight over to Dublin this May encourage me to book a longer trip and reach my long term goal of New York.
  9. Update The rucksack I replaced it with a new one due to the ocd but I never replaced the expensive stuff. The jeans I had thoughts I pooped I decided to wear those jeans So nothing replaced that was expensive yet. Not ideal replacing one thing but so far not replaced expensive stuff
  10. How do I Iive with the uncomfortable thoughts? Yes sometimes they go away but what about if it’s ones that last month and years? I’ve not tried cleaning items yet the reason is it probably won’t help but I want to try cleaning because it would be easier than replacing. Perhaps I would find other peoples houses contaminated too my theripst said she knows someone who’s toilet pipes burst and flooded but never moved house. But yes I have these nagging thoughts about stuff but as you know my ocd has become worse in past six months so the urge to replace stuff has become greater and the items have become more expensive like doors and phones. Last night I had an urge to change my trousers and change my shower towel as I believed it was dirty for weeks I had changed the towel but I never changed the towel and all day I felt anxious and had the nagging thoughts so I fear this isn’t winning when this happens? This also happens with the stuff I want to replace
  11. Yes true but I just don’t like the idea of the dirty washing germs and I end up replacing. I’ve not replaced yet and I don’t fear the germs but I just don’t like the idea of this happening stuff doesn’t feel new anymore the door, the phone, camera all the tainted stuff only replacing gives me that relief I admit I could keep replacing each time this happens but it may be expensive
  12. True the ocd tells the brain this but how can I stop believing it is tainted? How can I be more comfortable with dirty washing germs or toilet germs ect?
  13. Problem is when something happens an item becomes “tainted” and I avoid using it or replace it ..
  14. An issue I have is the contradictory ocd where say I can wear clothes twice and put my phone on my pocket and not worry however the issue above where my partner touched her dirty washing and it caused me worry seems to be a point where stuff becomes dirty that’s the issue. I guess it just becomes dirty washing not really dirty just a choice not to wear again? Can it be worn again? Well I guess so a few weeks back I took my clothes off I do this to go to the toilet sometimes at home I worried what if when I put them back on they become dirty clothes? And I was all for changing and what stopped me was I knew in the past I was happy to change clothes for a bit or take them off at home and put them on later. My ocd is very contradictory I can pin point areas where I won’t touch something but a similar situation pops up I have no anxiety my ocd pin points certain issues to worry over? Why is this? Is it not one rule for all? For some reason my head doesn’t operate like that but perhaps that can be seen as a positive if say I wear clothes twice and don’t replace yet I want to replace another time I would be contradicting myself as whatever germ was there 2nd time was there the other time? Sometimes I worry I have not washed my hands enough when I touch my phone or my partner may touch it and she may have only washed them for 2 secs and I don’t worry or if I do the worry leaves my mind quickly. So yes I’m just trying to get to grips with these worries they are selective worries any ideas why this is?
  15. Anyone? I reckon I will maybe only replace the rucksack only