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  1. Phil10

    Wedding ocd

    I hate having this stress I get ideas and I struggle to get them out my mind. Sadly I juts don’t know if I can book it as the anxiety can often be too great. Saying that I am just back from holiday and I feared the train journey would be too much and make me go crazy too and the reality was it never and I am ok but the issue is the worry beforehand as it seems real?
  2. Phil10

    Wedding ocd

    Tell me about it. One of my flaws is I am very indecisive. I booked an ex footballer for my stag and cancelled it as he demanded money upfront however I spent weeks and months saying I would book it and then I said no I don’t want to and one day I said ok I will book it. So what I’m saying is I spend a lot of time worrying about this sort of thing and again if it doesn’t feel right or if people say it’s too much I doubt it and ocd over it. Do I want it? Well I quite like it, it’s not too expensive but I worry booking it will cause me unnecessary anxiety and worry?
  3. My sore stomach went away on my holiday some days but today I am returning home and it’s returned? My wedding is soon plus this holiday I went on could this be a possible cause? Can these symptoms last days or weeks or longer?
  4. Phil10

    Wedding ocd

    I have been getting ocd and anxiety as I wanted to book a saxaphonist for the wedding but worry I have too much already having a band and guitarist. Problem is like the ex footballer idea that I had to cancel it causes me anxiety. My fear is when I get anxiety I think omg I have to cancel it and not go ahead but worry the anxiety will win. Perhaps I have enough going on anyway but my ocd makes me worry over this constantly. Any tips to help?
  5. Yes one thing I have struggled on with my holiday is my rucksack touching my suitcase. I use to sit on my suitcase and not worry but now I can’t. Anyway going through security my rucksack touched the suitcase so I fear I have to buy a new rucksack. I never use to worry about the outside of a suitcase being dirty but lately this is an issue I have had. Perhaps I won’t need a new rucksack but I have had a bad tendency to keep replacing rucksacks of late? I also got stressed on the metro as the wheels of my case touched my shoes so this was another issue for me. I am finding it impossible to keep to my ocd standards on holiday due to how busy some cities are
  6. I have been a bit frustrated as despite not writing all my worries down on here and my ocd being a little better I still have these thoughts about various things on a daily basis. I am frustrated as in the past I could fully get over these. I can be sitting just having niggling worries about worrying about sitting on my suitcase stuff I use to do, or I would wear clothes twice on holiday to breakfast I now fear doing this despite all the other worries no longer worrying me. I seem to still have issues with dirty Landry or just touching anybody’s clothes or my clothes since my head became obsessed with dirty laundry. So yes what I’m saying is I want my ocd free life back but it’s provioing difficult I mean I can ignore the thoughts but I am struggling like I have these false thoughts that I blocked toilets in some hotel rooms even though it wasn’t true?
  7. So do you think the suitcase is contaminated? I seem on a loop really I worry about health anxiety then existance worries like being controlled then dirty laundry germs I guess atleast it’s all the same themes maybe makes it easier to treat?
  8. My contamination fear has been playing up again What happened was on holiday I packed a suit case with dirty Laundry then I had touched a suitcase wheel without washing my hands so I fear despite no dirty washing touching it that the germs from my hands went on the wheel and it’s passing these germs and contaminating the cities I am visiting? Nobody can say it’s not spreading germs perhaps my partner would have touched the case before without the washing her hands but my fear is the worst as its the wheel which can transfer germs everywhere!
  9. What about my physical symptoms like a sore stomach?
  10. Not really I can only see that I spend time worrying over each symtpom it often moves into another topic..
  11. Does anybody have this issue? Or get any physical symptoms? I have had a sore stomach for a few days now and I have been nervous about going on long trains on holiday so this may be a cause however my ocd makes me google and makes me fear it’s something worse?
  12. Phil10

    Wedding ocd

    Yes what’s frustrating for me is I never heard any negative about the last band. The new band have good reviews on Facebook and are pretty decent yet ive had about 4 negative comments from my guests. I am surprised given this band sounds like most other wedding bands doing a similar thing. My fear now is people don’t like the band on the wedding day and that could in some way spoil my wedding day. I mean would they rather I had a Dj all night or something or perhaps they would still moan the music picked wasn’t good. I am annoyed as I hired a respectable band with 4 years wedding experience doing functions and weddings and people are being negative.
  13. Phil10

    Existential OCD

    Glad your solispism has got better mines improved too. And yes the fear of dying thoughts are common with ocd too I have these too and yes time does go fast. And yes I often wish I could freeze time and stay In the moment. Sometimes I like just sitting relaxing watching time go by as it goes past slower.
  14. Phil10

    Wedding ocd

    My wedding band cancelled and I was offered a replacement but they were poor so I booked another myself. Problem is the last band had a unique sound and people don’t seem as impressed? The old band broke up split nothing I can do no money could make them perform now they were originally going to but changed there mind. Course people don’t go to weddings for the band but for a perfectionist with ocd I don’t want lots of negative chat? Only 10% of the guests heard last band so I mean not everybody will complain.