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  1. So I'm expecting my second child and come straight of meds soon as I found out but I can't help but feel anxious about the whole situation too one minute I'm excited and the next in my mind I'm constantly worrying about if I will cope and how my mental health would be. As soon as I found out I was expecting my 2nd I went to a counsellor and we had 5 sessions and spoke about how I feel and how I cope she told me she thinks I cope really well considering the amount of time I have suffered anxiety and intrusive thoughts and told me I should be proud and I'm clearly very strong the way I've handled things and was coping so we ended sessions however I still can contact anytime to restart. Has Anyone had a baby and actually not been to bad after with OCD or should I expect it could be made alot worst post child. I'm just sick of worrying I know it's normal to worry in life but I just want to enjoy my pregnancy. I just keep worrying about unwanted thoughts/images some days I'll just cry because of the thought some days I'll let it pass. Sorry this is a long post and I maybe could have worded it abit better. To add into post I didn't suffer with intrusive thoughts until my little one was about 2/3 I'm just worried now I'll have a newborn baby be trying to get back to my normal self have hormones all over the place and worried a thought could just tip me over and start a vicious cycle again !! Despite this I'm feeling blessed to be carrying another miracle I just don't want the anxiety /ocd to take over .
  2. Thanks so much for your reply. With my first born I didn't have ocd until a few years later now I'm worrying how I will be once baby no 2 comes. But I'm doing therapy up until and even will carry on if I need too.
  3. Hi so I've just had my first private therapy session and I'm going to have fortnightly sessions the lady is home based and lovely she made me feel so welcome after 5 years of anxiety/ocd I finally opened up to someone who understands and didn't judge me at all feels like a weight of my shoulders she has over 10 years experience working with ocd anxiety and lots of other mental health. After discovering i was pregnant with baby no 2 I decided I want to try and tackle this before baby is here as it's a big change in my life again. I totally broke down yesterday to the councillor about how these thoughts make me feel and now im worried about having my 2nd child and having these thoughts is it possible to learn over the next 9 months how to tackle this and have a much healthier mind? Thanks
  4. Thanks so much I definitely get over anxious I just come over feeling cold so I checked my temp I never usually check it it was 35.8 and google obviously says hypothermia then that obviously sets anxiety off I'm now roasting in the sunshine and the anxiety feeling has passed I feel stupid now
  5. Hi I have a temp of 35.8 I'm 22 year old female is that still a ok temp to have I'm worrying now I think I've got abit health anxiety now I'm thinking the worst cause I've also felt breathless and had tingly arms but I'm thinking my anxiety is making me over worry!
  6. Hi thanks so much for taking the time out your day to give me advice like I say I really appreciate it. You're right it totally is stopping me and making the decisions for me. I keep thinking about giving my child a sibling and would love to experience that again I have a lovely partner great home and he works a good job whilst I run my own small buisness but I put myself off due to negative thinking. just scared about coping after a baby incase my mental health spirals out of control. Not that it ever has to the point I can't cope it's just the worry. It's silly how much life worries I have in my head. I always get put off going to GP incase they don't understand me and maybe contact someone about my parenting which I couldn't be a better parent if I tried I'd hate anyone to think different trying to explain my unwanted thoughts and worrys in my head.
  7. Hi thanks for taking the time to read. I'm onto week 3 of fuloxitine everyday I am shaking so bad you know like the shakes when you have a strong coffee. it's annoying just wondering if this was a side effect ? I've also had ringing in ears unsure if that is to do with medication. I've barely had a ocd thought so I'm guessing the tablets are working however my OCD comes in waves when I go through anxiety patches the thoughts follow. I'm just abit down at the minute at the fact I've ended up back on medication which by the way is for anxiety I haven't spoke to a doctor about OCD ever and I'm 100 percent I have pure o. I just think it's a shame that I am that scared to ask for help for judgment and won't even go on to have a 2nd child because I'm worried about my mental health afterwards. I know now also that yes I have OCD and I also know I cope myself but worried having another child could effect me mentally I worry about cracking up (another OCD thought maybe?) sorry for the long post any advice is so appreciated x
  8. This may be a long post I hope someone can read and give me advice. I've been going through stress lately which has totally sparked up my OCD. Round about last year I used to have stupid thoughts about the "devil" after watching a video of someone who was mental with a devil trapped inside their head. (I think that sparked it) ever since I'd have images of him sitting in the back of my car. Thoughts of him running towards me while I go to the toilet on a night etc. I sound crazy but it wasn't scary because I know they're just stupid thoughts it was more distressing . Since my stress levels have went well up I now keep getting stupid thoughts "am I the devil" "is my boyfriend the devil" example thoughts ! Also again I probably sound crazy I'm not I know there's no such thing as the devil doesn't mean my thoughts aren't distressing . I think I suffer from pure OCD and intrusive unwanted images. Can imagine going to the GP and being put in a mental health until because they think I'm crazy or a unfit parent. Suffer in silence the rest of my life or take the chance to go to the doctors and try and explain? Petrified if I didn't have a child I'd be at the docs it's the thought of my being took away or me being labelled not fit to parent even know I know I'm a great parent I just have daily struggles inside my own head. It's getting exhausting ! Thanks for any replays in advance
  9. Thanks so much. I'm just so scared I really need to move forward with my life ?
  10. Thanks so much for the reply . I just sometimes feel like a failure of a parent although I do everything a normal parent does I get awful images and thoughts. It makes me feel so guilty and anxious. I've been so worried to speak up because I have a fear they'll take my child away.
  11. Thanks so much for the reply . I just sometimes feel like a failure of a parent although I do everything a normal parent does I get awful images and thoughts. It makes me feel so guilty and anxious. I've been so worried to speak up because I have a fear they'll take my child away.
  12. Hi I feel like I really need to move forward and get on with life and get some much needed help instead of having my OCD as a secret to myself. No one to talk to at all about it. I'm very worried if I go to the gp they will see me as a unfit parent and take my child away. I get some absolutely awful thoughts but I'm the best mother I can be and love my child unconditionally. I think I'm suffering from pure o. I also have a fear of going crazy since trying new meds. Sick of all the worry ! I wouldn't even know how to start to try and tell the gp what ones on in my mind. ?? my child's 4 and I think pure OCD started when she was about 1. Sick of suffering in silence !
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