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  1. Sorry about your OCD, huge hugs. Thank you. Means a lot. Seriously. I think just like anything a car will, as you said, make noises to indicate to you something is wrong or the lights will come on the dashboard. I have had the car looked at and the oil is great, battery is great, windscreen washer is fully topped up etc. I have an emergency first aid kit in the car, warning triangle, high vis and blanket for the cold weather. Safety is my number one priority and I think it's fair like everyone else to listen to the sounds and use that as information. I think that's a good idea about being realistic and that means a lot.
  2. Hi, I am doing a lot better with my OCD thoughts, rituals and compulsions, however, recently I have got a bit stuck. My car has had its fair share of problems. The clutch was going and I noticed and got that replaced. Then there was a recall on the car so I got the repairs done ASAP. I took the car to Halfords and they replaced the wind screen wipers but said the engine, battery, oil were all excellent. Everything is going fine and then my car started squeaking. I took it to a garage and they said it's nothing major, then I took it to the official garage for something else and they didn't pick up on it when they did a drive around to check the other issue they had fixed. The squeaking became worse so I took it to a very good, highly reputable garage and they said there were multiple problems with the brakes. Issue fixed. Now I'm worrying I've been driving around in an unsafe car. But I feel like I took as many steps as possible to mitigate the problem. I am now worrying about safety. The worst about my thoughts are that this could've been dangerous. I feel I need to take the car for two separate full enhanced services but this would cost £500 for both. I'm all over the place on this one. I normally think, what's the worst that could happen? Well, we all know what could happen in this case! Any advice appreciated! Safety is my number one priority.
  3. Thank you. Should I just do the compulsions so I feel happier whilst I wait for support?
  4. Hi Gemma, Thank you for this. I have had therapy in the past. I sure do my compulsions to deal with guilt. Guilt is a huge problem for me. I have also looked into self help materials in the past but maybe it's time to look again? Thanks.
  5. Hey everyone, I wanted to open up and be really honest with you all with how badly I'm struggling and I am going to talk about some things that I don't feel are disgusting but am worried others might find it disgusting - I like to be perfect and be 100% great in everything I do, but obviously this is impossible. I have been struggling with low mood and therefore I have been struggling with my mental health. So I haven't been able to get out of bed early, eating healthily etc. I have been burping a lot, which I am worried people might judge me for, that I have been leaving my house untidy, not washing - all of the things I normally love doing and enjoy. Now that I am feeling a bit more awake and less down, I want to do my OCD compulsions as I feel horrendous. One night I even slept with out a pillow case on. How gross is that? I have been really honest with you all abut how I'm feeling and what I've been doing / not doing. Do I sound disgusting? The thing I'm really struggling with is doing my OCD compulsions does make me feel happier. I feel like a new person, all my old problems are erased, to a degree and I feel like nobody knows I've lived here because I've cleaned from top to bottom. Obviously the guilt and doing the compulsions make me exhausted. I really don't want to do my compulsions because I still feel exhausted and I don't really have the energy, but I could cope doing it. But I know what will happen is I feel better for about a day and then feel horrendous again because I won't be able to do everything perfectly. I am in a bit of a catch 22 because I feel there's no point in doing anything good, getting back on track until I've done my OCD compulsions. My brain won't let me as the guilt of everything I've done such as getting out of bed at 3pm, cancelling appointments, telling lies etc. won't go until I've done the OCD compulsions. I was thinking of doing a mini reset, so making the house neat - take about an hour and then try and see if that works? Any thoughts, suggestions or if I'm being disgusting and gross or anything else would be really appreciated. Thank you all.
  6. Best of luck for tomorrow, well done for being strong and facing the fear. We are all supporting you. :)
  7. Hi everyone, I am struggling a little at the moment as I am moving homes and it is so stressful. There are a lot of arguments with my parents, I feel guilty because I'm struggling so badly with sorting everything out and I feel tired all the time- I am not used to so much work. I feel guilty too because people manage to work and move, I am struggling with just moving. My OCD is going through the roof but I don't have time to do it all. I am knackered, exhausted, feel groggy and feel bad for arguing. Can anyone give any advice? Cheers!
  8. Well done, it will feel hard work, especially with so many ERP encounters but you're doing brilliantly!
  9. Thank you so much! Thank you. Thank you for the info, that's really interesting to hear! Thank you Ashley so much! That's so true! Thank you Thank you so much, Gemma!
  10. Hey everyone, I am struggling at trying to be perfect. I realise there is no such thing but I want to be a good person, I want to be like celebrities and how they portray themselves on YouTube as perfect, (I realise we only see a tiny slice of their life in the videos they upload). I am struggling with sleeping too much, then I end up cleaning my flat from the day before and then I watch TV and have dinner and that's the day done. I am mostly struggling with cleanliness. I feel bad when I pick a spot etc. I am feeling really down and it's my Birthday tomorrow- I really don't want to be up all night doing my compulsions. Any advice? Thank you.
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