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  1. Happy New Year! :) 

  2. Merry Christmas all. :) x

    1. gingerbreadgirl


      Merry Christmas Alex :) xx

    2. daja


      Hope you had a good one Alex

  3. Hi buddy, no worries at all. Sorry, wasn't sure if you had tried The Student Room before, yes, I agree. I will reply to your PM now.
  4. Hi buddy, I'm 25 and went to University a couple of years ago, but had to leave due to OCD and Autism. I now live alone in a flat and feel very lonely as I don't have many friends either. I was adopted too. Would be great to talk to you if you want? The Student Room is also another good place for students to connect. Alex
  5. Sorry to hear your trip was cancelled, sending you virtual hugs! I live alone too and will be here on Xmas Day too as Cas24 said. We are here for you buddy.
  6. Yesterday I was really struggling, so getting up and out of bed at 8am today is more than a good enough achievement for me. (Sorry if it sounds to others as not being an achievement).
  7. Love the idea of this thread - thank you. Sounds like you achieved a lot yesterday - well done! Today I did two loads of washing, mopped the floors, cleaned bathroom and had a proper shave.
  8. No worries. I personally haven't come across this if I'm honest. It's true that if it's OCD, then it should respond to treatment - ERP. If it's really just ASD by itself, then obviously ERP won't work. There was a really good seminar recently that took place at OCD-UK annual virtual conference this year, where a therapist talked about the differences, and it's really hard to work out the difference as there is a lot of ASD symptoms that look like OCD, and vica-versa. Hope that helps.
  9. Hi buddy, I have Autism and OCD and ERP has worked well for me?
  10. Hi, I am not sure what your question is, but wanted to send you hugs and so sorry to hear you have Covid. I hope you feel better soon! I understand about not having your familiar options, could you try using candles that smell of the outdoors as an alternative?
  11. Hi BM94, thank you so much for your lovely comments, really kind of you - thank you. It sure does. No, that's a really good point. It's like the US elections? I can't control who's going to win tonight, so I may as well not worry about it, rather than watching the news all night and making predictions and getting absorbed. Is that a fair comparison? Thank you for letting me know I am not alone in experiencing dreams of OCD - sorry to hear you have experienced this too. Thank you. Every day something goes wrong, it's life as you say! Thank you so much BM94, it's about making the final hurdle as I have done the hard part as you basically put of recognising and being aware of the OCD. How are you? Thank you again!
  12. Thank you hazydaze, that's very kind of you to say. I may have lost the battle this time and carried out my compulsions, but I will not lose the war!
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