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  1. GP said that in my area they are looking at anyone with SMI for council tax purposes and prioritising them, but I appreciate it may be different from area to area.
  2. Unfortunately OCD alone isn't a factor that will give you priority for the vaccine, unless it so severe that you get SMI council tax discount - severe mental illness, but it is unusual to get this alone for OCD, it's normally for a diagnosis of Schizophrenia or Bipolar.
  3. Hi Findingmeagain, you should absolutely have the right to ask for someone to attend your meeting, but unfortunately they can decline your request if they want to, but they need to have good reasons for this I think. Have you tried asking them why they are declining your request in more detail? Why do they think it's not appropriate for a GP to join the call who has your interests at heart and is a professional? It might be because they are a professional? Have you tried contacting an advocacy service? There are many charities out there that can help and it is much harder for the request
  4. Yesterday morning I woke up and had surges of panic and anxiety. I ended up spending twelve hours carrying out my OCD compulsions. Had a good chat with Mum about my worries. I feel I either have to pick between self-harm or carrying out my OCD compulsions. I need to find a third option. Going to think of things I can do that I enjoy just for those times where I feel like this.
  5. Hi Angst, thank you for your comment. I will have a look into it. I haven't spoken to any autistic charities about the exclusion of therapy, so that's another good idea to talk to them too and get their views. Cheers.
  6. Thanks Caramoole. True! Mum thinks I need to reduce the amount of cleaning and be kinder to myself. Yes, I am thinking about that and am replying to her lovely comments now. IAPT won't take me on because they don't deal with people who have autism and / or other 'challenging mental health behaviours and problems'. Cheers.
  7. Hi Caramoole, thank you so much for your lovely message - it's so kind of you to reply. Thank you, yes, I have managed to cut out some of the compulsions as you say. Thanks! Good idea about the realistic goal setting. I am either everything or nothing. My brain is telling me I'm a bad person for picking my nose or for not getting dressed straight away etc. Who says this makes me a bad person? Me. Thanks. As I say, the NHS seem to think my OCD is autism and have removed my diagnosis of OCD. I know you're not a professional, but it surely must be OCD? I have been told it's OCD
  8. Hi everyone, I am really struggling with my OCD at the moment and tend to go through good periods, and really bad periods of OCD. My OCD revolves around feeling like I'm a bad person and contamination. I feel like I am a gross person for getting up late, for example, or for not doing any work and the only way to get rid of these feelings is to carry out cleaning for twelve hours. After I feel so happy, for a short period of time, and I have so much motivation to carry out tasks such as getting up early, studying etc. This is all great until I get up late one day, or have an argument
  9. Looks really modern and smart, as GBG said. Thank you for taking time out of your Saturday to update the forums.
  10. Literally was about to write the same. Hi bjork, sorry you struggle with all of these problems too, but you're not alone.
  11. Happy New Year! :) 

  12. Merry Christmas all. :) x

    1. gingerbreadgirl


      Merry Christmas Alex :) xx

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      Hope you had a good one Alex

  13. Hi buddy, no worries at all. Sorry, wasn't sure if you had tried The Student Room before, yes, I agree. I will reply to your PM now.
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