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  1. Hi Ashley. I was just wondering if you had had any response from Dr Louise Waddington - either whether she is accepting new patients at the moment, or if she was able to suggest anyone else in the area with an interest in this field. Thanks
  2. Thank you Ashley - that's really helpful. I know from previous experience that finding the right therapist is going to be so important for my partner. He's bright and articulate and pretty good at convincing people that all is well when we can see that he is suffering and that this illness is stifling him in so many different ways. If he starts off treatment with the "wrong" person who he feels doesn't "get" him I feel that this will just cause him to retreat again and refuse further help. If you get any news from Dr Waddington that would be great and I will have a closer look at the link that you sent. Travelling to see the right person wouldn't be a problem as we have transport.
  3. Hello. I was hoping that someone would be able to recommend a therapist (either psychiatrist or psychologist) who specialises in OCD working in the Cardiff/Newport region of South Wales. It would be for an adult male if that makes any difference..either NHS or private. We have recently moved to the area and are needing to find someone to help. Thanks for any advice
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