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  1. Thank you @OnlyAlex for the kind words and support. It really means a lot. Take care mate and all the best Jumbo
  2. Hey thanks @iamwesker & @Cas24 for the kind words and support. It's much appreciated. The thing is, I had really hoped this Christmas was going to be an improvment over the last one. Last Christmas my mood became so dark I had to contact local the mental health crisis team! Hopefully I won't be doing that this year.
  3. My trip to London has had to be cancelled due to Co-vid restrictions. I'm really trying not to be too sad about it but, I must admit, the thought of another Christmas alone fills me with dread.
  4. Let it go buddy. People find amusement in the strangest things. All that has happened here is two rude people found the sight of you throwing a garbage bag away funny somehow. To Hell with what they think! Please, don't let this incident bring you down. Do your best to try and forget all about it.... its nothing. Lifes too short
  5. Hey @iamwesker Its not mate, its just coincidences. And these coincidences are certainly not God warning you not to study. 100% agree with @BelAnna If I were you, I would get right back into the studies and ignore all the coincidences you mentioned. In fact, how can you be certain that the coincidences you mentioned aren't actually God approving of your studies? Maybe God really wants you to learn Japanese. Ever considered that? Anyway, best of luck with the studies and keep strong. I really hope you feel better soon. All the best Jumbo
  6. Hi @Bodge Thank you for the reply, it's nice to hear from you again. Hey, good for you for managing to get away. I hope it was somewhere nice. Well done! Jumbo
  7. Hey @Lynz I hope you enjoy your new coffee machine You deserve a treat for all the amazing work you do..... and a massive payrise! Everybody who works in health care deserves our eternal gratitude. Thank you @Lynz Jumbo
  8. Hey @daja @Cas24 @Agrippina & @Symps07 Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated Lets hope lockdown gets lifted next month eh? Take care guys and all the best Jumbo
  9. To Hell with it..... As soon as lockdown is lifted I'm going to London Life is too short!
  10. Hey thanks @Symps07 for the reply and advice. Much appreciated To be honest, I'm still undecided on the matter. I have spoken in great detail with my friend about all my concerns and he still assures me everything will be ok. But I'm not convinced. I honestly don't think he (or his fiance) realises how bad my condition has become since we last spent time together (a little over 2 years ago.) My theme of OCD is contamination (mainly infectious blood diseases) and I worry about having to share bathrooms etc. The OCD makes me behave in some very bizarre ways and I would hate for m
  11. Hi guys, Out of the blue, my best friend rang me (at 3.30am!) and asked me if I would be interested in going to stay with him and his fiance over Xmas (Providing lockdown permits of course. ) They live in a really nice part of London, in a spacious and very comfortable flat. They are both aware of my condition and have stressed it would not be an issue for them... the thing is, I don't think they are aware how badly my condition has deteriated over the past year or so. And, understandably, I'm terrified I'm going to be a burden for them over the festive season. Plus, the though
  12. Check out his Twitter page guys! If you are a fan of hackneyed, trite motivational quotes then you're in for a treat. Poundland psychology at its finest. Bray is a far cornier and nowhere near as likeable version of David Brent from The Office. Except Brent is far wiser. I bet Bray also brings a guitar to his 1-2-1's
  13. I spoke to Vivienne Westwood one-time when I used to work for American Express. She was incredibly nice, a lovely lady. Once, when I worked for HMV I had the dubious honour of serving Hip-Hop legend Afrika Bambaataa. He was rude and arrogant.... a total bell-end! A few years back, after he had played a gig in Hull, I got to speak to Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder. He was a true gent, a really nice bloke.
  14. Hey @daja not too bad at all. How's you mate?
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