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  1. Petal, I started taking fluoxetine a couple of weeks ago and im waiting on some advanced CBT. It will be my forth attempt at CBT. A very nice nurse on the NHS helpline helped me to arrange this, far more than my GP has ever done, I will add. He is pretty clueless about OCD so he is no help to me and no support at all. To be honest, the only thing that ever helped was smoking weed, but i suspect that only perpetuated the OCD in the long run. I quit the weed 2 months ago and my OCD has gone through the roof! Hopefully the prozac will level me out a bit :) thanks jumbo
  2. Petal, Thank you for those wise words. You are absolutely right about the harm caused. I have really battered myself over the years and for what? Because im scared of catching blood diseases that are all treatable and in some cases curable. My biggest fear in my 20s was that I would catch something and end up alone without a partner. Well, guess what? Im now 47 and alone without a partner. Plus im out of work, depressed and unable to go outside without looking on the floor for blood or needles! The irony isnt lost on me... Jumbo
  3. Petal, I cant help but worry about catching and passing on a disease to my family or friends. Seeing the wrapper made me instantly think that there would be a needle nearby. Why wouldnt there be? Where is the needle that belonged to the wrapper? Not far from the wrapper i would have thought. That is how my mind is working right now :( thanks jumbo
  4. Thanks Petal I will try and distract myself with something nice :) jumbo
  5. Polarbear The wrapper I saw was just for a syringe only. It was the type you have screw a detachable needle onto. The syringes are very easy to spot but the detatchable needles not so much. Im worried there was something on the floor that I missed and am beating myself up pretty bad about it :( jumbo
  6. Hi there, I have a blood bourne disease ocd and iam terrified of standing on a discarded drug syringe. 3 weeks ago i spotted an empty syringe wrapper near where i live. Obviously this has made me very nervous when walking near my home. Last thursday I had to go to the Doctors and whilst walking a couple of meters near where the wrapper was a felt a pain in my foot. I stopped and had a look around and didnt see anything and i checked the side of my boot to see if anything was stuck in there. There wasnt anything i could see. I went home and got on with my day. Anyway last night I saw a red mark on my foot in the area where i felt the pain, and iam now freaking out! Is it my OCD messing with me or do I need to think about having a test for HIV or Hep c and B? Jumbo
  7. Leif, I should be starting advanced CBT quite soon. I was able to get it after a self referal to the Emotional Wellbeing Service and with the help of a nurse on the NHS helpline. They assesed me over the phone and said as I had tried CBT before I would perhaps need a more advanced CBT. Im hopeful it will help. Funny, ive been with my GP 10 years and he has never refered me for CBT or anything like that. Time for a change i think. Thanks Jumbo
  8. Headwreck, Thanks for your kind words. I have to go back in a couple of weeks for another sick note and I will make a point of seeing another Doctor. Its a shame, in the past he has been ok to deal with, even pleasant on occasion. Except today! Jumbo
  9. gingerbreadgirl, Im just going to ask for different Doctor next time and just avoid him all together. To be honest, i do visit the doctors a lot, about once a month. My visits are rarely for OCD stuff though. Obviously, i go way too often and I imagine they must see me as a classic hypochondriac. Maybe the GP just wasnt in the mood for me today. Still think hes a ***** though! Jumbo
  10. Has anyone else out there encountered and problems with their GP? I went to see mine today and explained in great detail about a few of the problems i have been having recently and he was a total ****! I explained to him that i wasnt eating, going out or even showering and he pretty much said it was all my own fault because i didnt take my meds or listen to his dismissals of my worries and triggers. Now, at 47 im am a big boy, and dont want him to hold my ****ing hand or pat me on the head, but i at least expected him to let me tell him about how bad i am feeling. When telling him about something that triggered me recently he started to get irritated and i had to raise my voice to him and remind him i had OCD. He then pulled a face like i had just farted then had the nerve to question if i actually did have OCD or was just being "overly dramatic" I left the surgery feeling defeated and let down. Like I said I dont expect him to hold my hand but I do at least expect a bit of common decency. Not very happy today guys! Jumbo
  11. Thank you both for your support and nice words, im quite overehelmed by everybodys kindness and concern. Bless you all Jumbo
  12. Malina, Thanks for the advice, you make a lot of sense in what you say. Wise words indeed :) Now ive eaten i feel much better. A good pizza can really boost your spirits :) Jumbo
  13. Handy, Ive just finally eaten a medium pizza and a garlic bread and I feel much better. I still have another pizza still to eat but will save it tomorrow, no need for me to be too greedy eh? Besides cold pizza is really nice :) Thanks Jumbo
  14. Bodge, Ive left it too late to get that pizza tonight so tomorrow I plan to get the biggest one i can buy. Maybe even two! It really means a lot to me to have the support of yourself and everybody on this forum. Your kind words and encouragement really help. Thank you Jumbo
  15. Malina, Thanks for your post. As soon as I am feeling better I plan to start working out. With the money im saving not buying weed I could easily afford to join a gym. Thats something I could never have even thought of doing before. Maybe in a couple of months perhaps? Its a shame, before my OCD got really bad I would love to walk for miles, I loved it and really miss it. Now I cant even walk down the street without looking for needles :( Jumbo
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