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  1. May I suggest that Sir might want to consider a suitable replacment... Perhaps a pair of Honey coloured Timberland Pro Titan Safety Toe Boots complimented with a pair of Dickies High Bulk Acrylic Thermal Boot Crew Socks. Who says you can't be both stylish and safety conscious whilst sauntering around the workplace! Jumbo
  2. Ooooooh thats awful! Whilst doing some resesrch on ERP I came across this website. https://www.oracle.com/uk/applications/erp/what-is-erp.html I doubt it will help any us, but it could be useful to track the requisition and purchase of goods and ensure that each component across the procure-to-pay process uses uniform and clean data connected to enterprise workflows, business processes, reporting, and analytics. Sorry to hijack your post @californiadreaming with bad attempts at humour.... @Closed for repairs started it... honest! All the best of luck to everyone Jumbo
  3. Hey @Closed for repairs, https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3261357/Hi-Vis-fashion-moving-work-site-streets-people-embrace-fluro-fabrics-boiler-suits.html https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/sep/13/time-to-reflect-why-the-fashion-for-high-vis-is-everywhere You could cut a dash on the catwalks and in the boiler room mate! Jumbo
  4. Hey @dksea, It's good of you to take the time to give me your wise advice and insights. I really appreciate the encouragement and support. Thanks again Jumbo
  5. Hi @Caramoole Fortunately, I don't have an OCD about dog dirt. Good job too, because where I live a lot of people allow their dogs foul the pavement on a regular basis! At least I hope its dog poo... and not the owners doing the pooing... ha ha! I've had this OCD for over 25 years now and it's proving to be very difficult to ignore the doubts in my mind. In the past I have tried CBT, SSRI's and even hypnotherapy.... and sadly nothing has worked so far. So you can see why I may seem to sound a little jaded and defeated in some of my posts. To be honest, the only thing that ever helped me was smoking cannabis, but after quitting the weed my OCD has spiked to insane levels! Everynight when I go to sleep I wish that the next day I could just feel better... I would love to be able to spend time with my friends and family, or even just go and have a coffee at the Costa at the end of my street. Right now those things seem quite out of reach. Anyway, thanks for your reply to my post and I really appreciate the kind words of advice you have given me. By the I'm 47, so perhaps we are a lot closer in age than you may have originally thought :) Thanks again Jumbo
  6. Hey @californiadreaming Congratulations! I too have started ERP again and yes... it is very scary indeed. In time I'm sure we will both look back at this period in our lives and wonder... What the Hell was I thinking? Life is too short for all this OCD nonsense :) Best of luck for the future Jumbo
  7. Hi guys, I thought it might be worth mentioning I quit smoking weed about 3 or 4 months ago... and since then my OCD had gone though the roof! When I used to smoke I found it really helped with the intrusive thoughts and I could live a functional and fairly productive life. I was actually quite happy and enjoyed the respite from the OCD. Last year, I decided to quit because after many years of smoking I was curious to see if the OCD would decline... But like I said earlier, it has gone through the roof! When I smoked my OCD was pretty bad, now its appalling! By now I thought I would be feeling at least a little bit better. Sadly thats not the case. When I mentioned it to my Doctor's neither seemed concerned or even passed comment to be honest. Anyone have any opinions on this or had any had any similar experiences? Jumbo
  8. Hey Dksea, To be honest I've only gotten out of bed a handful of times since October! My flat is freezing and its much easier to keep the bedroom warm as its a small room, so I like to stay in there. Plus, I bought a new bed last year and it's way more comfy than my ratty old couch. I did venture into the living room to watch TV on Xmas day & Boxing day, but I'm afraid the purile dirge that was being shown drove me back to my bed, Ha ha! That's a great recommendation mate and pretty much what my therapist has suggested I do for ERP homework this week. We have agreed that I should stand on the doorstep for a few minutes everyday (providing its not too cold or raining lol.) The checklist is a great idea too and I wrote one at the end of last year. It makes pretty exciting reading... 1. Clean the bathroom 2. Empty the bins 3. Go outside to the shops Hardly what you would call lofty ambitions, eh? The funny thing is, at the begining of last year, I was able to do all of the above no problem at all. The realisation of all this was a tad distressing to say the least! Still, It's not all doom and gloom though... as I did manage to clean the bathroom, so horray! So that's one little win I guess. Maybe next years list will consist of something a little more ambitious. All the best Jumbo
  9. Hey @californiadreaming Thank you for taking the time to give me your best wishes, you are very kind! I know from your threads that you are having an horrific time at the moment and my heart goes out to you. It's truly awful how much having OCD robs us of our lives... and our attention. How did you manage to get over the stab worries? It must have taken a great deal of courage. Is there any way you could apply what you did to help combat the distress you are feeling now? Jumbo
  10. Hey Polar, One day, soon, I will be able to look at all this and see it for what it is... OCD playing its game again. Your support and help is much appreciated. Many thanks Jumbo
  11. Hi @Closed for repairs Yeah mate, given the chance I would have stayed at home. But this time there was no way I could wriggle out of it and had to just suck it up! A Shame really as apart from those 2 "incidents" I actually enjoyed being outside. I've realised hiding away for 3 months hasn't helped me in any way and all the things I fear are still out there (and always will be.) I've just got to figure out how to deal with that knowledge. Maybe this new CBT will help. I've just had my second Skype session earlier today and... so far so good. The ERP exercises are tough but quite achievable and it's nice to feel like there is perhaps a little hope after all. Dickies Redland 2's mate! Bought from Screwfix direct. Not the first retailer that springs to mind when buying casual footwear Lol Jumbo
  12. Hi Dksea, And over 100,000 are smackheads! Only kidding buddy... You are totally correct in what you said in your reply, but as you well know its difficult for us OCD'ers to seperate whats OCD and what's not. Sometimes I need a little reassurance, even though I know its wrong. Sadly I'm all too aware of this. You would think the realisation of it would be enough of a motivation to change things. It's a shame it doesn't my friend. On a more positive note, I've just started OCD & ERP online. Hopefully it will help me figure all this out how to process my thoughts better. Fingers crossed! Thanks again for all your help and advice Jumbo
  13. Hi Polar, I wished I could tell myself that all of this is just OCD... and believe it. It feels the more work I put in the more I end up going backwards. Maybe my definition of what the work is must be wrong or I'm just not doing it right. Now I have a CBT therapist to talk to once a week maybe I can get a better idea. Right now I simply cannot see what is OCD and what isn't. OCD blinds you I guess. Anyway, thanks again for the support my friend. Jumbo
  14. Hi BelAnna, Thanks for the kind words. I have to go back the Doctors in 2 weeks time, till then I'm going to back into exile :) Great idea about the countryside! Unfortunately I don't drive, but a trip out of the city would be wonderful! Maybe one day when I feel better I will be able to jump on a train and enjoy the fresh country air. Thanks for the reply Jumbo
  15. Hi Polar, I'm sure to everyone else this looks like a case of OCD playing its game. But to me, right now I just can't help but worry I have stood on a needle today... That white thing on the sole of my boot has really rattled me because it was so close to where I saw that wrapper all those months ago. Because of that I sadly I feel all the compulsions were justified. What do you suggest to help me get over this, any tips? Many thanks Jumbo
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