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  1. Hey Malina, Your support, patience and advice are truly appreciated. I feel much better now I have eaten. Typically though, I'm wary of using some of my tins... A few have reddish looking marks on and around their lids, which is no doubt caused by a build up of rust... But try telling that to my ocd brain! Nonetheless, I'm not going let it stop me enjoying my curries, as per your advice :) All the best Jumbo
  2. Yes please! I'm not kidding guys, the tinned curries from Sainsburys are sublime. Since yesterday i've had a korma, a balti and a jalfezi... All three were delicious, big ol' chunks of chicken in em too!! Jumbo
  3. Hi Malina, Thanks for the encouraging words, you are absolutely right in what you say :) I'm going to eat my food and try to stop noticing things that are going to wind me up! Jumbo
  4. Hi Dksea, I've been watching a lot of Katie D'ath videos on youtube and she makes that exact same analogy, and quite right it is too :) Thanks for your post, I always appreciate your advice and support. I'm very pleased to say that I have just eaten a couple of tins of curry from my delivery and feel a little bit calmer than I did on Friday. Just for the record I would like to state that the Chicken Jalfazi from Sainsburys is superb! Gonna have chilli tonight :) Thanks again for all the support Jumbo
  5. Daja, Thats exactly what is going through my mind right now. Ive eaten some crisps and im trying to calm down. I feel sick with the anxiety though... So much for challenging my fears, where's it got me eh? I should have cancelled the ****ing order mate. Jumbo
  6. For **** sake! Just had my food delivered and guess what? The driver had two small grazes on his thumb. Now im freaking out! His thumb touched most of my shopping too! Why is this happening to me? What should i do? Jumbo
  7. Hi Closed, I will eat tomorrow when my stuff arrives. Ordered lots of tins of beans, curry, chilli and some hot chocolate too. Not very healthy I know, but nice and warm and better than nothing :) I will mate I promise :) Thank you all for the for replies Jumbo
  8. Hi Paradoxer, Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate the advice. Some wise words there :) Jumbo
  9. Hi PolarBear, As always, you are 100% right in what you say. Cancelling hasn't helped at all, I still need to face my fear and avoiding it is only making it worse. Damn this stupid OCD! Jumbo
  10. Hi Daja, No not yet mate. I originally arranged it for Tuesday and then cancelled it. Cancelled it again on Wednesday and Thursday too :( Ive now rescheduled it for Friday afternoon. Hopefully I can get a grip of myself and stop acting so daft! I simply cannot believe how much anxiety this is causing me. Its only Sainsburys for **** sake lol :) Jumbo
  11. Hi guys, Im having a severe panic attack! I've ordered some food to be delivered tomorrow from Sainsburys, but my blood bourne disease ocd is really messing with me. I keep thinking there will be blood on the tins of food and I have wound myself up beyond belief :( To be honest I think Im gonna cancel the order. I would rather go without food for a couple of days than have to deal with all this anxiety. Why cant i be ****ing normal? Sorry to be so negative, im just tired of feeling this way. Jumbo
  12. Very wise words Closed :) Hey LeopardM, Well done for not yielding to the OCD. Keep on fighting mate! All the best Jumbo
  13. Thanks Closed, Im gonna get some milti-packs of crisps and lots of chocolate delivered real soon :) All the best and thanks again Jumbo
  14. Hi Closed, My OCD has gotten so bad that I cannot even go outside. The restrictions this ****ing OCD places on me are outrageous! Over the past 2 months the OCD has skyrocketted to insane levels. Im so sorry to be negative as I know everyone on here is dealing with their own slice of Hell right now. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better :) thanks for reading my post take care Jumbo
  15. Hi LeopardM, Thanks for replying, i really appreciate it. Sadly, my ocd has gotten so bad i can no longer order pizzas or fast food in general. I worry that the pizza box will have blood it because the boxes are very sharp and its very easy to cut yourself on them. Im also concerned that the cook or delivery driver may have cuts on their hands whilst handling the box or the food. Am I crazy? Im a stupid idiot who deserves to starve to death for being such an **** Hi Jenny, Thanks for the reply, i was nice of you to take the time to read my post. To be honest, I havent eaten anything since Sunday. I have no food in the house and I have cancelled 2 online orders with Asda and Morrisons because I was so scared the food would be contaminated with blood. Ive found its easier to not eat at all, a rubbish attitude to have I know, but i simply cannot help it. Im very sad to hear you have a similar OCD to me. It takes so much of your life away doesnt it? I really hope you can be stronger than me in confronting your fears. Take care and best of luck Jumbo
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