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  1. That is amazing! It is also just the encouragement I needed to hear about this morning so thank you.
  2. Hi @Blondie. I have actually suffered from very similar OCD fears myself. I know how real they can feel at the time. Something that I have learnt from CBT which I find very helpful is repeating to myself "Feelings are not facts". So when you have these thoughts and feel scared, panicked, sweaty with fear, itchy with terror, shaky, etc those feelings are like your body telling you that you should be scared of the thoughts you are having, essentially telling you to react to the thoughts in all the checking ways you are currently doing. However, feelings are not necessarily facts - just because y
  3. Stumbled upon a new 3 part radio programme where the actress Tuppence Middleton talks about OCD with professionals. The first episode is pretty good - I thought she was very eloquent and the doctor she spoke to was fairly good at explaining it. Here is the link for any who want to listen: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000v2rw For me it feels kind of amazing to hear a woman about my age who is successful and doing so well in life talk about her OCD. I have always felt such shame, guilt and terror in even telling people I have OCD, so to hear it openly discussed like
  4. Having CBT over the phone sounds like it would be really hard. I am currently getting CBT therapy over video calls which is okay, but I really miss being able to see my therapist in person as I do think it makes it easier. I have been having therapy now for over a year and a half. I have found it very helpful and it has made a huge difference to my life. Personally I found it took quite a while before I noticed a difference, but that may have been because I was very depressed at the time as well. It took several months for me to notice a real impact, but it did happen so if things are slo
  5. The way you have described your fear does make it sound like OCD to me. I am currently applying for jobs, looking at flats and generally planning to move out of my parents home after a long period of my OCD being really bad which forced me to move home. Sometimes I will get really scared and freaked out and consider cancelling/postponing all my plans to move out because things just get overwhelming. The last time it happened I opened up to my mother and we agreed that when the time comes I will move out gradually and maybe for part of each week live in my new flat, rather than suddenly ju
  6. I suffer from a variation on this problem and for me I think it is down to a type of perfectionism. So if I am going out somewhere I want to be and feel as 'perfect' as possible - makeup, clean clothes, feeling good, looking good and part of feeling good is not having something like needing the loo annoying me. I sometimes become really worried about making sure I go to the toilet multiple times before I leave the house, before a meal, before watching a movie etc so that needing the loo doesn't 'ruin' something from feeling 'perfect'. It is something I am working on as I have this perfectionis
  7. That sounds so stressful and difficult. I hope you are getting strong support from those around you. Are you able to be honest with the medical professionals involved about your OCD and the impact it has had following your surgery as this info might help them to understand your situation and decide how best to help you?
  8. I found The Imp of the Mind pretty good, also The OCD Workbook.
  9. What you describe is very familiar to how I feel and have felt in the past. It sounds like you have a good support system in place but I notice you didn't mention what sort of therapy you might be utilising - are you and your therapist working with CBT and also with ERP? I have found them incredibly helpful, still really challenging but definitely really helpful. I still have times where I am just terrified of doing anything in case it somehow might cause harm to someone else, but slowly over time the CBT is making an impact and after over a year and a half of therapy I do see lots of changes
  10. I am currently suffering really badly with one of those OCD fears where I feel scared that I have somehow sent an insulting message to someone... I was reading an article online, a celebrity reminded me of the daughter of a friend of my Mum's and I had this horrible insult pop into my head. I then got really scared I had somehow communicated this insult to her - through email/text/phone/internet - and I have all the physical scared symptoms. I get this every so often, used to be a lot more regular, but somehow it doesn't matter how often it happens I still feel like it is true. And in th
  11. Negative: I have two much free time due to lockdown. Positive: My pets love having so much attention.
  12. So ERP is essentially an off shoot of CBT. It is one of the many tools CBT can teach you, and it has been shown to be very effective in dealing with OCD. I hope that makes sense, I am not the best at explaining it! Not all CBT practitioners will cover ERP, so if you are interested it might require seeking out a specialist but there are some decent books about it as well.
  13. Thank you @FranticS and @malina, @Handy I am not sure trying to find someone else with OCD to date is the right way to go about it! I have recently started to date a man I met online and our third virtual date is tonight - super nervous! I am not sure when I will mention having OCD, but I might casually introduce having anxiety to gauge his reaction... wish me luck!
  14. I used to suffer from this really badly. For years at work I was terrified of every conversation and would then go over and over and over them in my mind afterwards. It is definitely OCD and unfortunately by going over the conversations or doing other compulsions you are just feeding it. I have been doing CBT and ERP for about a year and a half and they have really helped with this. Might be worth considering?
  15. I have suffered from OCD for many years but was finally diagnosed 2 years ago and have been on meds and in therapy since then. Things have been improving and last month I finally took the plunge and started online dating. The initial steps on the app are going well - profile filled out, messages sent, etc but I now find myself starting to date someone (well as much as you can date someone new during corona lockdown) and I find myself getting very anxious about how much to say about OCD, when to say I have OVCD, if I should say I have OCD or leave it until much later in the relationship. T
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