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  1. Have to admit this is extremely triggering for me. I agree with the comments on how well the BBC reported on it and gave some hopeful insights for those suffering from taboo intrusive thoughts. I personally feel it presents a huge barrier for people who need and are looking for help. I have suffered on the whole since I was 8 but have suffered with sexual intrusive thoughts since I was 17 which is 16 years and can safely say I have never hurt anyone. I haven't openly told my dr other than years back advising I had extremely distressing intrusive thoughts but have had quite a few therapi
  2. Hi Cora, I can't offer much more than anyone else has said however I'd like you to know I have had VERY much the same thoughts as you. I am in a new relationship which is probably why I seem to be having a blip at the moment and we were being intimate and what thought pops in my head "please don't think of children whilst being intimate " but instead of spiralling I laughed it off because even though it isn't a nice thought I knew full well it was OCD rearing its bloody ugly head. I have suffered with OCD since 8 years old and have had POCD for 15 years or so. I don't think th
  3. Hi Matt, Fair enough each to their own I understand and I am happy you are finding you are on the path to recovery. That is very hopeful and great news. I can't comment personally on working with him as I haven't had any 1-2-1 sessions however I found his media content (to some extent) extremely confusing however I do find some of his YouTube videos helpful. Good luck on your journey 🙂
  4. Thanks @Bodge that is extremely helpful! I have never read this however I do have it so it's made me want to pick it up so thank you very much for the prompt! 🙂
  5. Rebecca I really think it could be anything but one thing I found that whilst I was doing ERP my anxiety was pretty high but came down quickly and I started doing exposures better and more easily and I would have a great few days and then the anxiety train would smack me outta nowhere. My OCD itself isn't majorly bad at the moment, I have my bad days but more so I am extremely functioning and can see it as OCD however my anxiety has been in overdrive and I have found myself questioning it but I just figure hey it's there and I am not going to let it ruin my experiences and life. You've
  6. Hi Rebecca, I get waves of anxiety and not a trigger or intrusive thought in sight. I think my anxiety and OCD go hand in hand. When I have anxiety on it's own I start analysing why because I don't have an intrusion.....I have learnt to just sit with the anxiety, trying not to analyse now or push it away but just to say "ok I know you are there and that's fine" I will sometimes then go on to exercises to steady myself like breathing etc or mindfulness...like the count 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can smell etc.. I also paint and have canvas paint by numbers
  7. This is fantastic, I am really looking forward to "attending" this. I am joining my first group zoom tonight which is pretty big for me and I am nervous and anxious about it for many reasons! Hope I can take away some good things away with me!
  8. Thanks @MentalChecker you have given me some good nuggets of information I can take away!
  9. Hi @carolinevtn Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. I had this guy feeling he wasn't legitimate and wouldn't help. Not taking away what he may have done for others if their stories are genuine but for me I feel he really isn't clear enough even in his posts so I can imagine when talking to him it can feel very frustrating. I am sorry you were so misled and betrayed with your trust in him. Given he claims he suffered with OCD you think he would be more understanding and actually want to help others with the same affliction rather than make money from them. It actually riles me
  10. Thanks @MentalChecker my obsessions are more a what if for the future than false memory OCD although I have to admit that can come into it. I completely get what you are saying about reassurance, I like your idea of the reassurance bible and will look into that this week for a kind of help guide for myself. I am going to take some time this week to write down how my OCD surfaces I.e the different compulsions so I can begin tackling them. You have to know the beast to fight it, right?
  11. Bless you, I understand its difficult for therapists when clients cancel however I think sometimes they have to take into account we are suffering....I have had to cancel therapy appointments before because of illness or I was just not wanting to get into it because I felt I needed to avoid it (ironic huh?) Try to be easy on yourself, your only human. Is your therapy through the NHS or private?
  12. Good job Nikki! I can imagine just how difficult it is but you are doing the right thing!! Keep going 👊
  13. Hi Nikki I've had this before also but your dreams can very easily mirror the thoughts you have been milling over in the day. As POCD is prevalent for me too I understand how truly awful it is. I have been so caught up that I have been scared to go to sleep, I had compulsions I didnt even know I was doing, such as falling asleep with my hands over the cover rather than under it just to ensure I don't touch myself if I had a dream. As PB says don't mill over it, I know it is hard as I am still struggling with this but know you aren't alone
  14. @MentalChecker Thanks for your response. I get that, I think that has become my new obsession if you will. I have found myself ruminating on how I could possibly accept that I could be that person. Perhaps it's a case of perception, rather than accepting I could be it may be more accepting that I won't 100% know for certain??! Like I say after dealing with this for 15 years I am much better than I used to be but still have my blips because of the doubts. I must also admit that I didnt keep my therapy in check, I didn't keep up with ERP or recovery work. I kind of buried it
  15. I found that article to be truly interesting and bought a new aspect. I used to ruminate over groinal responses but I realised I was making it worse because I focused so much on it. Lily seems to be in a downward spiral and no amount of what we say will make a spec of difference. I know, I have been there. What everyone has said is on point, your OCD is tricking you and is extremely good at doing so, your constant rumination and confession on here is your compulsion. At the end of the day your dog knows nothing other than your love for them, so you got a twinge and felt as if
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