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  1. Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice? My partner has depression and she seems to have some kind of "issue" and she refuses to talk to me about it. She told me that she was really badly bullied as a child and she seems to have completely closed up since then. She told me that she relies on herself only and that she copes fine with whatever it is that goes on in her head. The thing is i don't think she is coping and she refuses to accept help from me. She just tells me to drop it and says that she doesnt want to talk about it. I don't know how far i should push her but i know that shes not ok she said that shes seen a doctor and was sent to a CPN who didnt help at all and since then doesn't talk to anyone about her problems. All this went on long before the two of us met but i just want to help and i don;t know how! Thanks for listening xxxxxxxxx
  2. Hey, Great to hear that things are going so well for you Hope things keep improving for you H xxx
  3. Hey Hurting, Sorry to hear about whats happened Do you think there is any chance that your dad might understand? Hope everything works out for you..... Best wishes Han xxx
  4. Hi, I think i can kind of relate to what you are going through.....From my own experience i find that part of the reason for ocd is a fear of death (correct me if i'm wrong), and so perhaps you fear death and therefore ocd picks on this and makes you believe you will kill yourself. Secondly, i think that the health worries are directly related to this, because presumably this could also be because you worry about getting sick and therefore may end up dying? Please feel free to disagree with what i'm saying; I'd like to know your thoughts on this..... Best wishes, Han xxx
  5. Hi, i haven't actually heard of these tablets....will look them up....but just thought i would add a word of caution....I would personally wait until they were available over the counter in the Uk, since regulations vary a lot, and there may not even be regulations on some things sold over the internet..... sorry to put a negative slant on this, because they could potentially be really fantastic, but i think it is always important to approach these things knowing all the facts..... All the best, Han x P.s Just wanted to add that i'm sorry to hear you've been having a tough week....are things picking up at all?
  6. Hi Carolyn, I know we haven't spoken before, but i just wanted to add my support on top of everyone elses.... :hug: You are clearly going through immense pain right now, but hopefully talking things through with us is helping to ease at least a tiny bit of the pain and make you feel less alone. I hope you can find the strength to get through this, and my thoughts are with you. Best wishes, H x x x x x
  7. Hey Northern Star, I just wanted to wish you luck for uni It is perfectly normal to feel both scared and excited and as Caramoole said, everyone else will be feeling the same. I know this because when I started uni, literally everyone I spoke to felt this. The important thing is to be yourself, and introduce yourself to everyone in surrounding rooms when you arrive; invite them round for a cup of tea or whatever.... and just have confidence and speak to lots of people, because this is the best way to decide who you can see yourself being friends with. And most importantly, have fun! Sorry i can't give any advice on the ocd front; all i'll say is that you'll probably be so distracted with all thats going on and all the fun you're having that you won't be focused on the ocd... Best wishes, Han xx
  8. Hi Pootle, i too have been wondering about this....i have only ever been diagnosed with depression which was done by my doctor; and my cpn said diagnosis was not really important. everyone i have seen (which is only my doctor, cpn and an accupuncturist) has said that they believe my intrusive thoughts and fears to be part of typical depression and/or a general anxiety disorder. i guess it means that doctors and so called experts are perhaps unsure of the boundries as well.... take care, xxx
  9. Good luck both of you (Lizbeth and Northern Star), i too have exams at the moment, but i won't complain cos they're not as stressful as the exams you guys have. Best wishes :lol: xxxx
  10. Hope you're ok mate, keep fighting ok!
  11. hey Marah, i think as long as you are getting the support you need elsewhere (e.g. from a psychologist, therapist or anyone really who understands ocd and how to help someone with it) then i think that there is a good chance that you will be fine without the meds. obviously, only you can know how badly you are suffering, and whether you are coping without the medication (hopefully you will do fine ). i think a lot of people benefit greatly from medication (myself included) but if you can learn to deal with ocd without medication then i think most people would agree thats a great thing. certainly i don't think medication on its own is ever a good thing because it basically covers up a persons problems, but they are still there, just hidden for the time being (thats just my own personal opinion). not entirely sure if any of that was useful to you ( ) but basically, i hope everthing works out for you without the meds by the way, i take it you stopped taking the medication after discussing it with your doctor?! take care, Han xxx
  12. Hi i'm going abroad on friday for a long weekend, and i have a problem with the trapped feeling that planes bring. i posted a thread on the same thing last summer, and the flights then were fine, but now i've got 2 three hour flights in 4 days, and another shorter one on tuesday. obviously i'm excited about going away, but i can't help but worry.... one of the things that bothers me most is that since i started getting panicky about flying i have been unable to be on the same plane as my mum because she would get worried if i panicked again, and i can't handle her asking if i'm ok every few minutes! but also, i'm worried that if i have a panic attack, she will have one too....she has never had a panic attack in her life so there is no reason to believe this will happen, but i worry that i may have somehow spread my anxiety to her (?!). i guess i could just do with some reasurance at the moment, because i'm really scared :help: i've been feeling really depressed recently and i don't think i would be able to cope with anything bad happening at the weekend. thanks for listening, Han xxx
  13. Hey Greybear have you spoken to a doctor about how you feel? because it sounds like you could be suffering clinical depression? they could suggest a course of antidepressents if they feel it is appropriate, or more importantly offer couseling. i know its all really scary but things can get better :blushing: just hang in there ok. regarding the self harm, i know there are others on here who can perhaps give better advice than me, but maybe take a look at http://www.selfharm.org.uk/ - i don't know how useful this website is because i haven't had a proper look but it is a charity so should be fairly good! regarding talking to your best friend, maybe you could print off an information sheet on the type of ocd you suffer, and ocd in general (e.g. http://www.ocduk.org/ocd/ocd.htm), and show it to her? it can be very difficult for non sufferers to understand what we go through, especially as it is not a phsyical problem with a set list of symptoms, but hopefully she will at least try to understand for your sake. take care, and keep posting ok! H xxx
  14. Hey, welcome to the board :lol: hopefully with time, and the support of the lovely people here ( ), you will soon begin to feel a lot better about the whole situation. i know you must be having a hard time at the moment, but ocd can be beaten anyway, i just wanted to say hi (i'm a teen too btw). take care H xxx
  15. Hi, welcome to the board . hopefully the people here can make you feel a lot better and make it all a lot less scary for you i understand how scary it all is, especially the first time these thoughts crop up take care, and remember you are definately not alone. H xx
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