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  1. Hi Corrie22 - wanted to chime in because Covid has been such a struggle for me and my OCD too - you are not alone!! I wanted to share something I find helps - which is to remind myself that I’m trying the best I can, all things considered - taking into account the inherent uncertainty in situations, the fact I’m only human, we aren’t perfect, so all I can do and all anyone can expect me to do is try to do the best I can to make choices within the constraints I’m in. What it looks like practically speaking in terms of how you act or make decisions will be different for everyone because we are all different 🙂 do you have a therapist you can talk your worries through with? I think this is based in ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) (?) which I’ve found helpful before. Another way you could think about it: if a friend (or someone on this forum!) said the same thing to you, what would you advise them to do, how would you think they should act?
  2. Hi all, hope you are well. I’m looking for advice on reducing skin picking - I’ve tried to get advice from drs and therapists but they tend not to have specific advice. Does anyone have this issue and have found any mental techniques (rather than eg picking at a fidget toy) that help? I’m working on things generally but am keen to at least get my skin healing while I work on longer term therapy! Thank you and take care x
  3. Thanks Gemma - yes, it is NHS CBT. I am looking for other options, hoping to be able to find someone soon as I am feeling rather stuck in these loops
  4. Hey all - struggling at the moment with OCD around Covid - I've been talking to therapist and GP, and reading self-help books as well on OCD and anxiety, and trying to implement the strategies where I can. But I feel like I'm not making much progress, and I can't focus or even quite work out what's a worry, what's a real concern, or what the right CBT response should be. Apart from therapists, GPs and self help I'm not sure what other avenues to look to! Any advice or solidarity very welcome ❤️❤️
  5. Hi all, this is my first time posting here! Struggling recently as I've been trying to apply CBT to my OCD but it feels like every time one worry or rumination goes away or gets quieter, another one comes along to replace it, it feels constant. OCD makes it harder to do the things I know help distract me like socialising or going places, so I end up watching too much TV and sleeping too much just so I can have a break. Does anyone else get this/have tips on healthier ways to quieten down or get some relief from the thought spirals? Thank you and take care ❤️
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