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  1. Yes I get this, it feels like my head is fizzing inside. I think it is tinnitus but it is very disturbing. I also find my memory and thinking skills have deteriorated. Also frequent headaches. it my be anxiety but my normal relaxation doesn’t seem to shift it. Have you found anything that works for you?
  2. Thanks Snowbear - really appreciate your advice! Yes, I used to realise the thoughts were ocd and choose to ignore them which allowed me to move on. This time I’m constantly doubting that and therefore getting stuck. You’re right that the headaches and tinnitus are caused by me feeling stressed all the time. I need to work on that more as I’m finding that I only have intrusive thoughts sporadically but the headaches and tinnitus make it difficult to function the rest of the day. I’m actually convinced that the HRT caused this as I didn’t have any of these problems before I started to take it. Unfortunately although I’ve stopped taking HRT it hasn’t gone away! Really hope you get some relief from the heat! The brain fog is really frustrating too! Sending love and support!
  3. Definitely just sit with it, it’s the right thing to do. If you go home you will be disappointed in yourself and it will just feel worse next time. I know you can beat the ocd bully! Sending lots of love and support.
  4. Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine! I have had ocd for 20 years, checking locks, fire doors, had I harmed someone, checking forms and emails etc etc. it’s a long list but was always under control. I knew deep down that it was always the ocd bully and I could ignore it and move on. During the winter of 2021 in lockdown things started to change. I was working from home ( really wish we could have stayed in the office) and going through the menopause and having a tough time trying HRT. I got terrible harm thoughts which were extremely upsetting. No doubt my hormones and the pandemic started this off. This caused me to stop sleeping and start finding it increasingly difficult to focus on work. My memory was shocking and I just couldn’t function. Was this just insomnia or some else going on in my brain. I know why I’ve got stuck this time is because I find it difficult to accept that it is just ocd this time. I became convinced that I was going mad which obvious ly didn’t help. I have found it increasingly difficult to socialise and enjoy myself even though I desperately want to feel better. I hate my negative thoughts as it’s so unlike me. I have daily headaches, tinnitus and have tried numerous sleep remedies including Mirtazapine. How do I start to move forward. I am a kind and gentle person and find this very upsetting. Anyone had any similar experiences? Or have ideas to start recovering? Thank you
  5. Is it the Taunton centre that does the week’s intensive course?
  6. Hi Milly, it is fantastic that you are willing to go. Doing things for others is good for you. You can be very proud of yourself afterwards. Enjoy it!!
  7. Congratulations and what a fantastic achievement to get the job. Please be really proud of yourself! Take the job and show them how great you are.
  8. Thanks very much Lynz, you’re right I think I do ruminate a lot about everything that goes on in my head which no doubt keeps it going. Upsetting thoughts, unable to concentrate, tinnitus, insomnia - they feed off each other. Finding it really difficult to stop myself thinking about it and trying to figure it all out which probably makes it all worse.
  9. I think the fizzing is tinnitus - anyone else had that? Also seem to have difficulty focusing on anything. Feel like my memory struggles and I can’t remember a lot of things.
  10. I’m finding that every day for a large part my brain feels like it is fizzing. I can’t focus on things and I get lots of headaches. This is even when I’m not experiencing intrusive thoughts. Feels like my brain needs to have a reset! Anyone else experienced similar and how do you overcome it? Thank you 😊
  11. Are you able to try giving your self a time limit for the tapping which you could then look to very gradually reduce? I know it’s easier said than done but it might help to not feel so consumed by it.
  12. https://www.thecalmzone.net/issues/ocd/ hi, this might be helpful, they seem to know about ocd and are open until midnight. Have no experience of them myself though. Anyone? hope you feel better soon
  13. Oh golly, so glad it’s not just me. Though really struggling to deal with it all as I feel I’m not the person I want to be. Any tips? Do you just ignore it?
  14. Hi, I have been really upset by opposite thoughts that happen. If I hear something bad e.g someone is poorly, my brain then thinks ‘that’s good “ when I want to think the opposite that it is really awful for them . I find my brain working this way very upsetting and not how I want to be. is it OCD tricks again? anyone else experienced this? thank you
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