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  1. Does anyone have any experience of taking mirtazapine. Does it increase ocd thoughts initially in the first week. Feeling like my brain is being stimulated maybe too much.
  2. Thanks SnowBear! Any tips for exposure for this? Or simply how I should react to the thoughts? I know I need to stop googling.
  3. I’m trying to do my own CBT which has worked well for me with checking compulsions in the past but not now. I think it’s more difficult because the compulsions are more in my mind, googling and ruminating. I think my problem also is that the thoughts are not “what if I….” But are now “I’m going to….” It’s very upsetting and I know I wouldn’t do anything to harm anyone so I don’t understand why the thoughts carry on. I worry that the new way the thoughts are now means it might not just be OCD anymore but is this just the OCD making me feel that way?
  4. Would appreciate any tips for letting go of thoughts? Easier said than done.
  5. Thanks Caramoole. It’s also interesting to understand how much guilt we can struggle with. I think that’s the case whatever the thoughts are, intrusive, unwanted or simply regrettable. I think I need to try and be kind to myself and stop going over and over analysing why the thoughts happen and feeling guilty each time as things will never get better that way.
  6. Thanks - I agree- it’s definitely the ruminating that causes the problem. I’m sure many people without OCD don’t worry so much whatever their thoughts are. Really appreciate you sharing your experience and advice!
  7. I have had various checking and harm thoughts over the last 15 years. However this year I had a single bad harm thought that popped into my mind and felt real and I was very ashamed of, it was very upsetting. I then spent hours each day ruminating and trying to understand what happened. The thought now repeats which is even more upsetting. I am the most gentle person and would never harm anyone. Is this still OCD? Has anyone else experienced this? I find it difficult to let go of the guilt that I feel.
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