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  1. Sounds like you are making progress- stay strong and you’ll get there in time.
  2. Thanks SnowBear, I have had CBT in the past and managed my ocd ok for 15 years. A lot of it was driving thinking that I’d caused an accident, checking locks and also thinking I’d put something into peoples food or drink. Also, having to check things like Christmas cards in case I’d written something terrible. However, I totally understood it as OCD and new how to carry on with my day. Unfortunately, covid lockdown caused my current problems. My work switched to being at home which I realise lots of people like but I really missed getting out and going to work which I enjoyed. I was also going through the menopause at the same time. I took HRT thinking it would be good for my long term health. However, I reacted badly too it making my feel depressed. This gave me terrible intrusive thoughts that have stuck. On top of that my head feels really weird every day, headaches, tinnitus and a weird pressure feeling. I also now have insomnia. Even if I ignore the thoughts and only have a few in a day, the constant headaches mean I find it hard to relax and think straight. It feels like my mind is constantly whirring away. I think my problem is the whole thing together that is making me feel overwhelmed. Sorry for feeling sorry for myself. I used to be such a positive person.
  3. Yes , thanks so much. I’m sure it’s just made me worse not better. Wish I didn’t have a sticky OCD brain that remembers all the rubbish I hate.
  4. Hi, my brain has got itself into a pattern of thinking horrible thoughts all the time. I have maybe made the mistake of looking at a schizophrenia forum to convince myself that I don’t have it. BTW I don’t have voices just thoughts I hate. But it just gets worse- almost like my brain is coming up with weirder things. Is it possible for your brain to soak up things I’m reading and come up with even weirder thoughts? Can anyone relate? Am I going mad?
  5. You are not alone @CoraI feel like my personality has changed. My mind is constantly having unkind thoughts about people. I don’t know whether it’s my hormones or the ocd giving me thoughts and feelings that I don’t want all the time. I hate being this way.
  6. You are definitely not a bad person. I feel for you as I’m going through something similar. It’s the OCD bully and please don’t be afraid of your thoughts.
  7. https://dr-julian.com/about-us/what-we-treat/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-ocd/ @Ashleythis is the section on ocd that I found it does sound suspicious that you can’t find the therapists on the BABCP register @Summer9173
  8. The app enables you to book video appointments with therapists. Or alternatively you can book via their website. The therapists all have at least 2 years clinical experience. They are BABCP accredited and provide CBT. They treat OCD and mention CBT exposure therapy which sounds like ERP. They say you are given a list of therapists to choose from before booking your initial session. it depends if you are happy with online video appointments or would like face to face.
  9. I haven’t had any personal experience of it but know that the NHS doctors that require therapy themselves use it to get access to support quickly.
  10. I haven’t taken it myself but it can cause sleep problems. Did you have trouble sleeping before or only since taking it?
  11. Definitely OCD. Nothing to worry about.
  12. I have a very similar problem which is causing me terrible stress. This has now given me terrible insomnia which then makes it worse as it’s difficult to function without sleep. This in turn feeds the worries together with the horrible thoughts that I can’t sleep because I have a terrible mental illness, I get daily headaches and cannot enjoy anything much. I wish I could just calm my brain down and have a good night sleep.
  13. Yesterday despite all the nonsense in my brain I carried on and went out to a museum and stumbled across a mini summer festival which was lovely. Going to try and get out and about today too!!
  14. Well done @northpaul- a fab achievement and thank you for pointing out the achievement thread!!
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