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  1. Thank you Butterfly. I know your right, just trying to change my mindset which somehow means so much to me. I know what you mean, my hands have to be clean and i have to feel just "right". It has such a hold over me.
  2. You make a very good point PassTheHelp. I just don't know how to stop the worry and the doubt. I've worried all week about this. Guess the chances of amazon given me a fake is slim. But still it could happen. What about the marks on the disc's ? How do i handle that.
  3. Hi PassTheHelp, my prize poessesion would not be real. I would have wasted £180, and would need to buy it again. I hoped by buying it direct from amazon.co.uk it would be 100% certain its real. Amazon did tell me that they only buy brand new. Now i'm feeling **** cos a couple of disc's have scratches on them. Just want them to be perfect and mark free.
  4. I'm not sure. As you can see from the music forum i posted on, its just by telling my artwork, type of disc's they been printed on.
  5. Hi All, As you might have seen from a previous post, one of my obsession's is about my CD collection. I've worried about marks, scratches. My Beatles collection is my pride and joy, possible far too obsessive about this. Well my latest worry is that my Beatles Mono boxset is a fake. I bought it direct from Amazon.co.uk last May and paid £180 on it. I've heard that there are fake Beatles mono boxsets out there and concerned mine is one. I've been checking on the internet, looking at you tube clips of fake box sets and real. I've posted on a music forum, (Look for Gbeer7 on this post http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=242106), I've checked my disc's, gone through my packaging and kept asking questions on this forum. I'm now at the state where i can't get this out of my head. What if its a fake ? How can i be sure its not ? You know, all those sort of questions. I can't vent anymore to my wife as she will pack me in. I don't know how to move forward and accept the uncertainty. I even e-mailed amazon.co.uk who assured me all there products are new. Only to find a post on the amazon site saying someone bought direct (Not the marketplace)and got a fake one! As you can imagine this sent my anxiety higher. I'm so worried its a fake. By the looks of things i think it could be legit. But going round and round in my head. Really need some help to somehow move on. Thanks for listening to me ramble on !
  6. I'm going through something at the moment. Really worried. Can't keep on as my wife is on the edge of having enough of me. Causing me loads of stress and panic.
  7. It is. Felt ok this week, but not so good today.
  8. Legend and rebeccax are right, Whatif. I suffer with the same, it is classic OCD. The more you search for evidence, the worse the thoughts and you will feel. I know its not easy, OCD feels as real as anything. But its a doubting disorder. You know you have OCD about this, you mentioned it above. So label as OCD and do another behaviour. Just because you label it OCD won't make it feel any better but it will help to move forward. Tell it your not debating with this anymore and you've got better things to do with you time ! Don't let it get the better of you, OCD can ruin you life. Don't let it.
  9. Legend is spot on. I struggle with this, but we need to stop giving OCD time and effort. Its all wasted ! Focus on the here and now. You can affect the here and now, so live life in the present. That's what my therapist advised me. Keep strong.
  10. you are all to kind. Thank you. Your support and help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Yeah i agree PassTheHelp. Probably be up against it later with OCD but i'll give it a damm good go.
  12. Your spot on Legend. It is beatable. My problem always been I felt sorry for myself but need to roll those sleeves up and "shed blood sweat and tears" ! Good fighting talk, this is what i need to install in myself.
  13. Your right legend. He does need to come less important. I like the, "ive got better things to spend my wasted hours on 1". Easy said that done but got to give it everything if i want my family and not on my own in a 1 bedroom bedsit sat there with my CD's and OCD. Thanks for your help.
  14. Had my CBT session today. Had a good session. Need to get angry with OCD now...not going to let it take my wife and little boy away ! Something interesting, I asked her why i need things perfect, like my CD's. She said perfection is safe...if something is not perfect then there's a risk...and you can never really have perfection. So by trying to search for perfection, i'm looking for safety all the time. Clever thing this OCD ! Managed to get 2 more sessions. They were a bit unsure to give me more as it might become part of reasurrance. But we have a plan for the final two. Thanks for all your help, sure i'll be back soon, but just wanted to give an update.
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