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  1. Don't knock it, both of these techniques worked for me. :a1_cheesygrin: the band is not a punishment it is there to refocus you when you get caught up in loop. Thinking about the bad thoughts will help to diminish the anxeity. thr more you try not to think about something the more it becomes linked to anxiety, by letting the thoughts come you are taking away their ability to cause you grief. I think you may need to ask your therapist to explain the methods they are using, its hard to beat ocd unless you have faith in the methods and your therapist. take care
  2. This has really worked for me and it does feel weird - but watch a baby breathe, they breathe from their belly. Also we tend to carry stress in our shoulders try this, slightly part your legs and bend at the waist like you were trying to touch your toes, but don't. Shake your shoulders and hanging arms gentley for just a few seconds. Than slowly stand up straight keeping your arms outstretched above your head. Keeping your arms outstreached bring them down to your sides in a backward circluar motion. Drop your shoulders all the way down so the almost feel like they are hanging from the base of your neck. Once you have done this and gotten used to the feeling of relaxed shoulders you can acheive the same feeling buy doing a simple backward shoulder roll. Releasing the tension in the shoulder is a step you can take to break the tension/anxiety cycle. Take Care
  3. The Psych who helped me the most told me that OCD will never make you do something that you are not capable of. You care for your children and so OCD won't make you hurt them. Guilt seems to be what you sign up for the moment you find out you are expecting and OCD just grabs onto that in an attempt to control. i suffer terrible with mood swing partly due to hormones partly due to high leves of anxeity. I have a 3 yr old who just pushes my buttons constantly. I don't smack for fear of losing control aswell. If it helps we use the time out in a boring place (for him not me :blushing: ) i go into another room an take a minute to chill out (I use techniques taught by my hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner) then I go back for round 2 I find that when he really needs a short sharp shock just to get him to focus on me and what I am saying i will slap the back of his hand(I have done this 4 times...and never before he turned 3) I use this when he is uncontrolable or doing something dangerous and I need him to STOP! i worry most about him and my OCD tells me I am a bad mother and i will scald him, burn him, poison him etc to the point I was frightened to be alone with him for fear of what I might do. i still fear doing it but I don't let it stop me enjoying him, I just ride out the anxiety and tell my self that I am not capable of it. Take care
  4. Do what is best for you! And if that means paying then that's it. I have to pay for my treatment as the CBT therapist that I was assigned was just not someone I could work with. I now pay for hypnotherapy and that is working. The National Phobic Society used to have a scheme that allowed you to see therapist including CBT and Hypnotherapy for a limited time (around 6 sessions) for a greatly reduced fee I think it was £7.50 for NPS members or other in full time education. All info I have put is at least 12 months old because my phobics membership has now lapsed but I am sure there is a link to the phobics from this site. I pay for my dental treatment, OCD treatment, sons education and I would have no qualms about paying for other "free" services if I could afford it. I give to many charities, many of them NHS funded hospitals. In an ideal world places like Air ambulance,Christies,NCH,Marie Curie nurses, Life Boats,NSPCC,RSPCA,etc etc etc wuld not need extra funding from our pockets. It cost loads (around 6K) to keep a prisoner for 1 year, if they spent 2K on getting us well...and we would be useful members of society. The government fight others wars and waste money left right and centre on reports and polls and folk like you and I have to make the descision regarding the funding of our health care. Sorry vent over
  5. Hypnotherapy got me eating again! My OCD contamination was so bad that I was syruggling to put things in my mouth, after a few sessions I sat in the car and put my finger in my mouth, without washing it first!!! something I hadn't done in many, many months. Things went well from then on and as I got better I stopped trying, stopped practising and the OCD takes a hold again. I tried hypnotherapy because CBT was too exhausting, I was looking for a relaxation therapy to help with the panic attacks I was suffering because I was challenging my OCD with CBT, but the hypnotherapy was so sucessful that I felt I could put in to practise the CBT tool box without the CBT therapist (to be honest the guy and I didn't gel, I asked for another therapist and non were available, I dreaded my appointments because I felt he judged me, he was inconsistant, unsympathetic and on occasion rude) I have been through many courses of CBT and I restart Hypnotherapy tonight, with both I have found that the failing is down to me being complacient and not proactively fighting the OCD. Bit like my uncle, he gets depressed, takes pills, feels better, stops pills, gets depressed again A good therapist will not attemp to keep you coming back indefinitely. They should teach you some techniques to use yourself, no point becoming dependant on them, I find that my therapist was a very supportive and it was my descision to continue with monthly sessions (How I wish that I had not given up) Up until a couple of years ago you could have hypnotherapy on the NHS for certain conditions. My current GP was very supportive of my Hypnotherapy and actually put me in touch with a couple of therapist who used to take onk NHS patients. Of course the NHS won,t fund it now and it's not cheap but it helped me. To find a good therapist first speak to you GP, they often have a guide in their practise of practioners in the area. Speak to the hypnotherapist, find out if they have a reasonable understanding of OCD, I was lucky, he understood OCD very well (most aspects in depth) and had treated other suffers with varying levels of sucess. If they can't answer your questions to your satisfaction try someone else. Ask if they are members of any governing bodies, research these bodies and find out what yu have to do to become a memeber. As pointed out above there are courses out there with qualifications attached for very little work. My therapist is registered with The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapists. Feel comfortable with your choice, you must feel confident with your therapist, you have to trust them, if you have any doubts the therapy may not be as sucessful. Sorry if this has detracted from the main thread but hpnotherapy/hypno-healing helped me I have also tried bach flower remedies, not sure if they worked of if it helped me refocus and take contol. I used to go for reflexology for recurrent water infections(that worked too! even though I didn't think it would) She was a Reiki practioner and I tried that for mt OCD, she didn't claim that it would work on OCD but I did feel more relaxed which helped generally. Take care
  6. hi, i empathize, today has been a nightmare too. What if is the worst thing. The anxiety i am experiencing is being made worst because i an looking for symptoms. Please ditch the chart of symptoms unless of course your doctor wants this info. If you look for the symptoms you will find them. take care kerry
  7. an abacus made of soap, so small you can carry it everywhere with earphones attached to drown out the world around me...sick
  8. No fun is it? I find these feelings perfectly normal, I wish they weren't. Yesterday the same thing happened to me whilst I was driving home from work...no obvious trigger but still all the syptoms of increased anxiety. A CPN once explained that anxeity can be triggered well before the sypmtoms appear. I have woken feeling the way you describe, fulll blown attack has me thinking I might be waking up with a serious health problem and I have to talk myself into acknowledging that it is just anxiety. If you have a CPN, psych or the like speak to them about methods to use when these feelings arise to help you take control of them. Having the low level anxiety follow you around for the whole day is exhausting. Take care Kerry
  9. Small steps seem to work best in m personal experience. When you begin to conquer the small things you build your strength and confidence to start tackling the bigger problems. I am 27 and I am unable to remember a time before OCD, I was 16 when it took over and 19 before I had a name for it. I think that OCD and I are about as bound together as we can be. I do beleive the longer yu live with it the harder it is to treat but if yur OCD started as early as mine then by 8 I was to far gone. My parents are wonderful understanding and generous people, (they pay for my treatment even though I work) but the oCD they saw in my childhood was only what peeked out, and all kids play counting games and have irrational fears and we were completely ignorant until I was finally diagnosed. My hypnotherapist gives me homework and when I don't do it I tell him, he understands, he calls it resistance. My conscious mind wants to get better but my subconscious mind doesn't want the hassle so I don't do the homework and OCD wins. I don't feel guilty we just look at different ways of approaching things so the resistance is reduced. My CBT guy was all for throwing me in at the deep end as a result I felt too overwhelmed and gave up...result :dry: Take care Kerry
  10. OCD is fear, guilt and anxeity. I need to control the things I can't and the things I can...I don't have the courage. Excessive importance imposed on the unimportant and ignoring the things that do matter. OCD is no time to rest, yet lots of sitting and procrastinating. I take so long doing things that it becomes easier to avoid it. OCD is relentless it is every part of my life, deeper in some places, glancing in other. OCD is a life half lived (or about 10% in my case)
  11. I think that it is better diaganosis and a more understanding attitude. After WW1 soldiers with PTSD were said to be shell-shocked - same thing, now they get help (not enough I know) but my Great Grandad was at the Battle of the Somme, my Nan (his daughter) said he was obsessed by a fear that there were German soldiers in the garden. He never got any help and never returned to any resembelance of his former self. My Uncle (different bloodline) has OCD, Classic aviator style OCD, he is in his 80's now, they treat him for depression but leave the OCD alone, if he had been diagnosed in his 20's and todays methds were used just think of his potential. Another Grandparent suffered with PTSD after a mining accident, he had a good GP and it was the late 60's he went as a voluntry admission into the local Mental Hospital, proper old victorian place with lots of locks :lol2: He wasn't cured but he got help and was much improved, there was still he stigma attached to his condition but he bit the bullet for the sake of his family. Things have changed so much over the 100 years, progress tends to speed up, I think we will become overwhelmed by the sheer number of mental health problems over the next few years. The trick is going to be treating all that are diagnosed... Take care
  12. Prof Paul said we all have OCDish tendancies but thats not OCD. I tell people about my OCD and they say Oh I have OCD I always have to go back and check the Iron...I eish thst was all it was. Do we grow out of it??? I think if the OCD doesn't morph into a different flavour we don't gow out of it we just learn to cope better. Just an opinion...I would love to imagine growing out of this and one day, using a loo out, eating a paket of crisp with my hands etc etc
  13. I stopped working to look after my son, I had worked ever since I was 13 and felt that it gave me confidence. OCD has always effected my work, but I found that because someone was paying me for a job I had to ride out the anxiety and get on. It made home life difficult because I had to decontaminate on returing home, and at a couple of jobs I have been unable to use the loo...Nightmare. As soon as my son was about 2 1/2 he was ready for nursery, bouncing off the walls at home. I had to return to work to afford a part time Day nursery. Fortunately there was a position available at my husbands place of work. My bosses are great, they don't really understand my OCD but they accept that it is a serious problem and have been supportive. All my friends at work know about my OCD. I don't use the work kitchen or toilet, I did once but the anxiety was quite horrid so now I give it a miss, i only do 6 hours a day so it's not too bad. I have had some panic inducing incidents at work but because I felt I would be letting my gaffer down I have not run screaming from the office... I think that if my lil' boy would have been happy at home with me for longer I would have put of returning to work. As it happened nursery, vacant position and hypnotherapy all happened within 2 weeks and I took it as probably the best opportunity I was ever going to get. Things are working out really well, I hope that we all find our own balance. PS Staying at home with a child is real hard work. You get from children what you put in, Dimphy if your child is a bright happy social lil'one then the root of this is his home enviroment especially if you have had him at home for 4 years. I hate the "just at home with the kids" our children our the ones who will fix our mistakes, spending time at home with them whilst they shred the newspaper or build towers is as important as going out an earning...Sorry rant over Oooops forgot to say... Well done!!!
  14. I know the subject of hormones and OCD has be discussed before but I would like a simple yes/no and an anecdotal idea of how we are all doing Many thanks Went to the hospital for another consultation...non-OCD prob. The Dr started quizzing me over do I see a CPN or a Pysch and on andon, so I started to cry. I have contamination OCD and having to spend th best part of 90 mins outside the blood test room and next to the sluice room really freaked me out I was so proud that I actually made it in the room...so all the hassle made it such a relief to be out of the waiting room that the tears were mainly just relief. Any way he thinks that I am depressed...ACE! I was about 3 months ago but things changed and I feel so much better, but don't listen to me So he starts saying that he will go get a nurse and I keep trying to tell him that it's ok and that I cry when i see elderly people and hear hymns. I am having probs with my hormones and he was an endocrin...blah...hormone specialist, he should be used to seeing over emoitional women :crybaby: I believe that the hormone inbalances that I am experiencing may be making my OCD worse, but I don't understand how the OCD could cause the real physical symptoms that I am experiencing, I could show him but he wasn't interested (and I don't blame him) Got the feeling that he thought I was looking for attention, I hate hospitals, I hate the thought that there might be something wrong with me, I don't do tablets, if I need attention I have a 3 year old who think that I am wet your pants funny and a husbands who despite all my probs loves me dearly I don't need the Drs. Back to the GP I hope that she doesn't send me back to the Hospital
  15. sinclair (hypnosync) once said OCD was like an inflated balloon, you push down on 1 end and another pops up. I used to check and count and have to have everything symetrical, I used to wish I was like that again because I was able to cope then... I realised that that manifestation of my OCD wasn't any less serious or easier to cope with but as a 9 year old girl i had very few responsibilties and so spending time undoing things didn't mean the washing up got left etc Now I wash and clean etc and this is no worst than the other flavour i had but now I have a family and a house it SEEMS more of a probablem. Wish i didn't have it at all Take care Kerry
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