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  1. Hi, I was just going to start a very simlar thread! It seems that this is a common problem with us OCD-ers. I went out on Sat night and drank quite a lot, although I think I can remember everything. I then spent the entire day on Sunday going over and over everything that I said and all the conversations I had with people. I was desparately worried that I might have said something 'bad' or said something that may have been misconstrued. I have had some reassurances from my friends, but without speaking to every single one of them I saw on Sat night, I'm still going to worry about things. What concerns me most, is that I'm increasingly worried about situations even when I haven't been drinking. The other night I popped over to a friends house for a quick chat, and when I got home I started analysing the conversation, convincing myself that I said something 'bad'. I have had varying mild forms of OCD since I was a child. Do you think this is a form of OCD that could be treated, or is it just general anxiety that a lot of people suffer from? Thanks to you guys who have posted about this. Makes me realise it's not just me! Vicki x
  2. OK, I'm all paid up! Hope I get a better draw than for Eurovision!
  3. If anyone is interested, there is a short article in the Times today about how OCD often goes undiagnosed in children.
  4. Hi, I really feel for you. That could have been me writing your post! I was exactly the same as you. For years I had to pray that my family and friends would be kept safe, not die etc etc etc, and have to say it 'properly'. I also had a little routine with my hands that accompanied it! The urge could come on at any time of the day, which was quite embarrassing given thehand movements, but I absolutely had to do it before I went to sleep. Like you say, it is not all that time-consuming, but very annoying! For me I knew rationally that what I was doing would have no effect, but I always thought 'what if'. The only hope I can offer is that for me it just got less and less until now it is hardly a problem. I think it co-incides with being a lot happier with everything and generally much more relaxed. Good Luck with everything and you are not alone. It is amazing for me to find this website and find that I wasn't the only one! Vicki xx
  5. Hello, Just thought I would add a note as I also suffer from chronic tic syndrome. I haven't been diagnosed, but I know from reading around that that is what it is. I have had tics on and off since I was 10, but consistantly for the last 7 or so years. Like you, I don't know anyone with the same problem, so for years I had no idea what was wrong with me and wouldn't discuss it with anyone. I have never heard of Nicorrete gum as a possible treatment. I would have thought that nicotine would make tics worse as it is a stimulant. I'd be interested to hear if you find a treatment that does work for you. Keep us informed! Good Luck Vicki xx
  6. I have taken 5-HTP and Omega 3 capsules on and off for about 6 months now, and I must admit I do feel much happier within myself. I couldn't say if this is directly down to the 5-HTP, but I think it's worth a go. Sally - 5-HTP is some kind of herbal extract, rumoured to be good for mild depression, although I'm not sure if this has been proven. You can get it from Health shops. Vicki xx
  7. Hi all, Just to let you know there's an article in this weeks Now mag about OCD. Being Now, it's hardly hard-hitting in-depth journalism. More like a fleeting look at celebritys and their quirks (hardly OCD in a lot of cases!), with a small bit explaining what OCD is. I suppose any publicity is good! Vicki xx
  8. Hi Marah, I also have TS type tics, and have done quite a bit of research on the web about it. I also 'spoke' to Catherine about it a couple of months ago. I just really wanted to add to what Catherine has said in that just because you have tics, it does not mean that it is full-blown Tourettes. I read that in order for TS to be diagnosed you need to have both motor and vocal tics. I just have motor tics, so I belive that I would fall in the category of 'chronic tic syndrome'. I have had these since I was about 10 and am now 30. I don't believe they have got any worse, and I don't worry that they are going to. I do wonder though how many other OCD sufferers have tics to some extent. I know it is embarrassing to talk about, and think you are very brave for mentioning it here. I was initially too scared in case everyone thought I was strange! Vicki xx
  9. I also saw it, but would like a copy to own.
  10. Thanks very much for your reply Tracy, I know you are right and I know that it is probably not the OCD, it is just the normal stresses that people go through. You are right that I need to 'calm down the chatter in my brain'. Thats exactly what it feels like at the moment. I have been very much in my comfort zone for the past few years (except a years travelling). I have had the same friends, same job and same home for a few years now. I'm now changing job and house at the same time and it's very exciting, but also quite scary. I do think I worry about things more than the next person, but I will make a concerted effort to calm myself down and stop myself when I feel I'm getting stressed. Thanks, Vicki
  11. Just needed to post as I'm driving myself mad with worry at the moment. My OCD is mild (checking, praying), but I do suffer a lot with that typical OCD trait - a fear of responsibility or doing something wrong!! I am currently in the process of selling my flat and looking for a house to buy, and am crumbling under the responsibility of it all. I worry that I've forgotton to tell the buyer something important or that I've sold it for too much or too little. I know that this is what solicitors are for, but I am getting so worked up about something going wrong and it being my fault. I know that buying and selling a house is stressful for everyone, so maybe it isnt the OCD strictly. I know that I am generally a very anxious person and so maybe this is just an extension of what most people feel like. Realistically the process isn't going to be over for another 6 weeks or so, and I wonder how I'm going to deal with it for that long as I'm already having trouble sleeping. Can anyone recommend any books that may help put these feelings into perspective? I've seem 'Brain Lock' recommended a lot. Would it help me with this fear of responsibility?
  12. I just wanted to share my experience since I wrote this post a few months ago. After posting this I took the advice of think2much and starting taking fish oil supplements. Since then, I have felt a huge improvement in how I feel mentally. I only suffer from mild OCD and depression, but I feel much happier and more positive. I was sceptical and didn't really expect much from it, but must admit that I am now convinced that it has helped me. I know that a lot of people have more severe forms of OCD than myself and it isn't a magic cure, but I just wanted to say that it is worth a go!! So thanks for the advice. This board is so valuable as a place to share information. Cheers Vicki xx
  13. Hello, I was brought up as catholic, although not especially strictly. I don't go to church anymore, but my OCD (although minor compared to other people who have posted on here), revolves around praying and guilt. I used to have to say a prayer over and over in my head until it sounded 'right', and if I didn't then something awful would happen to one of my family or friends (an accident or illness). Thankfully, I don't do this as much now, but at the moment I seem to live ina constant state of guilt. Guilt if I don't see certain friends enough, guilt if I go out with my friends and leave my boyfriend in on his own, guilt that I'm not being a 'good' enough person. I seem to be constantly giving myself a hard time!! Anway, I know this isn't exactly what you were talking about but I thought it was relevant to Sinclairs comments.
  14. Hi, I haven't posted anything on this board for ages, but I continue to check it regularly and find it very useful and reasurring, so thanks to everyone who keeps it going! I have mild OCD, (repeating, praying, checking) and wondered if anyone knows of any herbal supplements that are known to help OCD, mild depression or anxiety? I have searched on the internet, and have read that St John's Wort and 5HTP are good for mild depression. Has anyone taken these or any other herb remedies, and found that they had a positive effect on their OCD? Thanks, Vicki xx
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