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  1. Sorry to hear this, my ocd is giving me a hard time at the moment about weird porn and the like which I looked at when I was younger, fantasies I had and so on. It's worse when it actually seems like it's based on something real. I hope you feel better soon
  2. no but i had intrusive thoughts about bestiality once and told a friend about it, and i think they misunderstood at first, and sometimes i get an obsession wondering about what they think about it!
  3. I often do this, weirdly when I think of a happy memory it's to beat myself up over it and think 'wtf happened to you, you'll never be like that again'
  4. Feeling a lot better today i just read back over my post and the 'evidence' sounds absolutely ridiculous.
  5. Thanks I have basically been through my entire childhood trying to work out if this happened. I went out with a mate tonight and was able to distract myself from the thoughts so I am feeling a bit better now. The only thing that concerns me is that the thoughts seem real so it's hard to say whether they are real or just intrusive thoughts. I have usually been able to dismiss the thoughts since discovering I had ocd but this seemed very real and in addition, not the sort of thing people usually obsess over. This entire thing was triggered by a dream which I had a few months ago with really disgusting content. Since it seemed so real (even though I know the events in the dream didn't happen and aren't related to my obsession) I have gone backwards and forwards in my mind trying to work out why I thought of such a thing and came up with this horrible obsession. The fact that I have been obsessed with being a paedophile is really bothering me too, I have had the paedo obsession since I was 13 or so on and off, I keep wondering whether there is something in my childhood that led me to have that type of ocd. Maybe there is but then again loads of people thought they are paedos and weren't abused right? Being a paedo is just seen as abhorrent and the fact I had ocd over it doesn't mean that I was abused does it? I find the whole thing so horrible and upsetting, if my dad was a paedo then I won't be able to see him and will have to spend the rest of my life hating him, I won't be able to leave my kids with him if I have kids and will never be able to tell anyone why. Why am I obsessed with him being a paedo when he has always been incredibly embarrassed by sex and doesn't even like kids, which is one of my major issues that I had! The other thing that could be evidence is that when I was in reception I drew a picture of my dad doing a wee, I have no idea why I think I maybe walked in on him or something. That can't be evidence he is a paedo is it? And when I was a child my mum took a photo of me running around naked. There's nothing to worry about with that is there, when my parents we're just relaxed around nudity, it doesn't mean they were paedos does it? God I am really sorry, I find that writing this stuff helps. Because what my brain is presenting as evidence, when written down it just looks ridiculous.arrrgh
  6. I used to get this kind of obsession all the time tbh.
  7. Ok but how can I tell the difference between anxiety caused by ocd and anxiety caused by remembering things that actually happened? It doesn't help that in trying to disprove the ocd I am thinking about things that did happen as a compulsion to disprove the fake memory (assuming it is fake) and getting really depressed. I'm thinking 'look at this, this definitely happened' to try and disprove my thoughts and some of the real memories I am thinking about I'd rather forget altogether.
  8. Can anyone reply? I am feeling a bit desperate. I don't want reassurance but just someone to talk to as I can't say anything in real life.
  9. Omg I have been worrying about this too both as evidence that I am a paedo and evidence I was abused. All children experiment don't they? It's not proof of anything is it?
  10. I'm also having paranoid thoughts that I myself have sexually abused someone or made them do something they didn't want to do. I am getting quite paranoid and upset
  11. The other thing is that I did a search on the Internet about whether I can trust memories and it came up with the fact that many people remember this stuff after many years, but the thing is that me and my dad have never got on that well and I can remember other things that he did which (according to my memories) were really not as bad, but have affected me for years. I can clearly remember arguments that he and my mum had, and things he said to me and my sister. I am really paranoid this could be a real memory that I am remembering now but how could it be?
  12. Umm i am getting horrible intrusive thoughts, when I was a kid I sometimes used to have baths with both my parents, i had a bath with my dad a couple of times and I am sure nothing happened, but I am really worried that it did and I feel like my brain is turning everything into something sexual, I am becoming incredibly worried and upset, it was quite normal when I was a kid for my parents to walk around naked, and I am so worried that something happened when I know that it didn't but I am not sure what to think any more There's no way I am gonna know, I mean I can't exactly ask him can I
  13. I think the fact that I am so worried about it shows that he didn't do it, right? In any case I am feeling a lot better today, I am not so worried about it any more. I spoke about this to a mate a while back and she told me not to worry about it and I would just torture myself because there was no way of finding out.
  14. The thing is that I have read things on the Internet that say that if something like that happened then my brain will block it out and I won't remember it. So the fact I can't remember anything like that is being used as evidence that it happened. I really don't want to have to fight this obsession all the time as it is so disturbing. I am starting to feel a bit better about it though. I have been feeling so guilty and terrified of talking about my obsession with anyone which is making it worse
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