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  1. Thank you... Just so exhausted mentally xxx
  2. Stressedout

    are you kind to yourself?

    I'm so harsh to myself in every single area of my life soo cruel to myself xx
  3. Stressedout


    I have had all of the major strands of OCD and after losing my first beautiful dog aged 18 and after being sectioned and very poorly aged 19 my parents bought me and them a beautiful puppy who was like the other half of me.... I had so many contamination issues but the beauty of dogs is they are who they are ... They don't worry about all of the rubbish and tosh we have to deal with......one therapist put me in their shoes and said imagine of you were your dog ... He got on regardless... They give unconditional love no matter who or what issues you have but as others have said you cannot bring this little angel into your rituals and obsessions..., Slightly shocking they would buy a pup without really considering the long term impact... Very difficult decision but you can't hurt the little soul... If your parents had another baby... You couldn't involve them and wash them... This pup needs love.... They will bring you a lot but deserve a lot... After 14 years I lost my angel that has been brought into my life at such a difficult time and only now a year later have I been able to get another. After havin so many of the strands of OCD and not wanting to belittle or make you feel worse....getting over the contamination cleanliness and germs part was the easier part for me .... Sometimes I think what is the worst that can happen... And compare it to the awful situation you are in .. ?? I have deep set intrusive complicated thoughts past checking and cleanliness now .....but i understand that aspect massively... The pup deserves the best..... as do you... Think carefully....they really can be soul savers and don't have the issues that we are burdened with! Xx
  4. After the Initial five or more sessions they just demonstrated no real knowledge of OCD or cbt as promised.... I had one therapist cry on me when I was at her session... The list goes on ... Joke
  5. Thank you all for replying..... I'm a pe teacher and have had OCD for so long and was in hospital with it aged 18 but medication and hiding rituals and feeling like giving up generally leaves me feeling hopeless. There was a fab private one recommended in central London but I can't cope with central London.. Panic and anxiety through the roof. Have seen a couple of other private ones in midlands who have really let me down .. Forgotten what real happiness feels like... Last time I was free and happy I was about 7 x
  6. Yep ... It's like it's fine for people to struggle day in day out because its mental health xx
  7. Ash has been super helpful its just my primary care trust are so slow and don't seem to give a damn x
  8. Thank you..... Just feel like my life is disappearing In front of my eyes and I feel no joy in life anymore x
  9. I haven't heard of that charity? Xx
  10. I haven't for the energy anymore...
  11. Inhavebhad OCD since I was 12 ... I have been asking for cbt since I was 17 and unceremoniously sectioned as they thought it was something else.... Proven wrong....,I knew what it was! Have asked and applied for funding trough my gp ... Can't cope with Central London..I have paid my dues in taxes massively and I wonder when I will be able to move on and get the treatment I need.... Have very very little fight left in me... Bristol would be ideal and I would pay but they don't take private patients ....my cousin who lives in London for cbt with only minor OCD in comparison..., so tired and had enough... Wasted so much money on private therapists who turns out didnt have the OCD expertise to treat me and one even cried in our sessions listening to me!! not much left... Life is flying by and I'm still in this hole ....
  12. Thank you for replying...it's not my first split by any means but only the second person in my life who I really thought I had my future sorted with... Now feeling out of control .... He got my OCD and it was a huge support ... Now gone x
  13. Any advice / common experience... After nearly two yrs my boyfriend split up with me and it was really unexpected and really badly handled on his part... My OCD which is already v bad just latches on and I feel like I'm falling... Thoughts spinning around and around.. I'm not good enough... How will I ever get anyone as good as him who got my OCD... Feeling out of control ...I'm not good enough... Can't cope with him not in my life... I know a lot of that is normal after a break up but has anyone else found their OCD makes it soooooo much worse?
  14. Totally agree Ashley xx well said xx