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  1. Worried, going for consultant appointment tonight. Scared of what it may be. This is not OCD but really happening

  2. HI, I would love to hear more about mindfullness. Im interested in meditation but the only place for this i can find in Peterborough is Buddhist meditation, which ive found interesting but really would like to calm my mind down. Im even in the process of turning what i thought would be a nursery one day into a chill out room. Somewhere i can go to relax etc Would love to hear more about mindfullness, please post or PM me. Thanks
  3. Hi, I take an SSRI and dont feel anything but normal and cannot see why taking the meds would stop you doing what you enjoy but help you to relax. The only side effect ive had is an hour or so after taking it in the morning i feel a little tired but thats only at the beginning of taking it and if its increased. Other than that I can do everything i always did, and more because im happier. Hope this helps Stormyx
  4. Please try not to worry. Its a good thing you communicated to your psych, it will help you to get some help and start to live the life you deserve.. Take care
  5. Thanks Legend. I have been chasing since last June to be honest, got a letter in November saying on waiting list however my previous therapist who left to go to austrailia said that if i had a relapse and things got bad again i would be seen quickly as ive been in the system for years and had cbt/group therapy in 2008. To be honest havent chased until recently as ive been ok. I seem to be ok with OCD for the majority of the time and have learnt to deal with it but when i get the horrid thoughts which were like yours i feel so guilty and want to confess for people to tell me im not bad but i know this is reasurance and I dont have to tell anyone anything as ive done nothing wrong they are just thoughts... Its only these thoughts that get me so i feel i cant get past it. Its just realising i dont need to feel guilty for having the thoughts. Stormy
  6. Hi Lawrie Thanks for your reply. Its states on the literature in the box that its used for OCD so i thought i was specially for it but like you say what works for one doesnt another. I suppose i do feel a little better but not really that noticable. I think i should stay on them though this time rather than come off once i feel better. Appreciate your help Stormy
  7. Hi all, I was on citalopram 20mg previously but went on and off it everytime i feel better. Ive now been back to the docs and because im not going to be doing ivf again they have put me on Fluxotine (i think it is), they said its specially for ocd. Been on 20mg for three weeks but gonna go back as they dont seem to have helped much. I know the does for ocd is 60mg so hoping they will put it up. Ive also decided that if i need to take a tablet for the rest of my life then i will. Ive had cbt in the past and have been chasing another appointment for a year now, long story but im chasing. Just wondered if this drug is really good for ocd or if there are better ones... Would appreciate your comments Thanks
  8. I would also be interested about the mindfulness...
  9. Im really really struggling at the moment and would love to know when the next OCD conference or information day is? Ive been once and it really helped.
  10. Im ok thanks. I was posting for reassurance which is not the best way, i need to get through the anxiety and realise i dont have to confess my horrid thoughts. Today i feel better and not panicing, trying to let the thoughts just go and remember im a good person and would never do anything to hurt anyone. Thanks Rachie
  11. Caromoole, im confused because i thought people with ocd were really soft people who hated to upset or be responsible for anything bad... People with ocd never act on thier fears, so why would someone with ocd do anything bad. Please help this is worrying me.
  12. I try to think like this but feel so guilty or having the thoughts, want to confess for everyone to say its ok but they wouldnt understand or not everyone would.
  13. Hi, I didnt want you to think no one wanted to reply . I was pregnant last year from ivf but lost the baby but remember being worried about this and how i would be so my thoughts are with you and hoping you will feel much better soon. You will never do anything to hurt your baby, have you been diagosed with ocd? Are you having and CBT? Take care
  14. Mine still looks like the old forum skins.
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