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  1. Hi Kazzam, Getting an indoor cat might help. I'll bet the cat would detect where exactly they're coming from. We have 2 indoor cats and whenenver I see them focusing on a particular spot there's usually a spider there that they are trying to catch! They're great little detectives. Creative Cat
  2. Hello Sportlover, I did not see a comment from you in the box above. It just shows what I wrote. thanks, Creative Cat
  3. Thank you Sportlover & A... I appreciate the encouragement! God knows I need it. I was doing better over a week ago and this week I just got hit really hard with it. Part of the problem is that when i look in my rear view mirror or side mirrors to look behind me, then I think "I no, I was not looking in front of the car at the moment, what if I hit something" and then it becomes a vicious cycle. Sometimes I try to remind myself "overanalyzing leads to paralyzing" because I become way too over-sensitized to all the minute details of the road and everything around me that I forget to see the "big picture". I need to step back and be less tuned in to everything around me and just focus on the "main task" of driving. Today is another day. Another thing I also have been doing is checking the accident reports online when I get home. This way i do not have to always go back and check. But, it feels like such a mental trap and also has me hooked. I want to get free of this! Creative Cat
  4. Hello Kazzam, I've heard from my brother that you need to find any small openings inside your house where the mice/rats could be entering. My brother thought he had sealed everything in their old house, but then found a hole under their stove where the mouse was entering. Hope this helps, Creative Cat
  5. Hi Everyone, I have not posted for a while. I'm very discouraged right now with my ocd. I'm trying to the CBTERP, but I have failed miserably this past week. I'm having trouble with my driving in particular. I'm embarrassed to describe all of the turn-arounds that I've done to go back and check. The ocd has been relentless. Anyone have any tips on what works for you? Thanks, Creative Cat
  6. Hello, Well, the big motivator to help me work on this problem is that I've realized that when I drive really slow and stop, or pull over to the side of the road to look back or circle back around again to go check on something that my behavior can look really suspicious to other people. They do not know that I have OCD and that I'm just checking. They may think that I'm doing something suspicious. This all came to light to me in a horrible way this past week. I was driving really slow down a residential street. A car behind me started pulling to my right and I thought they were going to pass me so I swerved to the left (which was unsafe! -- thankfully no other cars were around) Anyway, I realized (to my embarrassment) that the car behind was NOT trying to pass me, but was parking on the right. The person really should have been more patient and waited until I passed before pulling up on the right, but nevertheless, it was all a crazy situation. I drove down the street further and then I saw her looking down the street at me (she had gotten out of her car). Then I thought -- maybe I should drive back and explain what happened and when I drove back she would not talk to me at all. I had rolled my window down to talk with her and she just ignored me. I felt soooooo horrrible!! I can't even tell you how bad it made me feel. She was on her cell phone describing me to someone (I heard her). So, I drove home and told my husband and could not even eat dinner or get to sleep at a regular time. I realize that this woman may have thought that I was a drunk driver or who knows what with my irratic driving behavior (then I worried that maybe she has seen me pull over or turn around on that street before). In my defense, she should not have pulled to my right the way that she did (which was very impatient), but she probably did not want to wait because I was driving too slow. So, it was like a "wake up call" to me that I REALLY HAVE to work on this problem. Otherwise, I could look like a crazy person and get myself in trouble eventually. I have been so embarrassed over this whole thing. I have been working very hard this week on NOT checking. I have made some progress but need to really be hard on myself with this one because I can very easily give in to myself and check. But, now I have this reminder hanging over my head that other people in my neighborhood could be watching and making the wrong conclusions and I do not want that to happen! Creative Cat
  7. Hi KTC, Wow! I can sure relate to you with the "Driving OCD". Last night I had a difficult experience and it was like a "wake up call" that I need to really work on this problem in my life. I have been giving in to my ocd and checking and it just makes things worse. My biggest temptation is to look in my rear view mirror and I know that this is not good. As of this morning I have started to not stop and check and to resist using my rear view mirror too much. I will keep this up and will post my progress. Creative Cat
  8. Hi Northern Star, That is great!! Good for you!! Glad to hear that you're moving forward. If it helps any, I cook raw meat all the time. I just made a big tray of chicken over the weekend. Good for you so you can enjoy some good food. Creative Cat
  9. Hi Gryphon, Sorry to hear that you're having a tough time. I can relate! OCD seems to be the worst sometimes when we need it to give us a break! Okay -- so to manage these anxious moments remember: Its just OCD -- its just a thought -- its not real. Try as much as possible to just let thoughts come and go. Do not judge yourself for having "bad" thoughts go through your head. Its very important to try as much as possible to NOT REACT to the thoughts. Do not try to get rid of them. Allow them to pass on by without reacting to them. This is really a big key in getting over OCD! Also, try to provide yourself with some distractions! This will help you to refocus. Keep reaching out for help on the boards. You'll make it through this hard time! Also, watch your diet during this stressful time. I just read yesterday that high protein, low carbohydrate can make ocd worse. Its better to have more carbohydrates and less protein. Also, try to decrease your caffeine. for me the caffeine makes my thoughts race. Try to exercise, drink water. Creative Cat
  10. Hi Frankie, Reaching out here on the boards is a great thing for you to do -- so congratulations for doing that! I can totally understand not wanting to be at pubs/bars because of all the drinking. Christmas is always very stressful for me because I obsess about gifts and contamination fears in giving them (its truly a nightmare at times for me!) The past few days have been horrendously stressful with trying to buy and give gifts because of my fears. BUT, I force myself to move forward through it and I have been giving gifts. I always feel so happy and like I want to cry when I see how happy people are when they open their gifts because they have NO IDEA of the personal hell that I went through to give it so it makes it worth it to me when I conquer the fear and give the gift and also see that it touched their heart. I pray a lot through the holidays -- asking for daily strength -- sometimes just moment by moment strength to get through the tough times of the day when OCD trys to terrorize and ruin everything for me. Actually, I love the holidays, the Christmas decorations, parties and gift-giving. I just hate the OCD fears that are worse at this time! I try to give myself grace and have let go of some of my perfectionistic expectations of myself. I try to do as much as I can and take care of myself by doing things that nurture my soul -- spending time with my cat, my husband, watching movies/TV, talking on phone, whatever helps relieve some stress and builds me up so I can face the next fear when it comes. I've also cut back on caffeine this week because it makes my ocd much worse and at Christmas with all of the extra stress I can't deal with the caffeine effects. It makes my thoughts go faster and my anxiety level go up. I have a withdrawal headache right now. I was drinking Starbucks A LOT and then wondering why my anxeity was getting worse -- go figure (LOL!) Anyway, be easy on yourself. The holidays can be difficult. Do whatever you are able to do and give yourself a huge pat on the back! And, if you like going to church, consider going to a church service. That's the whole reason for the season anyway. Merry Christmas! Creative Cat
  11. Hi, I read this little story link today and it was very encouraing to me. So, here it is to whoever else may find it helpful. It reminded me of how tightly I grip "control" in my life. Controlling everything around me in order to manage my fear. Then, the "control" or OCD grips me! If I can only let go of all of the control I would be doing much better. http://www.ticz.com/homes/users/bob/The-Rope/The-Rope.htm Creative Cat
  12. Hi, My goal still continues to be that same - to let go of as many washes and checks as I can. Yesterday was a tough day -- had to take my cat to the vets and of course, he got prescribed meds that I am uncomfortable with! I get very ocd over medications and contamination due to if the cat spreads a little here or there. The cat needs the medication though so I am forced to face fear once again!! So, my husband will administer the med. and I have to just trust him to do it correctly (let go of my control!) and try as hard as I can to not feel like everything is contaminated! Another challenge for the next 2 weeks!! Lately, I'm becoming so much more aware of how much I try to CONTROL everything. CONTROL seems to be my psychological defense mechanism -- to make me feel safe, to not feel guilty. However, I need to start letting go of this defense and letting is die. It does me no good anymore. One positive is that I got a project at work done that has been hanging over my head for months! I was feeling very ocd over it at the end, but faced the fear and got it turned in! Creative Cat
  13. Hi, I'm back on board with the Challenge Club. I need help! My ocd has been up and down lately. I have started the OCD Workbook with my therapist but am only on Chapter 4 so far. I have to say that the Response Prevention is quite effective when I can do it. When I get further into the book my therapist and I will set goals, etc. For today my goal is to let go of some checking and cleaning. I cannot say that I will let go of ALL because that is not realistic for me right now. I got so sick of myself this weekend! I realize that so much of my ocd is about CONTROL -- trying to control all of these things that are out of my control! I'm reallly sick of it!! I'm sick of trying to control all of these things that I cannot even see -- like contamination and germs. I let some of it go this weekend because I got to a point of just not caring after I drove myself crazy with too much cleaning! Creative Cat
  14. Hi Phil, I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. It sounds very tough. I have had some religious obsessions and understand how difficult this can be . Mine sound different than yours but the overall experience can feel torturous at times. You are not alone. I have just started the OCD Workbook by Cherry Pedrick with my therapist. I am feeling hopeful that it will help. From everything I've read it seems that the way out of OCD seem to be not giving in to it. So, I know that the anxiety can be really hard, but going through it and not giving in to the checking seems to help in the long run. If you'd like, feel free to PM me about any particular concerns that you may have and maybe I can help. Take care and God bless, Creative Cat
  15. Hi, My ocd has been worse lately. I hate having ocd. I'm thankful that part of me can at least step back and see how crazy the ocd thoughts really are. Otherwise, I feel like I'd really be crazy! The thoughts still scare me, but I'm having to push forward through them because I have too many things to get done. I hate having ocd! It causes so much mental anguish and really steals a lot of the joy out of situations that should be really happy. CC
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