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  1. http://www.ocfoundation.org/UserFiles/File...%20Thoughts.pdf this document is helpful re: bad thoughts.......
  2. hi reject. my understanding is that; people can be aroused by all sorts of strange thoughts - it does not mean you want to carry them out. I have had trouble with this, as 'you must like it if your turned on' . However, this is not the case. The fact that the thoughts keep entering your head when you dont want them to,and cause anxiety (the awfulness feeling) is cos you disapprove of them so much.
  3. thats great news bee. Its always good to channel your thoughts into something worthwhile - and it will benefit a lot of people too :clapping:
  4. one technique from the books an Dr.Phillipsons (excellent) site is using a loop tape. One of my fears is maybe having done something. So the exposure would be to record that thought 'maybe i did x', and put it on repeat on your ipod or something. And as bobby says do not react with ANY kind of reassurance.
  5. I picked up on this with my therapist too. I enjoyed a bad thought, so this must mean Im a dangerous/bad person. Her reply was that I had misunderstood the statement. The initial reaction isnt the issue, its the thoughts that follow. If these are negative (which yours are), it is OCD. By that I mean worrying/stressing about the thought and its meaning. If you were continually ruminating over these thoughts cos they are pleasurable to you, that is the problem according to Baer. If anyone can provide the link for the debate on this it would be handy. thanks
  6. hi everyone, something has been bothering me recently at work. My boss has recently insisted I use her financial support when it comes to CBT. A great gesture, but one im not sure if i should accept. I consider her my friend due to the time we spend together at work (me being her deputy), and have always got on well. However, this has got me thinking.... in the past I have moaned/said she has been nasty to me/annoyed me to my parents and girlfriend, which makes me feel bad for accepting her help. Does this mean im not really her friend? I see other people complain about their friends, is this normal and am i just ocd-ing? any comments appreciated. MS
  7. thanks your thoughts, the ocd seems to bring the worst over any situation though. To try exposure today I looked at some family photos of nieces & nephews who'd just been away to disneyland - I havent been able to look at them so far. Watching the aviator for the 1st time last night kickstarted me into doing something, rather than continuing to ignore the ocd thoughts. Felt ok when i looked at the photos, but afterwards started thinking - 'were you really just after an excuse to look at them' , 'maybe i actually enjoyed lloking at them' 'what if a family member sees you've been loking at the photos and thinks the worst' etc etc. its a never ending circle. I think your right though legend, need to keep it up to make it better. cheers,
  8. Hi, Time has come when Im considering doing some exposure therapy - tho the subject matter is not easy as its fear of being attracted to children. All the ocd books put forward exposure as the best therapy, as do a lot of posts on here. I carry out avoidance big time when near kids, i even turn off tv programmes with children in them. What im scared to death of is.........how do you go about doing exposure therapy on this topic -when i find it gut wrenching to even write about it. ?
  9. 2 years late, but great post Scott. I have real problems with these issues too. In fact 90% of my ocd worries boil down to the following. Over 4 years ago I saw some gay porn on the internet - and I was aroused by it. Afterwards I felt guilty for being aroused by it. Ever since its been a nightmare with thoughts of being gay (especially as my family are so anti gay). No matter what happens, I always go back to the point - you must be gay, as you were aroused by it. My question is; can people be aroused by things they shouldnt be/ are not attracted too? This ocd thought has punished me ever since. any thoughts?
  10. hi getting better. I personal suffer from similar problems. Personally, I have never found omega 3 useful. However everyone is different obviously. The only tablets that have worked for me have been prozac 20mg/day, which have made dealing with OCD a LOT easier. Dr Schwartz talks about 'water wings', which will only work with the correct techniques - this is a key point for me. The techniques are what are important with OCD - meds are there just to help this process along.
  11. hi i've read that one too - it is pretty much dedicated to pure o. Its ok, but i was a little disappointed i must admit. Not read the one mentioned above though..
  12. hi bagel girl. to echo tangos post, yesterday reminded me of how diffrent i was from a year ago. Not too proud of saying i'd planned it to be my last in 2004 :dry: - however it is so worth keeping on at it. At times you may feel helpless, but controlling ocd can definitely be done with support and the right treatment. talking to the doctor about it, would be a good start it that recovery. mat
  13. hi emma, im on fluoxetine too, and just to add to the above, each person is different and needs to find their right 'match' - whether drug or dosage. I wouldnt worry about the 20mg not working too well, i had the same problem, so went up to 40mg, then 60. 60 was too much for me (too tired!!), but 40 is working great. Its strange cos whenever i only take one (20mg) in a day (by accident or forgetfulness of course), then i really feel the ocd.
  14. thanks everyone for the comments.., they did fade over the day, especially as work took my mind of it (just found other things to worry about instead:censored: ) Im taking fluoxetine 40/d, but i was driving to the pub last night, so im thinking the 3 pints of coke plus meds was probly the reason - not got proof of that, but too much caffeine can do weird stuff to me!! (Oh and I prob shouldn't admit this at my ripe old age - but teddy helps me through the really rough nights ) I like your honesty fruity!!!! - mine too.
  15. Hi everyone, does anyone else experience really messed up dreams on meds??. I get these all the time, and they seem a lot more intense than 'normal' dreams, and can often feel very real - which is why im writing this, cos last night i had a shocker and am still trying to work out if what i remember were dreams or actually happened - a downside of medication i guess - but still freakin me out a bit!!
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