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    Essentially harm OCD of various types, the one that takes up most time is contamination

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  1. I think you're doing an amazing job. I'm not sure what else to write but felt I had to say something about the fantastic progress it sounds like you've made / are making .
  2. Hi Liberty, Did they say when you'd hear if you're going to be offered some support? It would likely be a psychiatrist or other mental health specialist who would diagnose you; Dr Google can be a bad idea. I know I / others start googling to try to find reassurance or clarity and actually it can end up making things worse because the information isn't always accurate and when it comes to your health it really needs to be a professional assessing you and discussing diagnosis and possible treatment.
  3. I don't know anything about your situation other than what I'm reading in this thread, but I would echo the suggestion of trying to get a daily or two-day script. Your GP has a duty of care and can't prescribe you stuff you're likely to use to harm yourself or abuse. At the same time cold turkey without appropriate support is perhaps not the best idea. And please don't buy meds off the internet; can you call the GP surgery first thing Monday?
  4. Morning all, I have a question for anyone who has managed ERP successfully / beaten their OCD. How do / did you tolerate the uncertainty whilst purposely trying to think the most discomforting thoughts? Sounds so simple written like that....
  5. I think all my OCD hangs on a fear of being a "bad" person. I struggle sometimes to specify what I mean by that - but if you take my three "themes" of OCD:- 1) contamination. Fear of making others ill through my actions / inactions. Massive shame over this - that if I'm contaminated maybe I'm a bad person 2) relationship. Fear of cheating on my husband. I am devoted to him and would hate myself forever if I cheated on him. I can be talking to another man, even a gay man, and believe I've somehow cheated just by talking etc. 3) harm OCD. Fear of harming someone vulnerable. Again based on a terror that I could be capable of such an act, of betraying them, of betraying trust, etc. In my OCD head all three of the above would make me a bad person. I have extremely low self-esteem ("what, really?!" I hear you say ) and a very negative self-image, often putting myself down before someone else can. I "confess" all kinds of stuff to a couple of people I trust, because I don't trust myself, so instead I trust them to tell me if I am evil or something. Of course an OCD compulsion...
  6. Hi Jay, I hate not being able to sleep - I can go without food, water, but deprive me of sleep for too long and I turn into a bit of a grump. I also find sleep can provide some respite and peace from the OCD, although I have it in my sleep sometimes too. Has the therapist said what you should do with regards to the nightmares, whether there's something that might help with them?
  7. Citizens' Advice Bureau maybe? If not ring Social Services and ask to speak to her manager perhaps.
  8. I am not at all the right person to be offering advice on this, as I have similar OCD worries. If I tell you that the last time I went to the loo for a number two without bathing straight after was November, hopefully that shows you how well you are actually doing, even if it doesn't feel like it! Hopefully someone without this type of OCD or someone who has overcome it will be along to offer better advice. PS I was a little wary about writing this as I don't want you picking up my compulsion! I know the vast majority of people don't do what I do, it's OCD. Just easier said than done isn't it?
  9. I hope your assessment goes well today, Gemzi .
  10. Hi vintage, I really hope it goes well today :hug:. Are you going to take your Mum / your partner's Mum for support? I would recommend writing notes of what's said when you come out, date / time / main points of who said what / action points / deadlines etc. Then, if this process does drag on, you have a record of what was said and when.
  11. Hi Penny, If this doctor won't listen, is there another at the practice you could speak to? Failing that, if you're thinking of harming yourself PLEASE get yourself to A&E. There will be people there who can help. :hug:
  12. Hi Penny, I echo Plex's words about telling your doctor how bad things are. Could you ring them first thing and ask for an urgent appointment? Please stay safe.
  13. Hi there, When my OCD first started it was purely contamination. Then after a time pure-o suddenly kicked in. Glad the CBT and ERP are helping .
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