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  1. Hi,it deffo was OCD, i did a calminG exercise and I was fine i did the exam and did well (i hope) well my questions came up,, Ive been under pressure at colleGe lately so id say i just Got worried, thanks for de advice!!!only one more exam to Go!!!
  2. Hi, Im in the middle of my university finals and have an exam this evening since I got up my OCD is bad,do i really wanna die or freak out or is it just tryin to make me not do my exam.
  3. oh sorry i didnt realise the news was played before hand,that is deffo OCD, ps thats sinclair who used be on these boards talkin!
  4. I dunno if you can say I walked out but when I was 17 i worked part time in a shop n the managers two daughters always changed de shift to suit them so one day i went in at seven in de mornin n thye were like oh come back at 12 n i was like why n dey said well we changed the roster (to suit managers daughters) so i went home,told my mom i was havin a bad OCD day n started cryin n she was like u can quit if u want so she rang n quit for me!! It was a good thing to do because id jst recovered from glanduler fever n id just arrived back n they were ringin me on my days of to come in etc,, sometimes we think its de OCD but being treated bad is really what makes us leave the job!
  5. http://www.rte.ie/radio1/outsidethebox/rams/2006/9may.smil, there is a talk from people talkin about OCD who have it,you prob need broadband to listen to it quickly
  6. Hey Chokerto Im from Ireland aswell,although i liked school,it can be hard for some ppl to fit in maybe you have diff interests,im in college now and its 100 times better than school beacuse your with people on your course who have de same interests you can join clubs etc,, which art college are u thinkin of going to?? Also you say religion playts an important part in your life?are you catholic,im catholic n i still go to cinema and do all de things de church tells me i shouldnt do!! Is it becasue you are really religous which i totally respect or is it beacuse your scared of de church. there is a point to life though at college your world is gonna be opened up so much school is like a tunnel that you dont think you will ever see the end of,i was like dat in primary school but i loved secondary,
  7. well done to you,i dont have contam OCD but i love hearing about people gettin over it a little bit!1
  8. Hi, Im just wondering if any one else has trouble sleeping,since my zoloft was upped to 200mg(n i take it at nite cos the doc said it was a sedative) i have not been sleepin well, rite now im in de middle of my finals in college and while my OCD is not as bad i havent slept a wink all nite,im now caught in a viscous circle in that when i do fall asleep around six i dont get up till three n then start studyin, anyway tonite/lasnite i was up all nite awake so i just wathced DVDs on my laptop hopin to nod off and i didnt should i go back to bed for three hours or sta up all day n then go to bed early tonite?
  9. that interestin maybe my suicide fear is survival based like the though is scarin me so much
  10. Ive read your posts and nowhere did you say YOU didnt want to go,it seems like your scared of going its not you dont want to go. IF (and i dont know what your situation is) you dont go you mite feel worse about yourself and have the rep thoughts about why you didnt go.Your friends know your worried about going so they would keep an eye out for you and if it did get bad its simple you can go home!thats what i say to myself when i get worked up about going away someplace
  11. Hey ACE, I suffer from pure o OCD and have had depression accompanied with i dont think my depression was that bad only mild, last year my OCD was bad accompanied by depression,but i booked a three month trip to american and i went it was the best thing i could have done, if ur psych says you shouldnt go then maybe you shouldnt,but maybe they dont realised that you want to go,if u know in your heart u cant go then dont go but think about it before opting uot,having said that im totally unaware of ur situation so i dont know what you should do, I do know that my trip was very good for me and when it returned in january(my OCD) it was rock bottom again for me,i still have it bad enough but im going again for the summer and am worried that i will have to go home but even if i do ill know i tried, please dont think im being patronising sayin i went id a great time it was hard at times but it aided my recovery,not going mite hurt your confidence, as everyone said ur wellbeing is your priority which is far more important beacuse europe will still be there in a year or a few months so do whatever you want to do.
  12. Thats just sisterly messin we had tennis court near us and two of us would get the boys to climb over it and then yank the net up between there legs thats just a kid thing to do, When ur young u dont even realise thats sexual at all,i alos kicked my brother where i shouldn have when we were havin a fight,i got in serious trouble then,i alos hit my sister with a belt i was quite a bold child now that im rereading this but my brother tried to smother me with my teddy bears so i had a reason to!!!!And he doesnt even rem this if he had OCD this would prob be killin him u know.
  13. Thanks,its funny cos im always laughin about the fact i have OCD not in a bad way but i make fun of it cos it helps me, my psych was like last week im puttin u into hospital not because your suicidal your just plain mad(he was jokin hes really nice) cos i was laughin at how stupid some of my thoughts were. Even with my friends i can laugh about it,plus it s a great excuse to get money of the parents when i want to go out sayin going out and doing things is part of my therapy!!! sorry if i seem like im laughin at OCD i know how awful it is but i laugh at it to help me realise how stupid it is!!
  14. Oh my god that is so ignorant im so annoyed with your doctor.I wonder if thats grounds for report,if he had told someone with lung cancer try not to smoke sarcastically the country would be up in arms.I hate ignorance. You do have OCD ,i have pure O aswell it used to be about killing my family my parents mainly because at that time they were so important to me (they still are) but i was 16 n convinced id kill them thats what OCD does it grabs onto the thought your scared of the mieost. I got over that one n now have the OCD thought what if i kill myself,which to be honest is worse than the other one but i found an UNDERSTANDINg psych who helped me about it. If you are so scared of killing your girlfriend thats because ur not gonna do it..it really is and i know how horrible it is ive had it for five years but you should try the following exercise write down your thought,rate if you believe it or not,if u say yes ask why do you beleive it the logical part of your brain wont have a reason for it.
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