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  1. So do I but from what the mind charity have been saying, relaxation is key in helping you recover. In fact they have given me a whole new perspective on things, they say to relax and let the thoughts be there, accept them and don't try to fight them. Also understand it takes time to recover and you should never rush it as this causes tension and makes things worse. They have recommended books by an old psychologist Claire Weekes, and some of her advice is great...some of it you have to ignore as its written ages ago i.e. reference to shock treatment - its written in the 70s, but the stuff about acceptance, letting time pass and thoughts float makes a lot of sense.
  2. Yes I did cross stitch as a teen too before I fully knew about ocd, I think you instinctively know how to help yourself. I was always busy when I was younger, cooking, dancing, sewing....I need to keep doing these things now. Inactivity is a real no no when you are low and in the throws of ocd. However I'd also like to learn to relax in such a way that i am not having to constantly do things to distract myself, but I'm confident this will come over time. The mind course is really helping, focuses on meditation which I have heard is supposed to be brilliant for anxiety...there's an app called headspace where you can try some meditation exercises for free. I think it takes a while to crack it and I do find it difficult when I am particularly stressed, but I'm told over time it comes and should really help, anythings worth a go!
  3. I have tried to come off the medication about 3 or 4 times now and each time I can manage about 3 months before an all time low that forces me back on to them. I hate the sexual side effects too. Currently on 40mg, and I think for me I need to be symptom free at this level for a good 6 months or so before I even consider dropping and then it would have to be a very careful process with doctors supervision and continued cbt. Then I'd want to see that I was symptom free for another 6 months at 30mg a day before considering another drop. It's tough but I'd say the sexual side effects are far better for me to bare than the all time low of being on no tablets, so I just accept for now this is how it is and I will continue to battle away until the time I can say I have been fine for a prolonged period of time before dropping down. What's really helping me at the moment is a charity called mind, they have been running a 12 week course designed to help people with anxiety, depression, ocd etc, with a focus on relaxation and all round well being. It's brilliant, so I'd google to see if there is a course through this charity in your area. What helps me too is exercise, managing my stress levels so I'm not taking on too much and having down time where I am doing hobbies that I enjoy - cross stitch is a good one for me as it occupies my mind. Things to avoid when feeling low are being alone, spending too much time in bed and alcohol. It is a battle, but I think in the long run it makes us stronger people. Take care x
  4. Thank you Atlantis - your comments have helped me to rationalise things. I have had the same thoughts when i am out about syringes lying on the ground. I think people must think I am ever so odd because I will be walking along and then suddenly I think I felt a sting in my foot and have to stop and check the ground. I am having CBT at the moment and have explained that AIDS is one of my worst fears so he has told me to sit and think about my thoughts for 20 mins each day and has said the feelings will begin to subside - but it is so hard. Have you had CBT to get over your worries?
  5. I don't see a ***** and I know that when I have had injections in the past at the doctors I always have a ***** mark and a real bruise. There is no bruise on the top of my arm it just aches a bit
  6. Thank you tangoblu am going to try and watch a programme I have watched and make myself a cup of tea. I really need to stop obsessing because I know it is a slippery slope which ends in me getting an AIDS test (which I have now done 3 times in about 3 years - all negative). Then the waiting for the results is torture and I work myself up so much and then get the results and then convince myself I need to go again because of an 'incident' that happened maybe a few weeks before - I know you need to wait 3 months before results are correct. In the past these AIDS tests have sent me into such a state of depression I end up feeling that I would rather die than live with all my thoughts.
  7. I don't know what I think I was injected with its really just my mind running away with me. It just feels tender at the top of my arm like I could have knocked it
  8. I am so worried and need some advice on the best way to deal with this. Basically last night I went out with one of my friends who was extremely drunk and he cannot remember much of the night. Anyway I had had a bit to drink and I often find that when I drink and hit the cold air I get a bit of memory loss. This happened last night and I don't remember the taxi journey home. However I remember all of the night and I remember getting in an making myself something to eat. Anyway this morning I have woken up with an achy arm - it feels like i have bumped it or something. But I am convinced that last night someone injected me with something on the journey home (that I can't remember) and now I have AIDS. I know it sounds ridiculous but it is really worrying me. I have considered giving up drinking all together because my mind always runs wild the next day and I convince myself of various scenarios if I have had a bit of a memory gap. However is giving up drinking like saying I am going to give up driving because it makes my OCD worse - I always think I have knocked someone down when I am out driving - and not actually dealing with the problem ie going out for a drink like all my friends do and not beating myself up about it the next day and letting my OCD get the better of me. So really there were too things I would like to ask for a bit of advice on - how do I control my thoughts today over the incident with the bruised arm and does anyone thing tht it is good for people with OCD to give up drinking? Thanks
  9. Hi Please don't give up, you are not useless at all. You have obviously spent a long time battling OCD and that takes a lot of guts. I don't know who said you can just click your fingers and get rid of OCD, because as we all know on here it is much more of a struggle than that. However you have made a huge step already by admitting something is wrong and seeking help. If you don't get on with your mental health team is there any one else you can see who might be more understanding - look at all the options but just don't give up. Please go and tell someone you are having suicidal thoughts - have you got a close friend or family you can speak to right now. If not I would strongly suggest you go to A and E because you should not be going through this alone. Love Shell :hug: :hug:
  10. Hi everyone Sorry it has taken me so long to reply - I am only able to log on occasionally. Thanks for all your replies - am going to go and investigate at my local health shop over the weekend. Also spoke to my therapist and he gave some suggestions. Just off now for a de-stress in the bath after a very long day - always a winner for helping the OCD when its been a challenging day! Thanks again and hope you are all well Rebecca x
  11. Thanks for both of your replies, think I will go and have a chat with my therapist when I see him in a few days. Side effects have been long term so maybe a change is in order. Hope you are both well
  12. Does anyone know of anything you can take eg natural remedy that can help combat the common side effects of taking Prozac?
  13. Hi Shell :huh: OCD-UK is a separate charity from OCD action. To receive the benefits such as free admisssion to the OCD-UK conference etc, you would need to become a member of OCD-UK. For more information about becoming a member of OCD-UK, just click on the following link: http://www.ocduk.org/ocduk/membership.htm Love Kirstiexx 40548[/snapback] Thanks will go and do that now - are you going to the conference? Thought it looked really good.
  14. My Mum is a member of OCD Action and I was just wondering if this means she is also a member of OCD UK, or are they two separate charities that you have to join separately? I would like to go on the conference and am not sure whether I need to join OCD UK to get free tickets and benefits or whether being a member of OCD Action is the same thing? Thanks
  15. Hi. I could have written that myself!...ha ha!..Those are exactly the things I worry about. When I got my navel pierced I was fine, and then about 3 months after I saw a programme in which someone got an infection from a pierced naval, and so I convinced myslef I had HIV. I used to cry for hours with it, and had difficulty concentrating on university lectures. I spoke to my doctor about it, and they said that I was in the very low risk category, and so a test would be pointless. As with your problem, I always worry about people lying to me, and admit to have taken a pregnancy test before even though it was impossible I was pregnant. I have to have constant reassurance. Are you receiving treatment for OCD?..my specialist is fantastic, and really helped put my mind at ease! If you want to talk about anything just message me!..Like to help! Best Wishes! Kelly 27717[/snapback] Hi Kelly Thanks for your message sometimes it really helps to know you are not alone! Am having CBT at the moment - is that the treatment you are having from your specialist?
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