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  1. Hiya,

    How are you feeling today?

    Hope you're doing well,

    TG x

  2. I agree, those with "Pure O" are in fact dealing with compulsions based on a more internal nature. Rather than a comparitive obvious external based ritualistic type of compulsive behaviour. The question, however, was asked "What is Pure O?" Those of us who feel that we relate more to this "form" of OCD, have given information based on that. Regardless of whether or not Pure O is as you "incorrect" I don't think is really the point. We were answering the question posed :original:
  3. You girls are not alone. I also strive for perfection to a fault. I seek perfection where there is none to be found. For example in a relationship. Constantly trying to "tweak" "fix" "solve things that I believe to be issues. Overtalking things out in a vain attempt to perfect my relationship. I beat myself up and treat those around me poorly. Then the guilt sets in, so I then beat myself up for being an imperfect partner... the spiral continues. Anxiety. Panic. Genuine physical pain. It just gets too much at times. A few compulsions to keep things weird, but mostly I am Pure O. Fight the good fight!
  4. Glad I could be the (hairy) Butt of everyone's joke today :afro:
  5. Just signed in again... 3 words... OH - MY - GOD... I mean BUM!
  6. HAHAHA... Damn yes that sounds bad. Oh well... if I try to explain it I will only look worse. I'll just sit in the hole I dug for myself :blushing:
  7. Says it all in my signature... MarkySharky - Espresso Obsesso! (or failed hippy according to my anal hair do's) ;-)
  8. Not all of us are ladies but my daughter has started wearing a bra (*reaches for oxygen mask)
  9. Hiya What little I know of CBT (still a youngster when it comes to this technique), it seems to have similar traits to that of buddhism. Not so much as the concept of thinking of nothing... as we all know, with our heads, the harder we try to not think of anything, the more it permeates our mind, causing us all kinds of distress. With meditation, and in particular buddhism, it is about recognising the thoughts that come into your head. Seeing it. Acknowledging it. Watching it "walk away." And moving onto the next thought. *Repeat process. Ultimately giving each thought less space and time in your mind. With time, the thoughts beging to slow down and diminish, eventually, IDEALLY, leaving the mind calm and blank. You find yourself in a hypnotic state. When you come round you feel as thought you've been asleep. Just remember though, this is a muscle. Like going to the gym, it's a process. Something you have to teach your brain. Something that requires discipline. I have gone through various stages in my life being quite disciplined about it, and look back and see my mind in quieter times. I think it works. I also think it works as long as you do it all the time. Everyday. It's kind of - dare I say it - ritualistic. But it's a positive habit to form. Hmm... maybe it's time to develop my discipline again. Cheers for the timely reminder :a1_cheesygrin: M x
  10. Hi Summer. Welcome aboard! I've not been here long either. But really finding it all very helpful. I have an 11 year old daughter. I don't know about you but I worry on a daily basis how my "condition" might makes it's way into her precious little head. I was a dad at 25. Now a little older so I understand your stresses, and perhaps the loneliness you may feel. Kudos to you for having the courage to kick this thing where it hurts now at such a young age. Keep fighting the good fight! Markysharky x
  11. Hey. It seems this really gets to you at night when you should be able to go to sleep. I know what that's like. Until very recently I have been really struggling with sleep. It's like, as soon as my head hits the pillow, all the days issues are tipped up into my head. Filling it with doubt, problems, issues. All of which I tend to take out on my partner, ultimately questioning her level of comittment and care for my well being. "I'm in pain here! Don't you care?!?" I recently posted something which has helped me incredibly. I don't know how "in to" wholistic treatments you are, but I have had what's called an NET adjustment from my chiropractor. It has help me no end. Yes I still have my "lucky" numbers. Yes I still have my intrusive thoughts, my patterns, my reassurance seeking, all the usual traits we deal with on a daily basis. But, for now anyway, I also have sleep. I can fall asleep like a "normal" person. And you know what? We need it so much. To give us not only respite from the day we're likely to have had, but strength for the battle we may encounter in the day ahead. If you want to know more about it, I'd be happy to give you some information. In the meantime, valerian and lavender work wonders also! Take care, Marky :a1_cheesygrin:
  12. Oh you poor thing. Looks like you had a late night too. Hope you got some sleep :original:
  13. Hi just wanted to share this, as it is something that has legitimately helped me. Most of my intrusive thoughts - of which there are many - come about at bed time. Bed time had become a nervous time for my partner and I as I often start spiking, and the nocturnal hours are spent awake rather than asleep. In pain rather than in "pleasure." I would have to go downstairs and keep myself awake till exhaustion and I could do nothing but crash. 4 or 5 in the morn regularly. Images upsetting me. Conversations we had during the day suddenly taking on different meanings. Her apparent lack of support for me. So on and so on. I am not one for medication and struggle to take a neurofen if I have a headache. I am the type of person who looks to "why." Like maybe my neck is out, I have not had enough water, too little sleep. I rarely see a doctor. My life and lifestyle was changed by a chiropractor some years ago. One or two of my chiros practice "NET." Neuro Emotional Technique. Finding the emotional "charges" that our body holds. Not just our head. If there is something we didn't deal with, then it is possible we "stored" it in our body elsewhere. Since I had a very lengthy NET adjustment over a week ago, my sleep has improved dramatically. Instantly, that night, I finally slept like a "normal" person. I was so relieved. It was wonderful. And bar one episode (which I discussed in another post) I have slept like a log every night. I want people to know, I don't consider this a "cure-all" for OCD. So please, continue working the way that is working for you. This is just something I have found has given me relief. Genuine, not perceived. Some very interesting things in my past came out in the adjustment. They were "cleared" from being stored in my body. Now I sleep LOADS better. Plain and simple. Keep fighting the good fight! Markysharky :a1_cheesygrin:
  14. Oh that's ok. I never blame a place or people in general for that type of thing. I was mugged in Berlin once (set off big anxiety) but it is still one of my all time favourite cities and remember it fondly and will always go back. Good that you still steal a kiss from your boy. Be sure to embarrass him good and proper! haha :clapping: xx
  15. Pleasure... Although I just noticed you're Scottish! Have a read of my other posting on here from yesterday :lol: Seriously though, hang in there. You're far from alone. I am learning this very fast only joining here a few days ago. I have all the respect in the world for single parents. I was one for some time - and know many. Keep letting him know you love him, even if it does embarrass the spotty teenage thing! Haha xx
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