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  1. Hey guys, I am 29 years old and still at home with parents I have a partner who I am madly in love with and he is a great support and when am with him he helps me face my fears and anxieties, where my parents would just comfort me or check and unplug things for me. I am working as a cleaner at the moment and I want to move in with partner but i just dont know if I could cope I work for my parents cleaning company cause its comfortable for me. If I moved I would need to change my whole life get full time work basically grow up and face the big bad world with my ocd and well am scared. I dont want to waste what I have cause of my ocd I want to be with my partner. Has anyone got any advice tips or helps thats available ? proessional etc I am maybe looking into government help just for a bit till I find work I can handle down where my partner stays xxxx
  2. Came off meds and and am starting new ones (Prozac) and am feeling really shakey and anxious my ocd thoughts are getting worst worrying about things from the past and that. I am not sleeping very well the now either. Anyone got any tips and help for this ? xxx
  3. I know hun, I am trying my hardest to keep telling myself that tho I dont like the thoughts and the way it makes me feel. I think its the change in my meds not helping either. Are you on fb hun ?
  4. All sorts of thoughts of coming into my mind and I am trying my hardest to not feed them but they seem to be getting worst. I am getting scared of leaving my room incase I do something that will make me worry like think i ve left something on. All sorts of things are coming into my mind and I just cant take it.
  5. Can I ask if you cant sleep at night do you just keep distracting yourself and listening to your body and feeling anxiety and what your mind is telling you till you fall asleep ? its been so long since I was last at thearpy xxx
  6. My mind would nt shut down last night and it was actually trying t find things for me to worry about. I really sick of ocd I dont know if this is just me coming of old meds and starting new ones so am having a little bit of a rough time. How do you just swtich your mind off xxx
  7. Thanks guy I hope this meds work along with my thearpy when it comes up, I need something to work xxx
  8. Hey guys, I ve just started prozac today just wondering what other peoples experiences have been with this med. So far I am feeling more calmer and its only been the first day. xxx
  9. I feel like this all time, for me I get so frustrated that my ocd is holding me back and limits me. Am here if you need to talk xxxx
  10. Is this possible ?? I have been reading into ocd and different types of it and I find I can fit into alot of them some alot more than others and some not so much now but was when i was younger. My ocd is more intrusive thoughts and I get mental pics of things too. I am just wondering if anyone else has found this a trigger in itself over reading into it ? xxx
  11. I have this all the time, its like a intrusive thought comes into your mind and tells you it real, its a battel all the time xx
  12. Hey Head1, I was wondering if you could post a link to the article doubting disease, would love to read that. OCD makes us question, feel guilty and go over everything we might feel bad about or is deemed as wrong, I have POCD to an extent I did nt even thinking about it till recently and it is a form of ocd or minds are so powerful and play tricks with us xxx
  13. Thanks for your relpy struggeling, I am doing a puzzel book at the moment and reading I do enjoy them. I find that my eating habbits are like that too. My ocd is nt in total control mood so am finding myself eating too much. Tho the same when am really anxious I cant eat cause I feel sick. Was just wondering about this tonight cause am finding myself doing it xx
  14. Well when am in a high anxiety mood I dont feel like eating but its like its becoming a sorta distraction thing x
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