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    I myself am an avid animal lover and will not use products tested on animal because i too do not agree with animal testing. I am also a vegetarian. Your concern regarding the well being of animals is something i admire, especially since many animal advocates get scrutinized for their beliefs. You not buying things that have been tested on animals is fairly normal, but your refusing to come in contact with anything that has had the possiblity of using an animal tested product is as previously stated quite impossible. As Charlotte said, "there is not reason you cannot tackle this as you would any other obsession," and i agree with her completely. If you cannot overcome this by yourself, i would suggest going to a specialist/therapist who will help. She/he will most likely do exposure exercises, which will consist of you gradually coming in contact with the things you currently "fear." My "fear" is mirrors, so my therapist started exposing me to them by just having a mirror in the room that was out of sight. Then she had one that was visible, but i was not able to see myself in it. This is the stage i am currently at. I have been seeing her for about 2 or 3 months, so patience is key. Do not expect it to magically disappear overnight. It will be stressful and sometimes extremely hard, but just keep reminding yourself of why you are going through this...it is to have a life where you are not constantly obsessing. A life that you can fully enjoy. A life where obsessions are not holding you back from living a free full life. When times get rough for me, i just try and envision a future of where i can look in a mirror. In your case, maybe you can try and envision yourself using towels that you did not wash. I know that you can overcome this!! I hope this helped in some way and good luck with everything!
  2. I can relate to everything you said. I am a 19 year old as well (except female) and i have been suffering for quite some time. I think it initially started in 8th grade, but i didn't recognize the symptoms. For the past 5 months however, things have escalated. I try and avoid mirrors as much as possible, but when i do see myself i usually resort to my bedroom, crawl under the covers and cry. I too find it difficult to leave the house at times because i feel that people will constantly judge me. As of now i am also seeing a psychologist as well as taking medication, but i am having difficulty noticing a difference in my behaviors and everyday is a struggle. I can't wait until it's nighttime so i can go to sleep and forget about my looks for atleast a little bit. My issue is my face, but i also have some issues with my neck, my thighs and my hair. I feel incredibly repulsive and i avoid social situations and I think that i will be lonely for the remainder of my life because no man will find me attractive. If you need to ever talk i would be more than happy to listen. Becky