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  1. Long time since i have been on here. i am getting better slowly but surely after being on medication to help give me an "Advantage" over OCD as it was overpowering me and i couldn't cope. I have been on Fluoxtine for 3 to 4 months and within a month or 2, i was feeling happier already.
  2. I saw it too. It was an accurate portrayal i would say and he got better with help of drugs and friends which could be a sign of hope for all of us.
  3. From my friend: you are always more powerful than OCD, that's what keeps you here.
  4. I am now on Fluoxetine and it is making my life easier and has made it easier for me to be in control of the OCD than it controlling me.
  5. KtWasp15


    i've not really started therapy as they are still trying to piece together all my worries and find the best way to help me. i have had a few CBT sessions which helps becuase i can talk to someone else and find ways of calming down when it gets too much, such as breathhing excerises. i also recently talked about what worried me the most and least such as touching "unfamiliar" doors etc.
  6. KtWasp15


    you're not the only one! i'm constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer for fear of catching somehting after someone else has touch it. i even freak when someone touches me for fear of catching something or becoming dirty. i then have to ask for reassurance from my parents (i dare not ask anyone else coz they will probably think i'm weird). its constant worrying all day and it gets exhausting becuase it takes up your time and it gets to you becuase it makes you miserable. so i know how you feel. i hope you get the help soon - it will come. it took a year for my local CAHMS to start to help me.
  7. hi, i'm new to this site. i have OCD and have done for a while. recently i have been in touch with CAHMS. one of the doctors wants to put me on medication but i don't want to becuase i feel like people will take the mickey out of me for it - calling me a druggie and that i would be stereotyped as a druggie. what would your advice be? should i go on drugs or not? does it help in the long-term? :helpsmilie:
  8. hi, i'm new on this site as well and feel the same sort of things as you - e.g. poisoning of food and feeling ashamed of my OCD. i try to hide it at school becuase of fear that people will think i'm wierd and not want to be associated with me. Don't be ashamed as it isn't your fault and maybe explain it to two of your trusted friends/teachers. you'll be suprised on how supportive they are. they want to help - one of my teachers didn't know until he was told that i had OCD and now he is kicking himself that he didn't recognise it and support me. now he knows, he is giving the support and so are my parents.
  9. i've just started to learn to drive as of June 2009. you'll be absolutely fine becuase the drving instructor will stop you doing anything dangerous. they have dual control over the brake and clutch so nothing will happen as they will step in. they will even grab the wheel and steer you away from danger in a car. they won't let anything happen to you or anyone else. you'll be fine, you wil get more confident as you go
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