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  1. Hi Ali I have to say that C's inpatient experience was not particularly helpful for her OCD; she said she was ignored most of the time because the ones with psychosis and the anorexics took up all the (very little) staff's time. However, it gave us both a much needed break from each other. I knew she was safe in there (although she started to smoke and learned how to shoplift - although she didn't make personal use of the theory thank goodness) so it gradually allowed me to normalise for a while. At first she blamed me for her admission and didn't want to see me, which was hard. But eventually she calmed down a bit and even started to come home for a day or two. It's not an ideal situation because whatever they do in hospital is exactly that - 'in hospital' and not at home. But would I do it again? Yes. Without question. I don't know how I could have carried on otherwise. If it came to it I would not have a problem with her being sectioned; there's no stigma to being ill and not realising that it might help you. xx :hug:
  2. Hi Ali I'm just another mum who knows exactly what you are going through and I concur with Bushbaby's comments. There have been times lately when I feel that maybe, just maybe, we're getting to a point where life isn't so desperate that I want to fold my clothes up and leave them on the beach... But it's taken 8 years to get here, and I know that it could all go pear shaped again at anytime in the future. So few people seem to understand how awful this condition is - or have even heard of it. And it drives me mad when someone says they have heard of it because they know David Beckham has it; it's about arranging drink cans in the fridge... Anyway; can't really make it better for you, but keep pushing for the help you need - you won't get it any other way. Good luck to you all xx
  3. Hi there anxious mum I'v replied to your PM - it's rather long so you may want a coffee first :clapping: As I said in the message - feel free to come back with any other questions - always happy to help. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending you a virtual hug. H xxx :hug:
  4. Hi Annabel You're dead right - anything that helps to reduce stress has got to be a good thing! My daughter had to change schools after a stay in a psychiatric unit when she was 14 so they knew everything, but we were a bit concerned about how uni's would view it, especially as she wants to do law. I know they are not allowed to discriminate but actually how do you know if they have! Anyway, we'll disclose and be damned. Or rather, I hope she'll be helped!!!!!!! Best of luck again. Don't let the OCD win. Ever.. xx
  5. Yes we've just done that! She's got an extra 25% so is well chuffed. Thanks xx
  6. Hi Annabel Thanks very much for the info. It's really useful to hear from someone like yourself who is speaking from 'inside' so to speak. I'm so glad you are getting the support you need - it sounds well thought through and to get a mentor as well must be great. I hope your last year goes well and you get the job you have worked so hard for. Good luck with everything in the future, and thanks again for your comments. Enjoy your summer too - it goes sooooo fast! xx
  7. Hi Annie Thanks so much for the response. I think disclosure seems to be the best idea. Very kind of you to write. Good luck with your life xx
  8. Wise words Lady Macbeth. Interesting name you've got there... Thanks for your thoughts. I think you're probably right. I wish you well and I hope your friend enjoys Cardiff. Great city!! xx
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