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  1. Thank you very much for your replies, Curly, fefee and Sarah. I feel a little more reassured I might try to discuss the issue with the Health Visitor during the week. I don't have any confidence in the Doctors surgery, but perhaps if I feel reassured enough by the health visitor i might go back and try again....I think it's terrible that there are still gp's who don't seem to have any idea on OCD's, perhaps we should start directing them to this site!
  2. Thank you PottyPotter, very kind of you to offer such lovely support, but I really don't feel I have post natal depression, I am having the same thoughts I had over the past few years but I worry more and want to get it sorted as I want to be the best Mum I can be with no issues. I don't think the Doctor had any idea as I told her about my horrid / violet thoughts and she asked if I washed my hands a lot, when I said no she said it didn't sound like OCD??? ElleBelle, I haven't got around to changing my profile, I am back in the UK now. I have violet thoughts and worry about hurting people. I don't feel depressed I just get very stressed out about having the thoughts all the time and the fact that I can't stop them. I have my health visitor coming in the week thanks to my Doctor telling them I am not coping, so I might try and talk to her, but I doubt i will have the courage now thanks to the outcome of the Doctor's appointment.
  3. Hi I recently posted a thread as I was afraid to talk to my Doctor about my OCD as I have a baby and was afraid they would question my capability as a Mother. Long story short I plucked up the courage and brought up the subject with my Doctor, and told her that I have had issues in the past and they have come back far worse since I had my son and I want to get the issues sorted now so I can be a good Mum. Unfortunately I didn't get the help I wanted, my Doctor said I have post natal depression, that I should take medication which would help my mood (??) and that she would contact my health visitor. I refused the medication, I want to tackle my thought process not mask things with pills. I don't believe I have post natal depression as I have had all the issues in the past, they just worry me much much more now I have a baby. I had a call from my heath visitor today who is coming to see me next week as the Doctor told them I am not coping. I am quite angry as at no point did I say that and I am coping fine, I wanted help for my OCD and all I got was an offer of some pills which I don't want and my health visitor now thinking I can't cope, this was my biggest worry, as I am now even more afraid they will question my ability to look after my son. I feel really let down and confused and I am not really sure what to do now, if my Doctor has been so unhelpful and made things so much worse I don't want to try and get help now, the health visitors have already been completely misinformed.
  4. Thank you all for your responses. I really want to get the issues addressed but i feel that if it will cause repercussions and make the professionals question my ability to look after my baby then I would rather continue to live with it. I know they are just thoughts and people always say OCD people don't act on their thoughts but I am just so scared that they would take my child away that the fear stops me speaking out! I want reassurance that this won't happen but i can't get that unless I speak to the professionals, which i am too scared to do incase I don't get the reassurance I want....if you see what i mean ....I am talking in riddles a little! It's driving me mad today because I just don't know what to do!
  5. Hi Guys I haven't been on here for quite a while, but I need some advice and am hoping everyone is still as friendly and helpful as ever! I have recently had a baby and since then the horrid thoughts have returned, harm thoughts mainly. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow about a separate anxiety issue and my partner is trying really hard to encourage me to discuss the ocd so I can tackle that too, the problem is I am terrified that they will put me on a special watch or something because I have a baby. I am desperate to be a good Mother and want to make sure my issues never affect my baby but am terrified the Doctor might involve social services because of the type of thoughts I have. Can anyone offer any advice as I couldn't bare it if I spoke to my Doctor and they thought i was an unfit mother or tried to take the baby away or anything like that, the thought brings me to tears!! Any advice appreciated. xxx
  6. Hi Tink Congratulations on moving out. I don't want to add fuel to you're OCD in any way so I hope this doesn't.... When I moved into my first house we had a gas cooker and I had never had gas before so I was a bit concerned about it, I was shopping for fire alarms and I found you can get similar monitors for gas. I don't suffer the same OCD as you but I bought one for peace of mind, back then they seemed a little expensive (more so than fire alarms) but that was about 8 years ago. Hope it helps, and keep up the good work.
  7. Hey Petrified. So sorry to hear you are going through such a hard time. I moved to China eighteen months or so ago with my boyfriend, and when I arrived here my OCD started to get worse, I went through a horribly dark period and eventually it came spinning out one night and I started to tell my boyfriend some of the horrible thoughts I experienced.. My boyfriend is very switched on (clearly more than me) and by the next evening he had all this information on everything I had been going through, and I joined this website and the relief was immense. I had been suffering for a long time but I had always just coped then suddenly not only had I told my boyfriend, but he had helped me and I wasn't going mad. My boyfriend also uses this website, and also purchased a book called "Loving someone with OCD" as he likes to understand OCD as much as possible. Do you feel that you could talk to your boyfriend about your problems? If you could manage it and have some information ready for him to read through (maybe even give him this website) then I think you would feel a whole lot better, plus it would take some of the pressure off you when you meet up again. Take Care. xxx
  8. Hey GreenPark Wow, the plastic bag theory heh...One day I hope to be able to leave the house without worrying for ages before hand with no anxiety, and without packing plastic bags and tissue! CBT is Cognitive behavioral therapy, but I have to say I don't know much about it. I don't live in Europe at the moment so I have had no treatment for OCD yet, which in one way makes it difficult but in another makes more more positive as I feel I have come a long way already with some of the issues all by myself...so with treatment I could be better one day!! I would love to be able to step out of the house at a moments notice with no anxiety and to do normal everyday things that people do without having to plan my whole routine around it or obsess about it.
  9. Hi Lottie Was this in relation to Greenpark post, or too both of us? I have never heard of this this and was just wondering if looking into it might benefit me at all? Thank you.
  10. Hey There Greenpark I just read your post and felt I should reply. My main OCD problem is fear of harming people, but I suffer with other issues too. After finding out about OCD I set about gathering information and trying to beat it, and things have become much easier. However, I used to suffer with IBS and after starting to overcome some of the harming issues my worries have been replaced with fear of going out somewhere and having "accidents" in public, so whenever I have to go some where I get really anxious, which sends me into a complete panic and I get really bad nausea which makes things worse. I started carrying a plastic bag with me so I can use it if I need to vomit whilst using public transport or something. I am determined not to let it win but I do find myself finding ways round it, such as inviting people over instead of going out to meet up and when we do meet people I tend to drink as a way of calming myself down....not very healthy I know. Just thought I would let you know you're not the only one!
  11. Hi Ace So sorry to hear you're feeling so down. It's good that you have been to the gym though, exercise can lift us a little. I don't really have any advice to offer you, but I just wanted to say that sometimes things look so black and we never see anything getting better but it does. I used to feel trapped and wretched all the time and I could never see life getting better or fun, but it did, and I cope much better now. A year ago, I never thought I would be "normal" and now I know the issues I have but I am much better equipt to deal with them. Keep at the exercise and trying to get out a little. There are plenty of people here to offer support and remember you're not alone.
  12. Happy New Year everyone, Best wishes for 2011, lets make it a good one!

  13. Hey Just want to say I also suffer from this ocd, I used to babysit for my godson and I would have a thought that I may harm him, I wouldn't babysit unless there was someone else with me. When I shared a house I used to hide knives under all the washing up because in my head I would think if I tried to pick one up it would make to much noise and I would come to my senses! (Crazy huh!!) I also hated standing next to people on a roadside as I would think I might push them in front of a car, I hated driving my car near pedestrian crossings because I was afraid I would drive over someone. I had all sorts of thought and worries before I learned it was ocd, myself esteem hit rock bottom and I felt worthless. However, after finding out it was ocd and researching things are much much better. I still have the thoughts but they no longer shock me, I no longer panic and I can recover from them much faster. My quality of life has improved greatly and whilst the thoughts are still there sometimes, I can now recognise them as what they are, worthless thoughts, and I am able to move on. I am much more positive about life now and I just wanted to let you know I have had similar thoughts and still do but it does get better.
  14. Thank you all for your lovely kind and supportive comments. I forced myself to go, and it actually turned out to be a pretty good day. First days are always hard as you don't really know what's what, but it went ok. I know I can wake up tomorrow and go to work, with far far less anxiety. Thank you again, it's great to have this site for extra support when the ocd gets harder! xxx :D
  15. Hi I am starting my new job tomorrow, and after 11 months of not working, at which my ocd has been at it's worst I am having a serious attack of doubt. Every ocd related trait I have ever is coming back to haunt me... I realy regret taking the job and am so scared I don't know how I will get through the day. I'm scared I will write something obscene in an e-mail, or soil myself because I will be even more nervous tomorrow, or I may be sick through nerves in front of everyone, or attack someone because I' too nervous to control any thoughts I might have... Help... I need to take this job, it's too late to back out or I will have my visa taken away and be sent back to England, but part of me wonders if this would be better? How can I overcome this?
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