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no desire to live

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You say you've been there,may I ask how you feel now?

I feel lonely sometimes, sad sometimes, terrified sometimes and sometimes my pain hurts so much that i can not get up off the floor .

The key word here though mate , is SOMETIMES , not ALL THE TIME like i used to , and those times are getting less and less now.

Its not for me to preach at you and tell you what to do , I just wanted you to know that you have it in you to drag yourself up mate .

One of the most important things I learned is that you have to act first and the better, more positive feelings will come later .

You have to keep forcing yourself to do stuff even though you really dont want to , dont wait to feel better before you do stuff, do it anyway, act first , you will start to feel better later . Its not the other way round.

Get the book :-) x

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Have you done mindfulness, bruces? That helps with both OCD and depression.

Having said that, I'm having similar thoughts to you very often at the moment. The difference is, I might be a lot worse, I might have already killed myself without mindfulness. Mostly the stuff I said before, that you said seemed profound, actually, the non-duality. But mindfulness was my way into that, in addition to its own benefits. When you study the mind in that way, and learn about non-dual philosophy at the same time, you start to see through the illusions of self and time. It's just a battle to make it permanent and stable.

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Hey bruces are you able to name all the meds you've been on or the one's you may remember my friend?.I was going to ask do you see a regular Psychiatrist(sorr I can't remember)& does he or she help you if so? :original: .

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