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Anxiety clinic

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Hi, I suffer with contamination OCD, and wondered if anyone has been treated by Adam, at a clinic in Heron Cross Stoke on trent, Staffs called The Anxiety Clinic, Grove Road, and wondered if it was successful, there are good reviews online but you have to pay, £95 for first consultation face to face, or telephone or Skype £69 every time. Thanks everyone. X

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For private therapy that isn't too high a price, but I'd like to know much more about what the treatment provided actually is (they refer to something called their 'technology' on their site), that may or may not be CBT....but it's important to know what it is we're actually paying for up front, and it would also be helpful to know what credentials their 'specialists' have.

I appreciate it has to be your decision, but the best route to minimise any risk is always to go through the BABCP to find a therapist accredited in CBT......quite a few are listed in Staffordshire, I'd personally get in touch with a couple to gauge fees, experience in treating OCD etc and follow through there. 

This goes into a bit more detail:)


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I pay 80 per session (hour) for therapy - cbt and emdr. 

I find it acceptable as I have a good relationship With my therapist and he is well trained and experienced. 

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