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Tis the season to be jolly and for OCD to hit the stores... in the form of Obsessive Christmas Disorder and the like.   As you may have seen on social media a few offenders at present. 

TK Maxx - Selling OCD Obsessive Cake Biscuit tins 
Called them yesterday and they were aware and were in the process of collating all stock codes (they even told me they found more offending items) and will send the list to all stores to ask they remove and return, where they will most likely destroy the stock.   -   They listened and acted, we can ask no more.

Touch of Glass - Obsessive Chocolate and Cat Disorder
Not sure this is a retail chain but a pop up that appears in shopping centres. Spotted by a member who complained at the time. Her subsequent tweets led her to being blocked.   I sent this polite (for me) tweet and sent an email which earned me a block too. Through the charity account, Kirstie (well I posted with her permission) posted this tweet which also earned the charity a block, as have many others (even those sending polite tweets).

These are the two offending products - https://www.touchofglass.uk.com/online-store/search%3Fkeyword%3DOCD%26offset%3D0%26sort%3Drelevance

I don't lambast retailers for original mistakes, I try and educate them and try and negotiate an end to future selling of such products. All I needed was Touch of Glass to offer to stop stocking once current stock expires, I would have accepted that compromise. But to not engage any of us and block us all is pretty naughty.  If anybody sees them in a shopping centre please let me know and maybe we need to write to the shopping centres to ask them to take action.

Not entirely sure what the offending products are, Catherine one of our members is following this one up for me. She forwarded an email last night saying they are reviewing and suggests they will remove such products.  So for now I am going to give them time to review and do that.

(Edit - Found Catherine's links)

1. https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/lolaandgilbertlondon/product/ocd-pouch?istCompanyId=aa76f5e6-d733-4e56-8409-574cea196cc9&istItemId=xmxqqxpiir&istBid=t&DGMKT=FID__TID_aud-317724568502:pla-352021349945_PID_469922&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_e_Sup7y3gIVbZPtCh0AYA7iEAQYASABEgJyqvD_BwE

2. https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/perfectpersonalisedgifts/product/personalised-ocd-obsessive-christmas-disorder-mug




Etsy and Zazzle
As above, Catherine dealing, but so far no joy from what I understand.

Let us know of others. 

Moving forward this cant continue, so I have come up with a project plan of action which I will try and get clear in my own head today and update on tomorrow.

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Annoying thing is, even without my OCD hat on, these products are not that humorous, and the markup must be quite low on these naff products it surely can't be worth the bother for them.

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I find them all irritating and sadly it shows we have a long way to go.

For some reason I find the notonthehightstreet item especially annoying. It is almost as if extra effort has been made to emphasise the 'joke'. 

Would the website have accepted a product joking about another mental health disorder - such as Bipolar disorder or schizophrenia ? I suspect not - and quite right too. From my understanding it can be quite hard to get things accepted to be sold through that particular website - they are quite choosy about what they list. But seem to have overlooked the obvious in this case. 


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Sigh. I saw this on Twitter and about the daily mail comments saying pc gone mad, snowflakes etc. It is so difficult. The more this view that ocd is a quirk /joke gets banded about, the more people will assume their suffering must be something else - and go undiagnosed. 

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Daily Mail article this morning was quite positive, but hope someone rings in to that moron on LBC, who says 'surely its just a bit of festive fun'!  Unfortunately I am at work.

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And so it goes on... and on.

I have spent hours this week contacting numerous retailers and one radio station. Some are listening and acting, some are reviewing. A couple of journalists are sniffing around but I have refused to comment on individual retailers whilst they have agreed to review.

I now have a spreadsheet of offenders, a mix of green (resolved) and red (still offending).

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When my daughter was 8 she had ALL, which stands for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, would they think of making cheap jokes from those initials?  No of course not!

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