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An odd title for an OCD support forum?

Not really.

Because, outside of essential therapy to tackle the disorder, there is much we can do to change our attitude of mind to aid our recovery. 

For instance, at the end of the day I take stock- reappraise the day not by resentment over negatives - but by looking in a detached way at those negatives to see how I might view them in a more positive light. This is very powerful for changing our psychological bias from negative to positive. 

It's been a tough few days for my wife with illness then a medical procedure, so I have been busy helping and supporting her. I was here, able to, and that created a positive for both of us. 

She got flu, I didn't (had the flu jab).  But hey, that means she shouldn't get it at Christmas :)

Whatever your personal financial circumstances, you don't need money to learn and practice some simple, but very effective, relaxation techniques. 

And try to seek out people who find the funny side to life, focus on the positives, minimise the negatives. 

You may not have much in material things - for years I barely had anything - including no television. 

But we can be blissfully happy just warm, fed and loved. 

And where love is otherwise failing, then it maybe - but certainly care consideration and support - can be found here in this wonderful place :)


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