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Think I'm having a nervous breakdown

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I really need to speak to someone with how I'm feeling, so much has happened in a short space of time and I'm finding it really hard to cope.  I'm on sertraline 150mg which I've been on for 11 years and I'm having cbt on the 3rd.  

I just keep crying, I'm not enjoying my food and every little task just feels difficult.  I have two kids , I'm just finding it so hard at the minute,  any advice on how to get out of this? I'm also grieving too x


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Hi there, 

Oh dear, you do sound like you're having a rough time of it. It's very difficult when you're balancing all these different things and you can't just focus on yourself. The good thing is, you're reaching out for help and you're asking for a hand. That's a terrific and very brave thing to do.

First things first; have you been to the doctor? Do you have a support network in place of family and friends who can be there on the ground to help you, as it were? You mention that you're grieving; I'm very sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to grieve when you're mourning a loved one. Three years ago, I was coping with the then-recent first anniversary of my mother's passing, my OCD was sky-high, I was struggling with a confusing infatuation for a friend and kept having terrible thoughts around it. Even worse, I didn't have my Mum to talk to anymore and I missed her so deeply because she would have known what to say; it was a very distressing situation. I came very close to breaking down at work where and it took so much to keep going; I came that close to ending it and called my Dad instead. He ended up being the support that I needed and he looked after me; we were calling each other most days and he came to see me and took me to the beach and for a nice meal at his hotel. It sounds like you could do with some spoiling too, and a big hug. 

I know you already have CBT coming and that will be a great help. Just keep holding on until then; day by day, shift by shift. I'm sorry you find it hard to eat and I know what it feels like to cry all the time. Just keep drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, have a little chocolate and even if you can't sleep, try and rest when you can. Don't force yourself out of this all at once; go day by day and know you are not alone in this; we've all been there and we are all here for you. 

I'm going to ask you now to be kind to yourself and just keep focused on that CBT. I've also called the Samaritans before when I needed someone in the middle of the night. Obviously - and I'm not suggesting you would do this, it's just something that I feel needs to be mentioned given the issues surrounding OCD and what it can do to us - calling them to involve them in a reassurance cycle is unadvised, but if you need to just talk, offload about your problems, they will be there and they won't judge, and they're kind. And we're all here too. 

Lots of hugs for you. :hug:

C x

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