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Documentary producer looking to speak to people about OCD experiences at the moment

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I have spoken to Poppy and her motives are genuine and she does have a thorough understanding of OCD and the problems we face, so I believe this will be from the heart and treated sensitively by her. - Ashley.


My name is Poppy and I am a documentary Producer based in Bristol. I'm currently researching an idea for a new Channel 4 documentary exploring the impact and experiences of people with OCD and their thoughts/feelings/actions around the current situation with COVID-19. I’m looking to speak to people with OCD, as well as their partners, parents and other family members, to ask them about their experiences of the current situation with Coronovirus, how it relates to or has affected their OCD and their plans, fears and hopes for life during lockdown and after it’s all over!   

I’m particularly interested in speaking to individuals who are potentially experiencing unusual/unexpected responses. For example, I've noticed on forums some people talking about a sense of relief that the general public are now more aware of hygiene/washing their hands. That some feel more prepared to deal with the situation because of the techniques and coping mechanisms they have developed over time. Or even the sense of strangeness in observing the avoidance, hand washing behaviours and heightened anxiety (so familiar to some with certain types of OCD) now being felt by wider society. Whether this situation is creating new behaviours, presenting new challenges, preventing proper access to treatment or even allowing individuals to reflect and develop new techniques on their own recovery journeys.   

Initially I would be very keen to arrange research calls or Skype chats with individuals, couples or families who might be interested in speaking to me about this research. The hope is to find people who might be prepared to document their own experiences with OCD during the Coronavirus via video diaries. At this stage the project is in the development phase. For anyone interested in arranging an initial research chat there is of course no obligation to take part in the final programme.  

I’m conscious that this is a very worrying time for many right now and I would appreciate anyone who might be prepared to give up some of their time to share their thoughts and experiences on having, or living with, OCD during the current Coronavirus situation. If you are at all interested in arranging an initial research call, or want to find out more about the project, please get in touch with the Producer - Poppy Goodheart via: poppygoodheart@fivemilefilms.co.uk  

Many thanks for your time. 

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