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Study into using Psilocybin (magic mushrooms) as OCD treatment

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Hi everyone,

Nick Sireau (PHD), Prof David Nutt (director in the Division of Brain Sciences at Imperial College) & Prof Naomi Fineberg (runs an NHS specialist clinic for severe OCD patients) have started raising funds to run a clinical study into using psilocybin as a possible treatment for OCD.

Prof Nutt has already published scientific papers proving that psilocybin is a strong antidepressant and he is looking to see if it is also effective in helping people with OCD.



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I am definitely interested in this area of research. When I think back to my drug taking days, after taking mushrooms in the weeks following one large dose I felt what could only be described as the nearest thing to mental clarity I ever experienced.

However, be warned; just because magic mushrooms are 'natural' and can grow in your garden they are most definitely still 'top shelf' drugs -  I've seen people completely ruined by bad trips on both mushrooms and LSD to the point the experience was so severe they never were the same again.

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