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Parallel universe - OCD thought?

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I’m an OCD sufferer, but a member of my boyfriends family is currently struggling with his mental health too - and I’ve begun to question whether his thoughts are OCD related too.

Has anyone ever had thoughts about worrying if they do something it will cause them to wake up in a parallel universe the next day? I didn’t know if this was a ‘typical’ category of thought for OCD - even though I pretty much had every type of thought myself, I never had anything like this? 

Really grateful if anyone can offer any feedback on if this type of thought can come under OCD?

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Hi Miss Sparrow,

It's not what the thought is about which makes it OCD, but whether the person then does compulsions in response to the thought. 

Compulsions are typically intended to reassure the person the thought isn't true or an attempt to neutralise the thought in some way.

If he is doing mental checks or ruminating or any kind of ritual or avoidance behaviour as a result of having the thought about waking in a parallel universe, that would qualify as OCD.

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I've seen this with my sister's OCD - she believes if she walks through a frame (for example she won't walk through scaffolding or through signposts over the pavement if they form a 'door') that she might be transported into another universe.

She has lots of intrusive thoughts about her wellbeing as part of her compulsions so this not walking through frames is part of her OCD in order to not end up somewhere which may be worse than where she is right now. So she will walk in the road/take a different route to avoid anything like this.

Don't know if this helps but it was interesting to read that someone else is experiencing thoughts kind of similar to my sister.

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