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Hi everyone

I thought I will give this question a try if they are still doing the ocd magazine. (compulsive reading) if I have the name right. I was wondering if they are looking for anyone to maybe write a small article piece for the ocd magazine. I could maybe do like a once a year contribution to the magazine by writing a small piece about my harm ocd or maybe talk about tips or things that have helped myself and can probably help others who are suffering as well. I know it probably sounds like a long shot question.


Kind regards

Graeme Currie

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Hello Graeme,

Of course please do feel free to submit an article for consideration.  I am hoping to get another magazine out before the end of the month, but if your submission doesn't quite arrive in time for that the next one will be in the new year (hopefully February).

With best wishes, Ashley

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Hi Ashley

Here's one that is talking more about the tips and techniques that have helped myself on my recovery. It has around 400 words. I have another one which is around the 900 word mark but that one is talking about the type of thoughts I've been getting

As a sufferer of harm ocd here are some tips and techniques I found helpful.  Some of these tips and techniques I still use to this very day has helped me in a big way. I remember using a technique where I would place a paper on my bedroom door that reads, you are not your thoughts, and every time I wake up in the morning I see the message on the cupboard door. I remember the message I put on the paper read you are not your thoughts. This was a message that was reminding me that you are not what the OCD is making you think. Even something as simple as writing your thoughts down in a dairy fashion. If you are suffering from those horrible unwanted thoughts and they are troubling you write those thoughts down. This might be a hard one to do at first as you might worry that if you write the thoughts down it will mean that you will act on them which is not true.

Tell people that you trust about your OCD, I wouldn't mention this to everyone as a lot of people might not understand or might give out a certain response that might not be helpful. I feel this next one is very important which is to keep yourself busy with something you enjoy doing, whether that is listening to music to playing video games or reading a book. That way you are keeping your mind busy and your mind has less time to worry about the OCD. In life, you will have to face those fears like for instance if you are walking by someone who is waiting for a train and you have the thought that you will push him or her onto the track, you know deep down you will never push the person onto the train track. Get out and about, go for a walk or go shopping and enjoy yourself don't let those thoughts get in the way of your normal day to day activity.

Going back to writing the thoughts down, this doesn't have to be OCD related thoughts, this can be thoughts may be thoughts that are not related to OCD but is in other ways such as thoughts relating to depression. Usually, after family stress you might be feeling overwhelmed, and writing those thoughts down can give us a bit of a lift mentally. I found when I was keeping the thoughts to myself I would get thoughts of depression.

Here's my other one that is around the 900 word mark.


Living with OCD can be very tough going on its own never mind living with a type of OCD where you get intrusive thoughts. Not that I'm trying to say that one type of OCD is worse than the other, it is very much on the same lines as the intrusive thought OCD. The intrusive thoughts OCD I have are harm related where I get thoughts and urges to do bad things. The bad things usually range from things such as pushing someone in front of a train to stabbing or hitting someone on the head with a heavy object. The thoughts and urges feel real and get the OCD sufferer panicking that they will act out which is something that is so against the sufferer. A way for the non-OCD sufferer to think of it is to imagine yourself being in a room with a live animal and a button. If you press the button the animal will get an electric shock and die. I feel this example is a good one as you might get the feeling that you are going to press the button due to your mind playing tricks on you.

A typical day for myself is I usually go to the shops with my mum, my mind starts to make me panic by thinking you are going to do something bad like pull down your trousers or stick the finger up at someone walking by. Usually, I have lots of different thoughts that come to my mind. On a bad day, I tend to spend a bit more time with the internal battle with the harm OCD. Part of me knows I will never act out on any of the things I'm worrying over, the OCD part of me says that you are going to act on this and get yourself arrested. It does get exhausting after time, imagine feeling the urge just to act out on those thoughts you are getting, this is usually the theme for this type of OCD.

The reassurance side to this OCD has a lot to it. My very own method which I used to do a lot was to get rid of those heavy objects lying around in the house or to throw those big kitchen knives away. More than once I put a couple of hammers behind the cupboard as I felt like I could act out and use the hammers to hit family members with. I now know that this is OCD playing tricks on you and should avoid reassurance seeking. I would personally say that a little reassurance could be good but if you are finding yourself doing this a lot, try to cut down. I'm at the stage now where I'm on medication and don't bother that much when I see a hammer or a knife lying around, don't get me wrong I still struggle whenever I see a knife or something sharp like a pair of scissors lying around I still get those horrible thoughts. 

Getting help from a therapist was the best thing I could ever have done. I was worried when it came to speaking about the thoughts at first as I felt like I was a bad person. My doctor reassured me saying that you are on the road to recovery. I got some CBT which stands for cognitive behavioural therapy and all it is is changing the way you think about the mental health condition. 

A lot of sufferers tend to keep very quiet as they feel they would be shunned or get unfair treatment from other people. I used to think like this a long time ago, now I want to tell the world about this type of OCD. Don't get me wrong, not everyone will understand and might think this person is dangerous and could act out on the thoughts he or she is getting. In my own opinion, I still think this is poorly understood and needs more talking about in the future. 

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Thanks for taking a look over it. I tend to think the worst sometimes or I've made lots of mistakes. Maybe that could be an ocd related thing as we tend to worry or judge ourselves in very harsh terms. Hoping it's not too late and getting closer to the end of the month.



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