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Feeling isloated

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I haven’t posted in a while- I won’t say things have been going well but I have been plodding on. I keep getting horrible urges and feel like I have to distract myself intensely in order to not fall for the urge which is horrible because I really don’t want to do the thing the urges are telling me.

another thing which seems to happen a lot is that I always feel like I compare myself to other suffers and feel like I’m different which makes me feel like I don’t have ocd which in turn makes me feel very isolated. Sorry if this is a bit ranty.


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas 

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Hi Cas

Sorry to hear you feel isolated.  OCD makes me feel like that too sometimes and I'd be surprised if the same can't be said for others here too.

You're describing typical OCD symptoms is all I can really say about the other stuff which is far from ranty.

Life is really tough at the moment and our symptoms are going to be heightened to say the least so if you have any therapy notes (if you've had therapy) I'd suggest taking a look through them.  I've done it myself this morning and it's really helped.

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