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Hello everyone! 

So I have gradually been more and more open about my OCD diagnosis. Such as when family or friends ask how I'm doing I explain about my OCD, where as I used to just hide what's going on. I'm sort of disappointed in how many people don't seem to care that I'm going through a lot right now or that I have finally gotten up the courage to speak about it with them. 

I'm not looking for overwhelming sympathy or anything but it would be nice if they would understand the difficulty of OCD and my mentality. Has anyone else had troubles with this? What do you guys do? 

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I'm feeling the same kind of thing. I feel really stressed and its making my compulsions lot worse, and I've started having tics now too. My friends don't question anything and just pretend I'm not doing these things so I don't feel I can express how i feel. My boyfriend gets mad at me for compulsions and just tells me I don't need to do these things as they're not necessary. All I've done is tell him to look up OCD on the internet and look at forums so he can get more of an idea of how I feel, and how it affects people in different ways. I think people just struggle to understand because they can't imagine what goes on in the mind of someone with OCD. It does make it really difficult to open up to people :(

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