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  2. How I feel right now. Because someone I know off the Internet said that one of his biggest regrets was throwing a potted plant at a dog when he was younger, and I'm worrying that he might have been a young adult or close to it when he did that because he said "youthful antics," and whether that would mean he's an irredeemable person who deserves to be locked up.
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  4. Anyone remember what rain looks like? We have a yellow alert  in Northampton  possible thunderstorms Friday p.m.

  5. PolarBear

    Car sexy time contamination. Help!!

    I never mentioned reassurance. Perhaps that was someone else. Honestly, it is difficult to be logical with OCD, which is entirely illogical. I know it seems like torture. My best advice is to say whatever and get back into that backseat as soon as possible, without doing any more compulsions. Yes, a nuce steady approach to ERP is good but many people fall into the trap of not challenging themselves enough and they stay stuck. You will only get out of ERP what you put into it.
  6. PolarBear

    Can't cope anymore.

    Your second paragraph above is you ruminating, again. You kust keep going over it again and again. We don't need to know any more details. None Give it a rest.
  7. Anna, take a breath and look at what's going on. Once again your mind is running away on its own. Another day, another supposed danger to your dog. What do you suppose is going on in your head?
  8. I'm in a panic. Just after my brother put our dog in the car on the road near our house I saw a very large white tablet like thing with a heart on it. My brother thinks it's a love heart sweet but there are no words on it and there is no pink outline to the heart on the pill/sweet. When I was walking back from my appointment earlier I saw another of these things and I think it had a line down it, suggesting it's a tablet/drug of some sort. It's very large, the size of a 'Love heart' sweet. What do you think this is? I'm worried that there might have been another one near our car and our dog could have got it. Is this some form of legal high?
  9. Headwreck

    Can't cope anymore.

    My therapist can't see me until next week. I was hoping for something sooner as I've really regressed over the past week. I know the guy said "he felt like kissing me all night" or something like that after the night out, on a text the next day I think. Now I'm thinking that he must have kissed me once and then wanted to keep doing it all night and I misunderstood it. How did I misinterpret that? Does this sound silly? I was doubting the text even existed a few months ago and before then thought I had lied about it. I don't feel very anxious right now even though this is in my mind and bugging me but I know tomorrow I am going to be hit with this big style.
  10. To be honest, this would really really upset me and cause me heaps of anxiety but I have contamination ocd particullary about faeces. In the past before I developed ocd, not at all, but now big time. There is likely some miniscule degree of faecal where he was sitting but there likely is on most money, handrails, anything so what are you going to do? Would it still bother you if he hadn't been to the toilet beforehand? It sucks but if you want to have 'sexy time' someones **** is probably going to be rubbing up against something. I'd like to hear how you manage to get over this, because I have very similar worries. Hopefully soon you'll be sitting in his car with no worries.
  11. Hello I´m New to this forum. I am suffering from perfectionism. It has prevented me from doing things in my life. Sometimes iˋm kind of Paralyzed. When i was Young i had more of a ocd thoughts about contamination and about repeating things over again. Nowadays iˋm suffering from perfectionism thpughts like everything have to perfect. Im thinking black n white. Only seeing problems no solution. I can also be perfect about goals that I have in my life for example i have to do this exactly amount of things and have to be finished exactly that time . If iˋm not finished with that goal that time i planned to be finished, i Will feel like a Big misstake. Also i overplanning things sometimes. Also i think sometimes that i have to know everything about a subject before i make it in reality. For example if I wanna learn japanese and travel to Japan. I can think That i have to learn thousands of words and talking fluently before i go there. I try to handle my perfectionism but i canˋt get so motivated by myself. Iˋm searching for others there that suffers from perfectionism. We can help each others with our troubles i Will be happy to hear from you. Sorry for my spelling sometimes ;)
  12. I’m extremely proud of her and you’ve got all this to follow too, you will cherish every single moment throughout her life and that feeling you feel within your heart is the best feeling ever Im not going to say it’s not hard because it is very hard, in fact it’s the hardest anything as hit me throughout therapy. I won’t give up because I don’t want to under any circumstances ever go back to where I was before. I know that I’m slipping backwards at the moment but I know there will be a way to work through this, I just need to find the right way to do it and I’m sure that there will be one it’s just finding what works. Take care of yourself, best wishes, lost xx
  13. Noperfection93

    Contamination ocd again

    The anser with this type of ocd. Start small really small. Ive struggled for years with that when i was Young im free today allmost. When i was Young i could wash my hands thirty Times’ after going to toilet I was scared sometimes to touch others. The answer is think what you are scared about? Think logical like. What am I really think gonna happen If for example i touch this door-handle. Your logic brain will think nothing maybe there are some bacterias there. Ooh we have a immune defensiv system in our bodies. Your feelings are gonna feel ooh i can´t touch that or this. Trying to go against your fears and feelings. Begin today just do it once even If itˋs very hard. Maybe next time you can try to do the thing you have fear of twice. So think logical what am i really afraid of? What am i really logical think gonna happen? Go against your fears. At last have patience patience. Madchoc If you want you can write to me anytime. I hope to hear from you. I Will give you some more and many more advice. Hope peace happiness to you.
  14. Emsie


    Hi Angelmeadow and welcome to the forum. That’s great news that you’re in therapy and that you’re feeling better. You’ll find lots of support and help here if you need it. It’s been a godsend for me and many others and everyone here is so lovely and there’s so much knowledge here to help us to recover. Good luck with your therapy. X
  15. OCDhavenobrain

    Can't cope anymore.

    Good of you to contact the therapist. I really hope you with the help of her/him can find the strength to make a change before it gets out of hand. You are still living the life to some extent, you have a partner and you are working. That is great. But also be aware of how this can go out of control if you let it. So please take it as serious as you can and go through with the therapist.
  16. Thank you so much, Lost. I know, time does fly. I bet you are so proud of your daughter and her of you. I’m sorry you’re finding it difficult at the moment. I hope Roy’s and Gemma’s advice has helped you. You will get past this as you are so strong and determined and you never give up. I know it’s hard but you can do this. All my best wishes Xxx
  17. Hi Roy, I know! It was just a little race with the other nursery children. The sports day was mainly for the primary school children. The nursery is part of the school. X
  18. Thankyou Gemma, I totally understand what you are saying here, in other words I have to accept that it’s no longer just a doubt? I have to accept that it happened and deal with it differently? That’s probably what I’m finding so difficult and where I’m going wrong? the cognitive side so far is working on the what ifs, so instead possibly I should be be working through the cognitive side of the doing? Ive worked really hard to change my behaviours, slowly chipping away at them one by one until I no longer did the compulsions, safety seeking behaviours etc, what worries me is did I become complacent/careless? I find that worrying. So now I have to change my cognitive working to the doing part rather than the what if parts? Does that make sense x
  19. Thank you Roy, I think I have lots of work to do here, I will work out a way to mend what’s broken it will just take time and a little more effort on my part
  20. carlleo123

    Stopping a compulsion

    Thank you for the replies. I've cut right down on compulsions today. Strangely I do feel a little better for it just a sense of uneasiness as opposed to crippling anxiety although I know it can't be that easy but I'll try to keep at it
  21. Hey everyone. I'm considering residential treatment at McLean's OCD Institute here in the states. I don't know if it's the best idea, though, because I don't know if dealing with it inpatient is the same as dealing with it in the real world. I've found people who have been helped, but I see people relapsing after leaving, which kind of makes sense to me. I'm really tired of all of this, and am variously waiting to get better and contemplating suicide at some point in the next 1-2 years.
  22. Headwreck

    Can't cope anymore.

    Well definitely the "I've tricked people into thinking I have OCD". I think that all the time and then I try and give as much info as possible so they don't get the wrong idea, I suppose I wait for them to say "ah you didn't tell me that bit. Yeah I take it back, you're just a dirty dog actually." I also think I read stuff online about OCD and start doing it so that I seem like I have OCD. No angel by any means but didn't think I'd be capable of physically cheating.
  23. Skullpops

    Can't cope anymore.

    Again, classic OCD. "How can everyone be so sure?" I repeated that very sentence day in, day out when I was in hospital. I needed absolute certainty. I realise now *I* don't need absolute certainty...OCD does. It demands nothing less than absolute certainty. Our obsessions centre around what we hold dear, our morals and values, so without even having met you, I can tell you that you're a loyal partner who loves your other half dearly. "Ah I've tricked her and she thinks I've got OCD, now she's trying to help and I don't deserve it." "I can see all these other folks have OCD but what if I don't?" "I'm sneaky and devious." "If only they knew the truth." ^^^ Your mind is doing all ^ that now right?
  24. OCDhavenobrain

    Can't cope anymore.

    Nobody can be sure. What we are saying is that you seems to have OCD, or you have OCD. And OCD is capable of twisting pretty much anything, so you need to get this out of the way before you can judge if this event really did happen. But you are right, we can't know.
  25. Headwreck

    Can't cope anymore.

    Thanks Skullpops, I've seen others say the same too. Everyone keeps telling me it's OCD but how is everyone so sure? Anyone else without OCD in my predicament would surely react the same, I've heard people who get too drunk and worry they did something. It's my own stupid fault I'm in this mess.
  26. OCDhavenobrain

    Car sexy time contamination. Help!!

    This is important realisation. A good therapist will understand that, and one i contacted here lately told me that "you can be OCD about everything". On the other hand we hand doctors who STILL thinks that OCD is just when you have such and such obsessions, washing your hands and so on. And that makes him/her a very bad expert on OCD. But yea OCD can latch onto everything, it would be strange otherwise. We fear and our mind have the motivation to protect us from dangers, so if the mind only could protect us from some specific areas it would be strange.
  27. Well my own particular theme is harm, but I have had a lot of CBT, read a lot of self-help OCD books, and spent many hours over 5 years on these forums - seeing a lot of material about faeces contamination worries OCD along with all sorts of other manifestations of OCD. The fact is that we can obsess and carry out compulsions about literally anything. And OCD operates in similar fashion whatever the theme. So none of us need suffer from the same subject matter, within the same theme, to understand - and give an opinion.
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