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  2. I was thinking about buying a chest freezer for frozen veg but maybe it’s ocd - after reading this thread I think maybe it might have been? Checking the market rates and news reports to see whether you should buy stuff is definitely ocd however. Those are compulsions you need to stop.
  3. I keep telling myself it's OCD and just to ignore it but what if it isn't OCD and I'm just using this as an excuse? Maybe I have tricked myself into thinking it is OCD as when I read up on it I feel better. When I post here I feel better for a little while. I'm desperate to speak to my partner but I don't think mentally I can deal with the fallout afterwards. When I read about techniques and tools what to do, none of it applies to me. I'm not worried I will harm, I'm not compulsively cleaning, yes I have checking OCD but people check things all the time. How do I make these techniques apply to me?
  4. There are other options than medication, they are called TALKING THERAPIES! Did they email you or something?
  5. You're warm... from the UK but yes a TMS company who sent it as a press release to a journalist (who happens to know me). Three guesses which TMS company.
  6. Based on the above press release... what do you all think about these comments? (Not written by me).
  7. I am not in favour of wacking out the drugs to sufferers like us just like that. I would like to see more awareness among doctors of the help that charities such as ours can give in embracing CBT therapy through other means whilst on a waiting list for one to one CBT. For me, throwing the pills at people shouldn't be standard. Why may not the doctors encourage us towards self-help and charitable guidance instead?
  8. It's back to the cheating again. I have been off work the past few days and back in tonight for first night shift. I have woken up in a terrible state and have been crying all day. My partner thinks it's because I don't want to go to work. It's partly that as I'm disliked there and find it hard to fit in but I'm going to the Dr to discuss possibly of Social Anxiety Disorder or Aspergers. But my upset is mostly the cheating and the overwhelming guilt. I can't do any of this anymore. I don't know if I did it, I didn't used to think I did but maybe I never really thought about it enough. I was drunk. I remember parts of the night. I don't think I thought that had happened the very next day after the night out but I do know that I felt guilty. It was 4 years ago. I do remember around 3 years ago I told my partner about me and this guy texting and I remember thinking that I was free and had nothing else to admit to. Why didn't I say about the kiss then? I don't know how I can go to work in the state I'm in. I'm in a learning environment at the moment but my job involves danger and I'm scared I'm pushing myself too hard. I don't know how to stop this.
  9. Interesting this afternoon, fell into the trap of having to reassure myself about something by reading something and even though it was in front of my very eyes as I was re-reading it I had severe trouble trying to convince myself the word was actually there...... And then I even started worrying what the word really meant even though its such a common word!!
  10. Thanks Paradoxer, I know I am always on here going on about the same stuff, but I find your advice really useful, thank you
  11. That's a very interesting point about the side effects breaking the blind.
  12. Haha you give a lot of bang for your buck paradoxer - you pack a lot of wisdom into short posts So have a pay rise!
  13. 😊 A billion squid? I've worked out my contribution, it must be about two pounds fifty. πŸ˜‰
  14. Yes, it's just the standard, 'Let the thought(s) be there'. The dormancy you mention is fine. The rumination is not. Remember, the therapeutic approach isn't necessarily to feel comfortable. Want to have that nice weekend? Put yourself in the driver's seat and don't jump to OCD's tune. Have a nice weekend! πŸ˜‰
  15. Does anyone else get to a stage where the thought lies dormant for a bit, but it is there and I know it is there and I want to bring it to the forefront. I have a nice weekend planned and it doesn't want me to. I am still having the thought although have been mildly better as I have let another less distressing thought take over. How can I acknowledge its presence without ruminating? My therapist says 'just say oh there you are, that thought again, thanks for that, bye now' but that urge to ruminate is so strong in case I have done what I think. Does anyone else use the above technique?
  16. It's an interesting article. I can't believe that it's the largest trial not funded by a pharmaceutical company and yet these drugs have been available for years! It was good to see that there were little side effects, because from what I can remember there were questions placed on the last major trial because of side effects. If you test against placebo then often side effects give away that you're on the active medication, therefore making it no longer blind and open to bias. Still no research showing they work long term, which I think is always the problem, because all you get is the headline 'antidepressants work', without the caveat that beyond a certain amount of time, they just don't know.
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-49743315 Importantly, and I guess what we always say on here the article quotes a Dr. "It also shows that antidepressants are not the solution for everyone and reinforces the importance of combining them with other options, such as talking therapies and social prescribing."
  18. Our amazing @Charlotte Lottie is swimming the Serpentine for the charity tomorrow. If you have a couple of quid spare -Β https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?pageId=1064316

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      Good luck to Charlotte :) What is the Serpentine?Β 

  19. Hi all Just wanted to give you a positive update. I hope this helps or gives some hope. Some of you may know my history but just quickly - in 2017 I was in a relatively good place and them bam, in October that year I fell hook line and sinker into a huge OCD relapse. It was relentless and awful. I tried to throw everything at it but it persisted for a long time - mainly because I was still doing a load of compulsions on the side. Anyway fast forward to now and OCD is in a pretty good place despite some fairly stressful personal circumstances. It has not gone completely but it has receded to a point where I don't think about it very much anymore. A year ago this felt totally unthinkable. I think a few things have contributed to this. I haven't had a therapist during this time although I have had a heck of a lot of support and advice from the forum (which to me was basically like therapy - but for free!! I think I owe you guys about a billion pounds!! ) But for me the biggest turning point came from the following: 1. Exposures. One day I sat down and I wrote a huge list of everything I could think of that scared me or triggered my OCD. Until that point I had been resisting exposure, or kidding myself I was doing it while also doing gigantic compulsions on the side. I ended up with about a hundred different ideas - some stupid, some not. I kept the less stupid ones, and ordered them in terms of how much they scared me. Then I started attacking them. I became quite "obsessive" about this. I did many many exposures every day and got into the habit of doing them every opportunity I got. If I had to say any one thing made the biggest difference it was this. I don't do exposure as much anymore because honestly I don't really feel the need to. 2. Cognitive work Changing your cognition around deeply ingrained things is not easy and I think it is hard to do it without the supportive help of someone else, whether that is a knowledgeable therapist, this forum or a friend or loved one (be careful with the latter though, as loved ones can often want to reassure us rather than getting to the root of the problem). In conjunction with a lot of support from the forum, I kept a journal and I wrote about my main cognitive distortions and chipped away at these. For me these were binary thinking, not trusting myself to make decisions, moral perfectionism, needing validation from others, and having a fixed mindset. I chipped away at these in conjunction with exposures and behavioural experiments. Gradually over time my feelings about myself, and the world, have shifted. There is still work to do in this regard though. 3. Meds I am generally sceptical about meds. I started taking fluoxetine not really expecting anything positive to come from them. But honestly I have noticed a huge positive change since I started taking them. Obviously I can't be certain this has anything to do with meds, it could be a complete coincidence and actually just be to do with the 2 steps above. or it could be placebo. Who knows. It is a huge relief not to be stuck in that place anymore and I really want that for everyone here. OCD is a complete *insert swear word* and we all deserve to be free of its clutches forever. I just wanted to say please don't give up hope. OCD is treatable and you can be free of it, you really can. Hang in there xx
  20. Here's info on twin studies in general: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twin_study Here's info on twin studies related to OCD with a number of citations to relevant studies. The key finding: "Monozygotic twins may be strikingly concordant for OCD (80-87%), compared with 47-50% concordance in dizygotic twins." https://www.medscape.com/answers/1934139-93612/what-is-the-role-of-genetics-in-the-etiology-of-obsessive-compulsive-disorder-ocd
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