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  2. The short version of the story is, I’m struggling. I know that everyone is at the moment, which is making it harder for me to even talk to loved ones. I don’t want them to think, ‘oh here she goes being selfish about her worries when we are all worried’ I don’t know that they think that but my mind makes me think that. My mind has also been repeating these intrusive thoughts. It’s not just an inconvenience it completely stops me in my tracks. It’s an absolute horror show that I live at least 5 times a day. It’s like a film that is on repeat in my mind: loosing my loved ones, watching them die, being the reason they die, not being good enough. It can take me from being okay to a mess in seconds. I’ve been down the CBT route, and I’m on an 18 week waiting list to speak to someone. I just can’t keep having this emotional upheaval, I can cope with the other OCD traits I have. The thoughts are isolating, scary and make it hard to want to be here. Does anyone have any advice? I really am at my wits end.
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  4. Common night owl, go find any scientific studies that prove beyond reasonable doubt that OCD is evidence of ‘immoral’ or ‘deviant’ character or behaviour. People can display excessive cleaning behaviours- this does not mean they have OCD. They might like the process of cleaning or the sense of accomplishment or a visually clean tidy environment. They can be getting facelifts, Botox etc- doesn’t mean they have OCD or body dysmorphia. They could be living in California where getting procedures like these is common practice and become pretty much a cultural thing. People displaying repetitive behaviours like counting and tapping could be ‘stimming’ as in autism, not completing an OCD ritual or compulsion. Any person that does a reprehensible act such as murder for example and also displays obsessive or compulsive looking behaviours is a person who has done that act and has behaviours that look obsessive or compulsive but AREN’T OCD. This is why: OCD, irrational as it might be is always about ‘making things right’ or ‘making sure ___ is true/not true about my character/surroundings’ and going to inordinate lengths to prevent harm to the self and to others. To link it to the 7 deadly sins is an example of the human brain trying to add links where there are none, to make a theory sensical in your own head. But your theories do not stand up to scientific rigour.
  5. You can post it. You’d be surprised what people post. You can even look yours up on the forum.
  6. 1. Social media - I have things I'd rather be doing. 2. Powerful dramas. 3. Burger bars. 4. TV streaming services - sadly becoming the rage. 5. Violent computer games. Plenty of great non-violent ones available. 6. Baseball. 7. American football. 8. Soaps on TV. 9. Lots of cake. 10. Expensive mobile phones.
  7. 1. Mashed potatoes 2. Nice guy's whenever I've seen them interviewed, but Coldplay. 3. Car/Home air fresheners - tend to be so strong they could paralyse an elephant. 4.Strauss. My gran loved him but played his music way too loudly in too small a room. 5. Dressing dogs up/carrying them in bags, they're not toys. 6. Golf 7. This will be contentious. Love Actually, too cynically sentimental. 8. 99% of contemporary art (Emperor's New Clothes) 9. Sam Smith 10. The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films.
  8. 1. James Corden 2. Harry Hill 3. Really sparkly furniture (Delboy-esque) 4. Peter Griffin (although I do like Family Guy) 5. Mrs Browns Boys (cringeworthy and wrong. Ireland is not like this, folks) 6. Cricket (aaargh) 7. Cooking and food shows - overload 8. ‘The One Show’ 9. Clothes Shopping 10. ‘Filters’ like the ones used on Snapchat etc
  9. Seeing my friends and family and giving them a big hug! Cycling with my club along the coast Mountain biking with my friends and stopping for a coffee Going camping in the Lake District Going for a swim in the sea Going to the pub (sorry that's 6!!)
  10. They will never admit this, but as it stands the clinic is purely brining money into the Trust. That explains a lot IMO.
  11. I used frozen ones, cooked from frozen, but no doubt fresh could be used with appropriate baking time. Use portions appropriate for two persons, or adjust recipe for more. Preheat oven to fan 180 degrees, or gas mark 6. Lay the fillets on a layer of oiled cooking foil on a baking tray. When oven at correct temperature, insert tray in middle of oven and cook for 20-25 minutes approx (adjust time to your oven). Meanwhile, simmer some slightly chopped baby new potatoes on the hob for 20 minutes. Add a sprinkling of herbs de Provence. Use some frozen or fresh green vegetables as a compliment to the dish. When serving, you may wish to add a flurry of ground black pepper onto the salmon fillets. Enjoy
  12. how can you not like Family Guy, I love it.! 1) Celery 2)Baked Beans 3) Ed Sheeran ( I think he is very over-rated / played) 4) Dancing - I am rubbish at it. 5) Music without guitars in it. 6) Justin Beiber 7) Instagram - or most social media in general and the need to live your life through it. will be back with more later!
  13. I find this truly shocking. How hard can it be to set up a pathway, it's literally right there in the same county!
  14. I have spoken to Poppy and her motives are genuine and she does have a thorough understanding of OCD and the problems we face, so I believe this will be from the heart and treated sensitively by her. - Ashley. ------------------------------------------ My name is Poppy and I am a documentary Producer based in Bristol. I'm currently researching an idea for a new Channel 4 documentary exploring the impact and experiences of people with OCD and their thoughts/feelings/actions around the current situation with COVID-19. I’m looking to speak to people with OCD, as well as their partners, parents and other family members, to ask them about their experiences of the current situation with Coronovirus, how it relates to or has affected their OCD and their plans, fears and hopes for life during lockdown and after it’s all over! I’m particularly interested in speaking to individuals who are potentially experiencing unusual/unexpected responses. For example, I've noticed on forums some people talking about a sense of relief that the general public are now more aware of hygiene/washing their hands. That some feel more prepared to deal with the situation because of the techniques and coping mechanisms they have developed over time. Or even the sense of strangeness in observing the avoidance, hand washing behaviours and heightened anxiety (so familiar to some with certain types of OCD) now being felt by wider society. Whether this situation is creating new behaviours, presenting new challenges, preventing proper access to treatment or even allowing individuals to reflect and develop new techniques on their own recovery journeys. Initially I would be very keen to arrange research calls or Skype chats with individuals, couples or families who might be interested in speaking to me about this research. The hope is to find people who might be prepared to document their own experiences with OCD during the Coronavirus via video diaries. At this stage the project is in the development phase. For anyone interested in arranging an initial research chat there is of course no obligation to take part in the final programme. I’m conscious that this is a very worrying time for many right now and I would appreciate anyone who might be prepared to give up some of their time to share their thoughts and experiences on having, or living with, OCD during the current Coronavirus situation. If you are at all interested in arranging an initial research call, or want to find out more about the project, please get in touch with the Producer - Poppy Goodheart via: poppygoodheart@fivemilefilms.co.uk Many thanks for your time.
  15. Thanks dragonfly not been sleeping so might look for one for sleep too.
  16. My mum when she was a kid asked for an entire bowl of parsnips in the school canteen thinking they were chips 🤣 she has never recovered
  17. I think keep the course and sit with the discomfort and anxiety that you might have made the wrong decision. Don't give into the urge to put it "right".
  18. In April (2019) we reported on the launch of a brand new NHS treatment clinic in Oxford for people with OCD and anxiety, led by Professor Paul Salkovskis. The Oxford Health Specialist Psychological Intervention Centre (OHSPIC) based at Warneford Hospital in Oxford began accepting referrals from across the country from late April 2019. Whilst the clinic has seen patients from various parts of the country, there remains the curious case of why the clinic is yet to see a single person from within its own region, anywhere across Oxfordshire. In figures obtained by OCD-UK at the time of writing, there have been 35 requests for referral to the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (OGFT) from across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire (the regions served by this local mental health trust). There have also been six referral requests to the Oxfordshire Clinical Commission Group (CCG). Both the OHFT and the CCG have confirmed that they did not approve any of those requests. To summarise, at this time, no one from across Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire has received treatment at the Oxford Health Specialist Psychological Intervention Centre (OHSPIC). Read more..... https://www.ocduk.org/curious-case-of-why-specialist-clinic-yet-to-see-patients-from-from-within-own-region/
  19. My mum used to cut them up to look like the roasties to trick me into eating them. That’s when the trust issues started 🤣
  20. The sunglasses emoji Is still there, I don’t think celery is cool.
  21. 1) Love Island 2) Green Tea - people seem to love the stuff 3) Dancing! - Totally agree with the dancing, but that’s mainly because I’m terrible at it 4) Drinking alcohol with food - Either I eat or have a drink. Cannot do both at the same time 5) Mrs Browns Boys - (can’t get past a few seconds!) 6) Sunbathing - I do it for the tan but I hate it. 7) Parsnips - why do they taste the way they do? 😎 Celery - see above 9) Soya Milk 10) B&M
  22. What sort of life do you want to live? (Professionally, socially, privately.) What sort of person do you want to be? Who is or who are your role-model(s)? (If it's not a renowned person, then tell us a bit about him or her.) (Is this a lighthearted enough topic for this sub-forum?)
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