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  2. helen10937

    my ocd

    Hi I'm really struggling with my ocd. I don't know why but it'seems all I can think about. Am I ever gonna get better. Is the hard work worth it can anyone help me etc are thoughts going round my mind. I also hear voices which r related to my ocd fears which is a difficult one. I also feel there's something I need to do but I don't know what it is. Any advice. Sorry if this post doesn't make sense
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  4. paradoxer

    OCD- Ruminating Jumping Bean

    Responded above.
  5. paradoxer

    OCD- Ruminating Jumping Bean

    In some ways, the fact that OCD 'jumps' can actually be your friend - the fact that 'if it isn't one thing it's another' helps to reveal the disorder to be the inane time-waster that it is.
  6. paradoxer

    How to not respond to the thoughts

    Cheers taurean and gingerbreadgirl.
  7. Bless you Roy you are such a star ⭐️ always here to offer support and help to others
  8. Thanks for the helpful post roy
  9. Nice tips going to try some more me time & cutting things out, usually love xmas time but with uni&work, being away from home this year and everything else that’s going on I’m under crazy stress and having no time for myself at all .. Wishing u a happy Christmas x
  10. Niamhalexandrax

    First Post

    Ah thankyou! That’s really helpful, fluoxetine is the one I’ve been prescribed but all the dr said was ‘it might make you worse for a bit, it might not come back in a few weeks’ and that was it brushed off for me to deal with myself ... I’m on the waiting list to see someone more expert but it’s a long waiting list! I’ll check out the places you suggested, thanks
  11. I'm not 100% but some days it feels very close to that so maybe the reason it not 100% is because I was drunk? See this is too difficult
  12. I'm so sorry, what a nasty curveball to be thrown. I'm not a lawyer, but I doubt very much your g/f can exclude you or your family from having contact with your baby. It seems to me she's calling your bluff hoping you'll cave in and give up without a fight. Do you have any mutual impartial friends who could maybe act as a go-between and help you both work through this before it gets anywhere near having to go to court? In the meantime I really think you should get in touch with Citizens Advice, and find out exactly where you do stand legally, just in case. https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/finding-free-or-affordable-legal-help/ You're going through so much as it is, this really isn't what you need on top of it all, but try to take it a day at a time. Maybe your g/f said what she did in the heat of the moment and in a day or two she'll feel differently.
  13. taurean

    Oil marks?

    All absolutely classic OCD, lonely mum. So do you know how you should address this in order to recover?
  14. It's Christmas jumper day tomorrow and Julie bought me a Rudolph one in a cheapskate store, as the cafe are having a themed day for it tomorrow Thanks for the best wishes GBG.
  15. jamie2011

    In need of help

    Thank you so much for your replies. I am just very sorry for not getting back sooner. I appreciate your comments and support. Things have been a bit up and down. By Monday I had got to a place where I had made some decisions. I was at breaking point. At that point I actually broke down, which is rare for me. I text my support worker and explained that there are things I have not been able to say and that when I see them next can they help me try to open up. That with the situation as it is it needs to be done. I really wanted to speak to them, but didn't have the courage. I didn't express my urge to pull out of funding. I am due to see them soon and am feeling stressed. I am still waiting regarding the medication change. I have now found out the psychiatrist wants to see me face to face again to discuss the medication, I know there is a concern because of the type of medication and my recent actions. I guess I am struggling because I feel like I have never had the opportunity to go through everything I struggle with. The things I am anxious about, what I avoid, what thought processes I have. I just feel like no one really knows what things are like. I feel like I need to get it all out. I wish I could have a few sessions with a professional where I can sit down and start from the very beginning up until now. I am also feeling a little overwhelmed with emotion. I am scared for my future. My mood lifted a little for the past few days and now I can see how bad the situation was and I came very close to not being here anymore. I don't know how things will be going forward, but will just have to take it one day at a time.
  16. OK here's another question : Are you 100% certain you committed this crime? If not why not?
  17. But I didn't get any images/flashbacks or anxious feelings when I woke up, unlike after the wedding.x
  18. paco5959

    How to not respond to the thoughts

    This was very helpful. I really recognized myself in this, especially that guttural feeling of panic and the need to figure it out right away when that feeling/thought hits. How do you stop it though when the thought that pops in is accompanied by a possible false memory due to ruminating over the thought so much? I'm guessing just the same thing? Let the false memory sit also? Its so hard
  19. I have had OCD since I was diagnosed at 13. It has jumped from thing to thing throughout my life. Hoarding paper towels at school as a child because my mom touched my hand and I missed my mother, so I hoarded them after I washed my hands in my desk because if I threw them away, I threw my mom away. Also checking appliances, intrusive thoughts about someone hurting me in specific ways that are traumatic to me that are not realistic. And within the last 5 years, relationship guilt in my very healthy and amazing relationship. I seem to have exhausted my relationship guilt ruminating/false memory/guilt/ruminating/confessing, at least for right now. It has seemed to morph into my every day conversations at work, with anyone and everyone. I can't seem to go a day now without saying something as simple as, "what's up?" and ruminating for the rest of the day wondering how I said it, was I rude, was I dismissive? how did it sound when I said it, did I offend somebody? I am starting to fear even opening my mouth because I know at some point, there will be an interaction that I am going to obsess about for the rest of the day. It is to the point where a simple conversation blows up so big in my head that I ruminate so much that it becomes a bigger deal and steam rolls into possible false memory where the reality of the conversation morphs in my head where I am picturing myself being rude, therefore, it becomes reality. I can see a bit through the OCD fog, because I can feel in my stomach that this is the same sick/panic/chaotic feeling I get where I have the immense urge to "I must ruminate until I figure it out"!!. And then also report it to a trusted friend/relative to work it out. But of course there is no figuring out. And it is beyond exhausting. Has anyone had experiences of their OCD jumping throughout their lives or advice when this happens? I'm guessing just treat it like my guilt/relationship OCD and dismiss. But when it jumps to a new thing, it always surprises me and it is like I'm starting all over again.
  20. Caramoole

    Silly question

    Have you had therapy specific to OCD with a therapist experienced in OCD? It seems possible to me that although depression appears to be a major problem, it could be being mistaken and that existential-type OCD could be the driver. Have you made an appointment yet? The thing is for certain Bruces is that if you do want to improve your situation, you are going to have to play your part and engage with things, accept that you have a personal responsibility in your role to recovery.
  21. I cant even bring myself to write this, I feel sick with anxiety and stresss, but basically my issue that i have previously mentioned, my girlfriend, on nd off has made it cosntantly difficult to see my child because of our relationship she has always said about breastfeeding being the reason, now she has turned round after everything because of arguments and said she doesnt want me or my family in the childs life anymore, even after we bought her house warming presents, etc now at this point, she said take me to court, u wont win, ur mental health will mean u wont win, guys i am in a very bad way, i cant take the stress i think im going to have a mental breakdown. she will only let me come visit the baby and will not let me have her overnight it all has to be at her mothers house on her terms. and now shes saying shes never going to.
  22. Angst

    Silly question

    There are a number of reasons why therapy might not be successful. Such as (a) the quality of the therapist (b) the period of therapy (c) the approach of the therapist (d) the willingness of the client to undergo therapy (e) the capacity of the client to engage with therapy. What factor or factors relate to you? Do you have a diagnosis or diagnoses?
  23. I'm glad you and Julie are feeling more up to Christmas this year hope you both have a lovely time
  24. lonely mum

    Oil marks?

    When I came across the digging stuff from the tv show which documented this, I was so repulsed, shocked and upset. I imagine it to be the same as a murder scene. Something very negative. I’ve started going out for fear of coming across or being in a place where this act may possibly be performed.
  25. bruces

    Silly question

    Hi there yes I've done the depressinbtests many times,over the years I've been very lucky to have had a lot of therapy but sadly to no avail,I'm guessing this is down to me and no the therapy.
  26. That was us last year with the whole house sale and purchase proving challenging Do your best and all the best Roy
  27. good tips Roy. I am trying to feel Christmassy but honestly I don't really want it this year, I'd be happy to cancel the whole thing! It is just too much of everything!
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