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  1. I think it’s raining...

  2. Some bloke smoking a roll-up aged around 50 came up to me and said: “cheer up it might never have happened”.  Cheers mate!

  3. Kay sara whatever will be will be.
  4. Can anyone recommend what I can use to clean a desk in my room. The room is not ventilated so I think Dettol and bleach are out plus I think too powerful. Isopropyl alcohol probably not good because the fumes. Hydrogen peroxide? I think fairy liquid and water too weak. Any ideas?

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    2. daja


      Thanks all of you. I will use some Fairy Liquid and water (other brands are available)

    3. gingerbreadgirl


      If it was me I'd probably just use a multi purpose spray or the like, the kind you use to wipe down the kitchen sides x 

    4. daja


      Thanks GBG. If i’m honest there is another matter not just the urine. There was a part of the desk where I kept my driving licence which I fear I contaminated with radiation when I showed it as ID at a hotel in London. Crazy huh? Regarding that matter I have brain lock.

  5. Online shop from a supermarket? There must be support for getting off weed and staying off it. Have you looked on Reddit? If I don’t eat I get weak.
  6. Hopefully you can meet up with your Mum. Take care. x
  7. Have a lump under my pubic hair. 6 months ago the GP said it’s probably a cyst or an ingrowing hair. I woke up to go toilet in the early hours and it seemed massive. Now, at the end of the day it seems to be the size it was before.


    1. taurean


      What are you going to do about it? 

    2. daja


      Not sure. I might wait until I have another matter worthy of making an appointment.

  8. Trying to live with uncertainties.

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    2. daja


      Thanks both of you. x

    3. taurean


      Uncertainty is the founder of invention. 

      Remember what everyone else would do. Why would they do that, and you feel something else? It's a good test. 

    4. daja


      Yes Roy. Thanks.

  9. I’ll be doing the same soon! My room is in a terrible state and we need to get the professionals in. I don’t want to live in the room while the work is done. Best of luck Lost. 😊
  10. My psychiatrist says I don’t have OCD it’s just delusions from schizoaffective disorder.
  11. The unbelievable hangover caused by Pure-O https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/disability-49356870
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