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  1. The unbelievable hangover caused by Pure-O https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/disability-49356870
  2. Ordered some Pu-urh tea. A bit of a speciality.

    1. taurean


      Probably result in you taking Cat naps 🙀 

    2. daja
  3. Drink less/no alcohol. Drink more tea.
  4. Yes I am very careful with alcohol. I found prescribed benzodiazepines to be far more addictive though.
  5. I use it instead of a benzo. I don’t drink much at all but when I have a bottle of Belgian beer I make sure I am near my bed. I go to pubs for meals not alcohol.
  6. Walked past someone spraying weed killer again. Are they just stupid or do I worry about it needlessly?

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    2. daja


      What do I think Roy? I think they are ignorant. Just because it has a barcode on it doesn’t mean it is safe.

      Yes Lost I didn’t realise it killed the bees. I went on a few day beekeeping course going back 10 years.

    3. taurean


      A good way of weeding is with a hoe, or some of the clever gadgets Roy the gadget King 👑 has, that  extract the root of the weed. 

      I do use ready-mixed systemic weedkiller a little, but with care, where the weed is such as bindweed. 

    4. daja


      A hoe and clever gadgets sound good Roy 😊 

  7. I’ve seen Altoids in the UK supermarkets and/or Holland and Barrett.
  8. When I go on holiday I seem to leave 90% of my OCD at home.
  9. *wanting reassurance*

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    2. Avo


      At least you managed not to react to some of them. Don't beat yourself up alot of us  have ups and downs with ocd . 

    3. lostinme


      Oh yes we all have ups and downs daja, your doing really well so be proud of yourself :yes:

    4. daja


      Thanks guys/gals 😊 

  10. I have got over some contamination fears only for the void to be filled by new fears.
  11. Have a nice holiday ☀️
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