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  1. daja

    I have a dream

    If that’s what amino acids do to you I think I’ll pass.
  2. The fears sound rational but maybe your reaction to them is excessive. Let us know how it goes with the psychiatrist. I think it’s good your girlfriend wants to attend your appointment. Best wishes.
  3. daja

    Re- voluntary work

    Best of luck Lost.
  4. daja

    Welcome Sue

    Welcome Sue, best wishes.
  5. Welcome Leopard. Googling for stuff I worried about made things much much worse. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!
  6. daja

    Plumber worry

    Do nothing. It will be hard but you will feel great in time for standing up to your phobias.
  7. daja

    Saving the NHS Money

    I’m on a different medication that has just been switched to a cheaper generic.
  8. daja

    3 bags...

    That’s good. I need to do the same.
  9. daja


    Yes like Phil says don’t drink on lorazepam. Possibly the other meds too.
  10. daja


    What meds are you on Lily?
  11. daja

    Use of CBD for OCD?

    I tried it. Was expensive and didn’t do much.
  12. daja


    I know the feeling.