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  1. What PolarBear says. I’m sorry for your loss. I have contamination OCD but getting on a plane is not something I worry about. Best wishes.
  2. I worry about if I have to visit loved ones in hospital if they are going to have radiation therapy etc. Which makes me feel selfish. We had a lovely neighbour who had esophagus cancer. I should have visited her in hospital.
  3. Thanks for sharing Sputnik. I like the ‘how to beat fear’ story. 😊
  4. I wish I could offer you advice. I have the same problem. ☹️
  5. *anxious*

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    2. taurean


      Indeed. I doubt your folks are sitting with a load of anxiety over this. 

      And I doubt they are careless people. 

      So what does that tell you about what your OCD is saying, as opposed to what your nearest and dearest are saying? 

      To whom should you be listening? 

    3. daja


      I hear you Roy. I need another big tidy up which will relieve some anxiety.

    4. daja


      When I spoke to my Dad about the artex he said there are only small amounts of asbestos like 0.001 whatever. He can understate things sometimes.

  6. Now listen to some music on your CD player and enjoy! 🎧
  7. Avo, I can really relate. I would have worried about that too.
  8. Had a nice few day break in London but have a severe fear of people who have travelled here from a country that had a nuclear disaster about 8 years ago. Once they are here and washed I feel as though they are decontaminated. But they arrived direct to the hotel from the airport which I didn’t expect. My OCD has gone crackers because of this. I would love to visit their country but don’t feel I can by any stretch of the imagination. I know what you will say: do nothing, ERP, CBT, etc
  9. Stay around BelAnna. Imagine how good you will feel afterwards.
  10. I’m sorry you are feeling this way Freya. I would be lost without discussion radio like LBC or TalkRadio. In fact I leave the radio on day and night and can’t sleep without it. Most my friends are doing their own thing these days like having children. I like my own company and I think you should try and enjoy your own company too if you can.
  11. Said to myself today out loud and alone whilst walking home: “it’s just my stupid OCD”

    1. taurean


      Hey that's OK :) (just don't turn it into a neutralising thought). 


    2. daja


      I wanted reassurance from the forum but realised it’s not what to do.

    3. taurean


      Yep. The methodology is initially fine - my therapist told me to do this to take the higher road with the OCD before then refocusing away, but it's just a staging post to gentle but firm easing away which is the overall goal - it mustn't become a neutralising compulsion :)


  12. Got some pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Makes a good snack me thinks. Also porridge in tubs you just add hot water to. I love porridge!

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