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  1. Error (“syntax error” used to come up a lot when doing Basic programming on old 8 bit computers)
  2. Moser you need a check up from the neck up. Speak to your doctor ASAP!
  3. Yes you really need to be on an SSRI for a while (3 months onwards?) to gauge its effectiveness for you. Best of luck.
  4. Welcome! You said you have tried therapy - is that cognitive behavioural therapy? I can only tell it how it was for me as SSRIs can affect people differently. For me it really helped with anxiety but it blunted my emotions. It also made drinking alcohol a no-no which doesn’t worry me these days. And... it made getting sexually aroused difficult though it got a bit better after a few years. But in a relationship emotions are important I guess so you have to weigh up the pros and cons. Best wishes.
  5. Yes BelAnna. I don’t think I have seen the most recent series. I watch the repeats on Freeview when my Mum has it on. Port Isaac looks very nice.
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