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  1. Try... https://imgur.com/HzzaeCS double click to enlarge.
  2. USA (as in surfing usa the beach boys song)
  3. So hard to shop for food AND socially distance.

    1. Ashley


      My dad made this point last night. It is, but I guess we just have to minimise risk as much as we can and try and avoid people as much as we can in there. 

  4. Soap and water should be fine. Simple soap (bars) are great and will last you ages compared to bottles of hand wash. So save some money! (Simple soap doesn’t seem to have perfume in which is good.) I’m sorry about your situation. I think you need to make an appointment with your GP and ask to be referred to a CMHT (community mental health team) and see if you can get CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) If you can’t get to your GP yet there are some good self help books you could get in the mean time. Good luck ☀️
  5. I have koumpounophobia (a fear of buttons) and had it from when I was a baby. But it’s not really debilitating - I wish it were my only phobia.
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