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  1. Well done Emma Raducanu 🙂

    1. Avo


      Yes she was brilliant, I watched it on Channel 4. it was a pulsating game both players were excellent. What a battler Fernandez is. 

      Well done Emma - nerves of steel and some incredible Tennis. 

  2. St Johns Wort works for some people. I tried it but not for long enough to notice much. I’ve never tried chamomile tea but it’s supposed to be good for anxiety. My sister said it doesn’t taste very nice so I guess you could take the odd chamomile capsule. I don’t know how safe it is.
  3. I was prescribed Diazepam by an emergency GP (it was the weekend) as I wasn’t sleeping and was very anxious. I couldn’t come off it by myself so went to a psych ward where they gave me different benzodiazepines while changing my other medication. You might be fine on it as it doesn’t sound like you are on any other medication which might complicate matters.
  4. Best wishes BelAnna. Be careful if you do get the diazepam. x
  5. Listen to ivybasil she gives good advice! I am ok maybe my situation is a bit better. I have been hoarding PPE and have too much stuff for the household bin collections. I have to move out inevitably and redecorate the room once I can clear it. I worry about my Dad as he smokes and drinks… at least he works I guess which keeps him on the straight and narrow.
  6. It’s normal to be anxious about these matters. I have similar things going on. Maybe as we have OCD the anxiety is heightened. Not sure what more I can say to help without giving you reassurance. Do you have a friendly CPN you can talk to?
  7. It sounds like body dysmorphia. But, I wouldn’t worry about it - we are what we are.
  8. Error (“syntax error” used to come up a lot when doing Basic programming on old 8 bit computers)
  9. Moser you need a check up from the neck up. Speak to your doctor ASAP!
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