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  1. There’s a fly in the kitchen possibly landing in the fruit bowl. Should I be worried?

    1. taurean


      Now come on Daja. How long have you been on this planet, along with flies? You know the answer. 

    2. daja


      LOL thanks Roy.

  2. Hey BelAnna glad your Mum got the all-clear. 😊
  3. Bought some chilli plants today 🌶 they look really healthy and only £1 each with the money going to the RNLI. And I bought a strawberry plant from the supermarket the other week and it is really healthy. 🍓 

  4. I had a bird poop on my hand the other week. Yes it bothered me at first but I didn’t do anything about it until the anxiety subsided. Thereafter it slipped from my memory (until now!)
  5. I just watched this. Having had psychosis I found this a bit of a tear jerker.
  6. This has been a fear of mine too. It was in the news again recently. Read an article about it by accident (ie. i didn’t search for it) on a social media platform the other day. The aim of the knowledgeable poster was to put things in perspective. I can’t share it with you as that would be reassurance!
  7. What PolarBear says. I’m sorry for your loss. I have contamination OCD but getting on a plane is not something I worry about. Best wishes.
  8. I worry about if I have to visit loved ones in hospital if they are going to have radiation therapy etc. Which makes me feel selfish. We had a lovely neighbour who had esophagus cancer. I should have visited her in hospital.
  9. Thanks for sharing Sputnik. I like the ‘how to beat fear’ story. 😊
  10. I wish I could offer you advice. I have the same problem. ☹️
  11. *anxious*

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    2. taurean


      Indeed. I doubt your folks are sitting with a load of anxiety over this. 

      And I doubt they are careless people. 

      So what does that tell you about what your OCD is saying, as opposed to what your nearest and dearest are saying? 

      To whom should you be listening? 

    3. daja


      I hear you Roy. I need another big tidy up which will relieve some anxiety.

    4. daja


      When I spoke to my Dad about the artex he said there are only small amounts of asbestos like 0.001 whatever. He can understate things sometimes.

  12. Now listen to some music on your CD player and enjoy! 🎧
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