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  1. Good manners spoil good food.

  2. “One day I’ll fly away”


    - Randy Crawford

  3. I’m sorry to hear this 😞 Are you getting help from a community mental healthcare team? Sorry I don’t know your history.
  4. Thanks Bella I am ok I hope you are too. I’ve had a different contamination fear today... kind of coming to terms that it’s not rational after lots of washing...
  5. Hi Jumbo, it realised many on this forum like bleach - funny huh. I like hydrogen peroxide as it breaks down much quicker I think but it’s expensive. Thanks for your comments ClosedForRepairs unfortunately this isn’t my only worry at the moment. I will re-read your post sometime. Always good to read you dksea. That helps BellAnna in that if I got it on my clothes I would stain them or if got it on my skin it would sting. That’s true so I guess I am worried about trace elements.
  6. I am phobic of bleach. When I use it for the toilet I use gloves. My mum touches the bottle and I fear bleach gets on the toilet flush button and door handles. I have changed my clothes a lot over the past couple of days after brushing against the door handles. Pathetic huh? Would love reassurance but it’s not the done thing with OCD 😞
  7. I was grabbing a bag at the supermarket self service checkout and it dropped to the floor so I got a different one. The lady next in the queue with her partner picked it up to give it to me. I felt really bad but I said I wanted a new one. She asked why. I said i thought it was dirty. Her partner put the “dirty” bag on the hanger. I felt like a bit of a crackpot. So they look at my shopping and it was so for a load of fragrance free wet wipes and I could see them realising I have some sort of problem. The lady turned around and was whispering to her partner. I apologised lol
  8. daja

    BBC Casualty

    My Mum watched it. Will ask her what she thought of it when I next see her.
  9. I’m sorry for the situation. This lady is a good private CBT specialist: Katie d’Ath She has her own website and has some videos on YouTube. Best of luck.
  10. If you think you can do it or you think you can’t do it you are right.

  11. If you think you can do it or you think you can’t do it you are right.
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