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  1. It comes with all sorts of warnings on the spray can. My fear is it spreading on stuff that touches it. If the power of the residue faded that would help.
  2. Yes I agree. It’s late. I’m tired. Will sleep on it. Thanks Roy and Lost.
  3. My brothers are 15 years younger than me so more carefree. I don’t think I can make a big stand against what my OCD is telling me - at the moment. I have brushed past it (or imagined I did) a couple of times today and refocused avoiding changing clothes when I initially wanted to unlike at the weekend which was hell. The only good thing to this is that it’s put other fears much lower down on the hierarchy.
  4. When I got back from holiday there was an insect killer aerosol can on the wooden chest outside my room. I asked my brother what happened and he said my other brother had a cactus plant in his room which became infested with ants. If you look on top of the wooden chest you can see tiny dead ants. Insect repellent I can just about deal with but insect killer fills me with dread. My brother must have put the plant on the chest and blasted it with the spray. Now I am fearful of the chemicals spreading and me brushing past it or anyone putting stuff on it (like when someone goes in the loft or puts a cup of tea on it) like my washed clothes which were going on there.
  5. Should i get flu jab just 5 days before OCD conference?

  6. daja

    Birthday OCD

    Happy birthday!
  7. TMS Device Cleared to Treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder https://www.psychiatryadvisor.com/obsessive-compulsive-and-related-disorders/brainsway-deep-transcranial-magnetic-stimulation-system-tms-obsessive-compulsive-disorder/article/800985/
  8. Do it Bruce. Every time I leave the UK I escape a lot of my anxiety.
  9. Going to Turkey for a fortnight from the 25th.

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    2. lostinme


      Defo, they are my favourite part of my Christmas dinner :yes:

      Hope your doing ok daja and you have a good holiday :)

    3. taurean


      I shall think of you Daja as I sip a sherry from the Turkish coffee glasses I bargained for in the bazaar in Marmaris, southern Turkey. 

    4. daja


      Hehe Lost I agree and thanks. Thanks Roy and enjoy your sherry.

  10. daja

    OCD or Psychosis?

    I think of them as possible false memory or false alarms when I think I’ve brushed against something I am not comfortable brushing against. It’s difficult the not knowing if I did or not.
  11. daja


    When you get these thoughts REFOCUS on to some other thoughts.
  12. Oh Paul you’ve been through the wars. Twelve years sober is a great achievement.
  13. Yeah I am in a similar situation. I try not to moan at my Dad too much because his age and all the stresses he has with my sisters etc I am back home again and i’m now 40. *hug*
  14. I would struggle albeit for different reasons. Chewing gum in the loo! Yuck.
  15. Yes Roy thanks. I haven’t reacted too bad. So no compulsions. I refocused on a tele programme. Doing ok.