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  1. I was in a psych ward five years ago and there were heroin and crack addicts there I couldn’t stand it. I was scared of getting hiv and hep b/c as I was in such close proximity to them. Somehow I’m alive still and the staff at the ward are too I imagine.
  2. Bleach sounds a bit extreme! Tackle this Jumbo - get to that supermarket and let us know what goodies you buy.
  3. I had it with a past girlfriend when I was on an SSRI. Now I am on a mood stabiliser I have the opposite problem and sometimes wish to be back on the SSRI.
  4. I’ve been watching Who Wants To Be a Millionaire... always good to watch I find. I really liked the black chap on tonight he was so positive with a beaming smile especially when an intelligent guess delivered the goods. He said he was blessed... I think he is right. He didn’t finish so carried over to the next one either tomorrow, next week, or whenever it’s on next. Someone wins a million this series apparently.
  5. Hehe well I was on Prozac for over 5 years and as you know it takes time to start helping. For me it was at about 3 months onwards.
  6. That’s great you got off the cannabis, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine - keep it that way if you can. I don’t want to say either way about whether you should go on an SSRI as they affect us all differently. Whatever happens you’ve got this.
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