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  1. Cliff Richard “On Saviour’s Day”.  Choon!

    1. taurean


      Have you just discovered it? 

    2. daja


      No it’s a perennial favourite. Nice view of Dorset in the video.

  2. Here’s some hobbies you could take up: Reading Watching TV Family Time Going to Movies Fishing Computer Gardening Renting Movies Walking Exercise Listening to Music Entertaining Hunting Team Sports Shopping Traveling Sleeping Socializing Sewing Golf Church Activities Relaxing Playing Music Housework Crafts Watching Sports Bicycling Playing Cards Hiking Cooking Eating Out Dating Online Swimming Camping Skiing Working on Cars Writing Boating Motorcycling Animal Care Bowling Painting Running Dancing Horseback Riding Tennis Theater Billiards Beach Volunteer Work
  3. Going with a mate to get a curry tonight :-)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. daja


      Lamb balti sounds nice Avo.

    3. gingerbreadgirl


      Ah this sounds nice :) I've just ordered a veg bhuna and this thread has made me salivate at the prospect! 

    4. daja


      Enjoy GBG! Sounds tasty.

  4. daja

    Feeling so alone

  5. I really like crosswords and arrow words. There is a good Apple app called “puzzle cards”
  6. I used to get cracked bleeding hands many years ago. Now I use Simple Soap. No perfume or whatever in it so no problem. And/or just use water on its own to clean lightly dirty hands.
  7. News article... https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/ocd-rita-simons-eastenders-im-a-celebrity-obsessive-compulsive-disorder-symptoms-treatment-a8643851.html
  8. “Meanwhile, Rita (Simons) is reportedly hoping a stay in the Australian jungle will help with her insomnia and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), while also boosting her career options.”
  9. BBC: 'I call my OCD Olivia' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-45879034
  10. Yes BelAnna the GP said it was either an in growing hair or a blackhead.
  11. Had a ruthless tidy up today having put it off for ages. Filled 4 bin bags. Weight off my shoulders.

    1. taurean


      Ruthless daja! Cripes :)


    2. BelAnna


      Well done Daja! 

  12. Good advice gingerbreadgirl. Keep soldiering on Kaheath. x