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  1. Looking forward to getting under my duvet once my meds kick in.

  2. Hi Jumbo. How are you? Have you decided what to get on your next shop?
  3. Jumbo, you haven’t sat with your anxiety long enough yet. Probably not even 24hours since they delivered. give it a day. Then 3 days. Then 1 week. Then re-evaluate. whatever will be will be.
  4. Just kidding... what’s done is done now. Any potential trace of blood would be dead now I would have thought. So move on. Sit with the anxiety while it subsides. Get your shopping in your cupboards and eat some food.
  5. He probably had hepatitis C. Throw all your shopping away.
  6. Just get the freaking shopping delivered!
  7. Did you get your shopping delivered Jumbo?
  8. Don’t feed the fear Jumbo. Get your shopping delivered.
  9. My friend grows a bunch of toxic plants including datura and brugmansia. Hyoscine which is in the sea/travel sickness medicine “Kwells” is from that bunch of plants I think I read. And I’ve seen datura tablets on sale in my local health shop. Put the gloves on and get rid of it no need to shower.
  10. I wish I could help you but I don’t know what to say.
  11. I think it’s raining...

  12. Some bloke smoking a roll-up aged around 50 came up to me and said: “cheer up it might never have happened”.  Cheers mate!

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