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  1. OCD Support Forums

    1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

      We don't need to tell you how debilitating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) can be, but maybe by working together we can use shared experiences to help, guide and support each other along the journey of recovery.

    2. Family, Friends and Carers (FFC)

      This is the place for parents, partners, friends and carers of OCD sufferers to discuss and offer mutual support and understanding to each other.

  2. Lockdown Support

    1. Lighthearted Lockdown Chit Chat

      To help distract from the anxiety and worries of lockdown, until the crisis is over we have enabled a non-OCD 'take a break' forum for fun and lighthearted conversations. 

    2. Lockdown Cooking and Recipes Sharing

      A forum to share simple and easy recipes with minimal ingredients.  Please respect each others food choices.

  3. OCD Relevent Discussion Forums

    1. OCD in the Media

      For many of us, initial awareness of our illness came through coverage of OCD in the media. This forums provides you with the opportunity to provide constructive feedback on media coverage of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

    2. OCD Awareness - The positive and negative

      This is your place to share experiences of the positive and negative way in which OCD is viewed and spoken about.  It's also your place to share ideas about how we can work together to change perceptions about how people view OCD.

      OCD Awareness Week: in collaboration with the US based OCD Foundation we promote OCD Awareness Week each October.

    3. National Health Service (NHS) and Dept of Health (DOH)

      An opportunity to discuss and debate the National Health Service (NHS), Department of Health (DOH) and all relevant health related papers and policies relevant to mental health.

  4. OCD-UK Charity Forums

    1. OCD-UK Fundraising

      OCD-UK needs your help to work with even more people affected by OCD. We have lots of ways you can help, or perhaps you want to participate in an organised fundraising event, or you want support to help you fundraise for OCD-UK.

    2. Volunteering

      This is the place that we will advertise volunteer opportunities and where you can post about getting involved with our charity.

  5. OCD-UK Members Only Area - A little extra for those that support OCD-UK

    1. OCD-UK Members Only Area

      This forum is restricted to OCD-UK members only to discuss any OCD or OCD-UK subject with other OCD-UK members. You will also find details of charity news and details of the upcoming local social events.

      • OB1
    2. Central Perk

      This is the place to post all your other non OCD related discussions, just the sort of conversations that are best left to be shared with your friends.... see what we did there?!!

    3. News and current affairs

      The forum to discuss and debate all news and current affair issues. Debate politely and with respect to other users opinions please.

    4. Food, Glorious Food

      A place to share your culinary creation ideas and recipes.

    5. Reviews - Books, Films, Gigs, Shows, Consumer Product

      This is the place to post all your reviews, from book reviews, to concerts, films, theatre shows, anything, consumer product or comapny reviews and even holiday reviews. Constructive reviews, or we will delete!  

      To buy any of these from Amazon, please use our affiliate link to earn us a small donation. Click here for Amazon.

    6. Television, Celebs and Showbiz

      An opportunity to discuss your favourite celeb or television series from the soaps to 24 through to Scrubs (No TV spoilers though!). Or a place to talk about the latest Kardashian or reality TV headline grabbing moment! 

      • Avo
    7. Sport

      For all us armchair fans with more opinions than talent, an opportunity to discuss all your favourite sporting action.  (Excluding Darts, it's not a sport!). Debates allowed, team abuse (without justification) is not.


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