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  1. Probably lots of other's too 😁
  2. 1. Social media - I have things I'd rather be doing. 2. Powerful dramas. 3. Burger bars. 4. TV streaming services - sadly becoming the rage. 5. Violent computer games. Plenty of great non-violent ones available. 6. Baseball. 7. American football. 8. Soaps on TV. 9. Lots of cake. 10. Expensive mobile phones.
  3. I used frozen ones, cooked from frozen, but no doubt fresh could be used with appropriate baking time. Use portions appropriate for two persons, or adjust recipe for more. Preheat oven to fan 180 degrees, or gas mark 6. Lay the fillets on a layer of oiled cooking foil on a baking tray. When oven at correct temperature, insert tray in middle of oven and cook for 20-25 minutes approx (adjust time to your oven). Meanwhile, simmer some slightly chopped baby new potatoes on the hob for 20 minutes. Add a sprinkling of herbs de Provence. Use some frozen or fresh green vegetables as a compliment to the dish. When serving, you may wish to add a flurry of ground black pepper onto the salmon fillets. Enjoy
  4. There will be another meeting of our personal "Cobra" emergency committee today over breakfast. Persons present - Julie and Roy, and two soft toys representing the soft toy collection and the garden birds 😁 One item on the agenda - substitute podiatry for Roy's neanderthal, difficult to reach feet - can be removed; by using a mini kitchen stool I was able to do the work myself 😊
  5. One way we can get through the day currently is to stretch out what tasks we do have available to us. E. G. There might be (depending of course on personal circumstances) no necessity to clear up the kitchen in one go, answer outstanding correspondence in one go, clean the home in one go.
  6. It's only one degree centigrade outside. Who would be wanting to go out anyway in that? πŸ˜‚
  7. Well this will be from the freezer and the cupboard. Tonight I will be preparing a "salmon surprise" using salmon fillets from the freezer. The surprise is that, at the moment, even the cook has no idea what he will serve with it, what sauce he might make, what herbs he might use. But there will be some mixed salad accompaniment, and a little touch of black pepper from our grinder.
  8. Soon starting third week of government restrictions, but getting used to it now.Β 

  9. On either side of me my neighbours, due to their great age and various medical conditions, are in a full lockdown situation. They are both widowed and live on their own. But their spirits are high. We had a long telephone conversation with our semi-detached neighbour yesterday, and she was doing fine - used to being confined to home anyway as she is wheelchair-bound. On the other side, separated by a wide passageway and fence, our other immediate neighbour smiles at us and waves frantically when we see her in her kitchen. They both make it their business to be happy. What an example this is. Let's all make it our business to be happy. Think happy thoughts. Find happy things to do. Acquire a happiness psychology, a happy bias to our thinking.
  10. As John Donne said, "no man (or woman) is an island". And by interacting and sharing we build that connectivity to others that so helps mental health.
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