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  1. The exposure work is great and an inspiration to us. But until you have the cognitive awareness to challenge the underlying core belief that is yelling threat at you I suppose that is all you can practically do. Have you any idea how long the wait might be for that therapy?
  2. Great stuff Ashley. OCD is one big exaggerator and liar, but sadly to the sufferer it may be so utterly convincing in some measure. And probably Nicola won't see any issue threat or concern with where her workstation is - but that's how this illness works.
  3. Hi Tez. I always use the statistics and the fact that it's not all about checking and contamination. There are common themes and subthemes, but OCD works the same way - exaggeration falsehood or revulsion. An OCD sufferer will focus onto, and obsess about, things that a non-sufferer can easily dismiss. And the behavioural response to obsessions by carrying out compulsions only makes things worse.
  4. The beard looks good too 😁 I imagine there is a problem with a chain of contamination linked in here, and maybe between locations. Keep up the good work on exposures.
  5. Learning then hard work  makes changes, new habits will keep them going. 

    1. Andrea


      Loving your status Roy, making positive changes can make the difference :57439eb60db27_thumbup:

  6. I find this spread of awareness really helps me cast off any stigma for having OCD. Here is how we can help others. And I no longer feel reticent talking about my OCD. Do I get adverse responses? Of course I do. I will engage with that person if reasoned debate seems possible - otherwise I just let it be and move on. My worst moments of awareness spreading. Two young doctors asking me the theme of my OCD. I was totally honest with them. They were shocked horrified worried uncertain how to deal. I told them a little bit more about why OCD thoughts are false, exaggerated or revulsive, and they seemed to trust me and that was good.
  7. Yes I am very happy with my own little contribution. And I am really pleased as to how OCD-UK's young ambassador programme is developing. Those kids will be powerful spreaders of awareness right into an area of especial need within their regular circle.
  8. Having read the journey you have been on since OCD effectively took over, it is a shame that this last area of contamination connections is proving so difficult - and I hope so much that you will find the cognitive and behavioural professional help to work through and render the thinking powering the problem benign. But what is happening here with your behavioural work on exposure Ashley is a real reminder to everyone that when we may be managing things well, if we let avoidance creep in then we are giving belief to what the OCD would say - and that will let it in again. We all need to keep exposure work maintained as part of our ongoing "homework" Keep going Ashley, you are so much an inspiration and, with the right help, you will overcome these remaining obstacles.
  9. Perhaps the Ralph Lauren one will get an outing in the Northampton during conference weekend
  10. Out and about in Northampton Town Centre today I realised just how close the conference hotel is to the bus centre, the Drapery Road with extra bus termini along it (buses and taxis only) the market place, the banks (in Drapery and Abington Street) , and the market square and Grosvenor shopping mall. And surrounding pubs restaurants and snack and coffee bars. For those coming to conference and staying for the weekend, there is loads to do around the town - and local environment - on Sunday. Including 3 literally just out of town shopping centres. The one just two minutes south of the St Peter's way roundabout on the southern inner ring road has amongst others a B & Q and a massive "The Range".
  11. Don't worry Ashley, I like my father went grey around your age, so why not reframe it as hereditary 😁
  12. For me the concept would be better if the electrode was inside a special cap, not invasively inserted. I would simply wear the cap for say sessions in the morning or evening with a box of gizmos say attached to my belt. Or maybe they could link via Bluetooth 😁
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