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  1. As a teenager I was very interested in electronics, and repaired a TV and a radio gram. Health and safety wouldn't have let me do that now. But the little radio gram was a gift from an uncle if I could fix it, which I did. I think it had medium wave long wave and short wave radio, and 3 speeds of records. I found playing music greatly helped me to study. And one of my favourite records for that was Dvorak's New World Symphony. We have kept a small collection of LPs and singles and I can still play these on my own Panasonic system. The records belonged to me and both our
  2. I don't know. People would normally want weekly sessions, and that's what I have always had when in therapy, wherever. The idea being that you complete sessions until both parties agree therapy has done its job. Then that frees up the therapist to act for another patient. You would need to ask them and explain your reasoning and see if it's possible.
  3. I have used theMindworks in London and they have a team of clinical psychologists there. Anyone you use now will likely be via technology, but of course that helps re travel issues. The top people Hal mentioned may not be available, but others in their practices may be perfectly suitable so worth checking out. The main OCD-UK website gives advice on checking suitability of therapists.
  4. Something else that can be done is learn something new online or from books. Cookery, music theory, a new language, how to do some DIY. You can discover new radio stations, new artists, new genre of music. Watch concerts and plays online, discover new authors. Visit galleries and museums virtually. Visit towns and cities through online guides, Google maps and Google earth. Play some card or board games. Expand your general knowledge by watching quizzes. We listen to radio a lot. Julie talk radio on radio 4. Me more music of a gentle nature like Smooth,
  5. "OCD loves a vacuum", so we do best when there is a lot to occupy us. In the original lockdown last year we were coming into Spring and our newly-landscaped front and back gardens needed planting up. Although garden centres weren't open, a nearby DIY store that sold plants was so we sourced the plants there and spent days working in the garden. It was great. This lockdown our bungalow retirement home is all sorted so we have had to look for other involved things to do. We have virgin TV and recording capability , sky and BT sports sky cinema and Netflix. We read a lot, do p
  6. First day this year out working in the garden.

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      Nice one Roy 🙂

  7. I will update. In the front garden Julie's hard landscaping work last year is paying off and the bulbs she planted are sprouting. We both have painting by numbers sets to tackle. Mine is of the brilliant steam locomotive "Flying Scotsman". We both love Scotland.
  8. This is very well expressed Ashley and many of us can relate to it. I think we might also consider the bravery and fortitude of family and friends and Co-workers who live our OCD with us, whoever and how close they are. We may feel pretty lonely, but being close to a sufferer can be a lonely, upsetting place to be, wanting to help but not being able to do much other than assist in getting help, and carrying out the therapy.
  9. But that is a really low dose of Sertraline. The typical usual dose is 100mg, 4 x what you are having. I am on 50mg, considered the safest dose for a 70 year old. Mind you we do react differently to medication.
  10. Hi Sarah. Things needing to be comfortable or just right is typical OCD. We challenge that by doing the opposite to what it says. In my case I stopped counting to 1,000,000. I stopped trying to avoid stepping on the cracks between the paving stones. And I stopped feeling uncomfortable if I happened to see the church spire at night. Because those were new rituals at a young age, and I reasoned for myself they were pointless, I was able to stop them quickly. If rituals are ingrained then, even without a threat consequence, it is harder to break the compul
  11. Magical thinking attaches fear or threat to things that don't actually have it, hence it's" magical" as only our OCD recognises it. In fact your OCD has convinced you that you broke one of its "rules" and thought of that number at that time. To work further on your magical thinking buy the book "Break Free From OCD" by Salkovskis, Bream Oldfield and Challacombe. This will help you challenge the magical thinking and its suggested threat on a sustained basis. Coming back to that fear regarding the number 26, do you think other people consider it bad? If not, why do you think that
  12. These symptoms might also be the result of mental distress. We easily burn up energy when our mind is overactive, and hair loss can be due to anxiety or worry. I have used both these drugs and only experienced those symptoms during a bad episode of OCD.
  13. Heavt snow on the way.

  14. The stress is you having to be around for the delivery or make other arrangements! I could have Prime, but neither of us are keen to regularly use Amazon when we will be able to use the shops. Would I want the streaming service? Not really. We have full house Virgin TV with Sky channels and sport, plus Netflix already.
  15. When I am feeling stressed, my muscles tense as fight or flight kicks in. It's not something that especially bugged me when I was working, of which I am quite proud. But it has been an issue in the lockdown. What helps is looking to elicit what Herbert Benson called the "relaxation response". In his clinic in America he would utilise various relaxation techniques to bring this on. We can all find what suits us to elicit this response. We might need to come to terms with reality first off, because otherwise that which is causing the stress is not being addressed.
  16. A walk is good. Keeping local for this is boring but necessary. Our conscience is clear on doing everything necessary to safeguard ourselves and others. And I think that helps with stress. We both like puzzles. They anchor nicely into the here and now, and are fulfilling. At my mother-in-law's retirement flats there was also a major jigsaw puzzle in work in the lounge, and everyone could have a go anytime.
  17. For me, a good light-hearted book and some soft music is top of the tree. Not something that thrills, rather something that soothes. Watching a film, or playing a family board game, will help folks to help each other. I am a great advocate of meditation. This is something I especially like to do in the evening and I have some special music on CD for this. Or I play a guided meditation and focus within. Alcohol, smoking, gambling all heighten arousal so won't help stress. Anything addictive won't. Love, kindness, care and helping each other will.
  18. My favourite is Argos, but I need to click and collect small items. Whereas Anazon/Amazon markets don't discriminate in this way and will deliver anything. Amazon is great for tracking down obscure things such as stylii for turntables, milk bottle pourers and the like. We do favour trips to the shops, but even out of town shopping malls have been decimated by Covid-19.
  19. Maybe it would help to do some cognitive work on the revulsion you feel. Look at how the world works with regard to urine. Why doesn't anyone in general have these fears and yet they are able to live fine without constantly cleaning washing and worrying? Most of us likely take reasonable care, and after that forget it. Same with other themes of OCD. What is urine? It is the waste product from our body. It is easily cleaned away and will wash out in the washing machine. The way to break the pattern is to draw up a hierarchy of triggers around your concerns with urine. Then, wor
  20. Go for a walk, with or without dog! Read a book Write something - letter, feature, short story. Clean Garden Ring or zoom someone Cook
  21. Icy and slushy outside. But my wellies did well, no especial difficulties. It's hard being locked down, but you do sort of get used to it. Without technology we would be stuffed. Even our invites for the covid-19 vaccination came via text message.
  22. My Sainsbury delivery was cancelled due to snow. But rebooked for next Monday. Warm here, we can cook read write and have covid vaccine apps for Friday.
  23. Snowing continuously .

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      I am so cold I think my radiator needs bleeding.

  24. Heavy snow forecast But it's warm inside and there are puzzles books TV radio music and cooking.
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