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  1. I drove past a farm today displaying the notice "cracking eggs for sale" 😁
  2. Please click on blogs from the forums menu button (browse then blogs) and read my latest entry. I look forward to any comments ☺️

  3. My wife and I are doing OK, obeying the government rules on the Covid-19 pandemic, and hoping others are too. Because only if we keep infections down will the government be able to make further lockdown easures. We are both good spiritually and, generally, physically - though we have conditions that we have to manage. Being able to go fishing - as you see I have enjoyed such a trip - and go to the Garden centre is perfect for us. We are concerned about everyone affected by the pandemic - but refuse to worry as there is nothing more we can personally do. Having the gardens has been our salvation during lockdown - the picture shows some of the work in progress to bring colour to the back garden through planting - and we are now starting a new project for climbing plants, probably clematis.
  4. Have a safe, sensible, bank holiday weekend in UK folks. Weather looks good.Β 

  5. My wife Julie has been really active encouraging me to get involved in cooking (and photography) again. And she has been showing me that a way simpler than the razzmatazz of recipe books can bring great results too. We defrosted two thin rump steaks. Trimmed off surplus fat at the edge. Then fried the steaks in a large frying pan, using just enough cooking oil (we use walnut, it is brilliant) then adding water periodically so the meat simmers in the pan. Turn regularly, cover in between. Until fully cooked. The surprise is how simple this is. And the water keeps the meat succulent and juicy, stops it shrinking. We teemed it up with mashed potatoes and cabbage. Delicious ☺️
  6. It's Roy's 70th birthday today folks. Feel free to join the virtual party via emojis.Β 

  7. To me it's such a shame that government seems only to be truly realising the value of our NHS, and how under-resourced it is, in a pandemic situation. Apparently, according to the press, they have even been writing off some health trusts' accumulated losses now, including ours. Seemingly they want it to have a fresh start. Northampton has been badly hit by Coronavirus and there have been many deaths at Northampton General and Kettering General Hospital. But these hospitals are serving a rapidly-expanding community, with new housing estates going up all over the county - and the NHS is forced to outsource large amounts of work to private hospitals. There never seems a lack of money to provide new schools that are needed for these developments - so why not an additional hospital? And the health service will be finding itself pressured on the mental healthcare side too by the new arrivals, and the resultant ongoing mental health problems caused by the coronavirus. I would like to see government understanding the need for that additional NHS hospital and mental health resources. Perhaps now they might see the need.
  8. Happy St George's Day all in England :England:

  9. Some nice choices in there. Fibrous is good - it conjures up, for me, an image of celery πŸ˜‰ But here is a cracker - funicular, as in funicular railway. It rolls of the tongue beautifully.
  10. Long words give feeling and depth. Utilitarian is a cracker - it conjures up something majestic, really important.
  11. Yes. We are on the threshold of great things here πŸ™‚
  12. Chilly wind due - but warmth within us if we believe in our own capacity to overcome.Β 

  13. I like the word epic, because it conjures up those monster movies of old like "Spartacus" "The Ten Commandments" "Cleopatra"- so long there was an intermission between the halves. I also like it , because it has a pleasing connotation too - If something is "epic", colloquially it is something special - and there are lots of things special to me.
  14. Took (don't think this story will make the bestseller charts 😁)
  15. Must admit I loved Honor Blackman too. She was great as Pussy Galore in Gold finger, but terrific in The Avengers as Cathy Gale, partner of John Steed, played by Patrick MacNee.
  16. Well nothing wrong with happy recollections. In those days so much of our TV (just two channels) was American material. I was pretty sold on the actress who played Della Street in Perry Mason. Just googled her - Barbara Hale. Lived to 94.
  17. I can understand that attraction. I loved the black and white movies πŸ“½οΈ I was pretty struck on Jane Fonda, especially in Barbarella-guise πŸ™‚
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