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  1. Thanks Chirpy for your reply , it is so kind of you. Yes I think one moment at a time is key. I find I can't concentrate on TV or reading etc at the moment. And I find going for a walk impossible but I like the idea of cross stitch you need to concentrate but not in the same way. I will give it a try. I have some embroidery thread in my sewing box so even if I just practice a stitch or something. Thank you
  2. Thankyou Bookworm what a lovely kind reply. I will look for some yoga and I think I'm going to get headspace. It may be money but I need it.i will make a list too and definitely cuddle the guinea pigs. Thank you so much I just needed to know that I'm not alone and someone to tell me where to begin. Thankyou
  3. I have got so so many spikes coming at me at once. I wake up in a panic already and my body is ridgid with fear and I find it hard to get out of bed and see people and do what needs to be done. I went back on fluoxotine on Wednesday which helped for a couple of days (it is usually the case for me that I notice a difference quickly) but my physical reactions have come back. I need to beat this but I just don't know where to begin . Please can anyone offer me some suggestions. Thankyou
  4. I had this great idea of all the wonderful things I would do. This had not happened these are stressful times. I think the things on social media , like with social media anytime, are unrealistic snap shots of people's lives. We are going to be in for a while yet so you can take your time to get where you want to be. I have one or two small goals each day which are manageable but over time will add up. There is no right or wrong and certainly no criticism on how anyone is doing things. Think of something you would like to do and go from there first.
  5. And thank you from me too. This forum helps me so much THANKYOU
  6. I think the more you send and the more you check the more confused you are going to get. I have done this before and then checked and checked and then just can't think rationally about it. Personally I would leave it now, but having been there I do know how hard that is. Say u will leave it until a certain time/ day and I think by this time the urgency to do it may have passed. Also think about would a non OCD sufferer be worried about the thing that u r worried about. I have had this type of OCD a lot were I want to confess when actually the thing I want to confess wouldn't even bother most people it's just my OCD exaggerating everything. Hope this helps. I have been there and it does pass.
  7. Negative My son's 12 birthday today. Positive He is so happy., Bought him games online .my artistic daughter made him an amazing picture.and family donated to charity on his behalf and I've let him off schoolwork today.
  8. X-eedingly good cakes, basically anything by Mr.Kipling!!!!!
  9. In such difficult times we have a lot to deal with.i know it's not a hug cub but I do think coming on here helps. It's sort of contact and especially good because people understand. It feels like sort of popping to visit someone when I go on here to see how everyone's doing. I think we are all doing well and I agree with bookworm about the day at a time. That's how I've always dealt with my OCD. Bookworm I have guinea pigs too, they are the most delightful little animals and help me too. If you want to talk guinea pig i'm here. All the best to you both we can do this
  10. I can't got rid of these two quote boxes from when I tried to quote yesterday so apologies everyone. What I wanted to say had helped me bookworm is A, going back on meds And B , every time a thought pops into my head of when I could have contaminated some one I quickly say "count back from 311 in 27s "or some such puzzle which distracts me significantly enough to not engage with or analyse thought. Its not easy but I feel less shakey and calmer .
  11. Glad u are feeling better. That's a great film glad it helped you .as we start to feel better we can become aware of films etc . My goal at the moment is to relax and concentrate on something like book or TV.The fact that it spoke to you in this way is even better At the moment I am giving my self maths to do when a spike comes for instant distraction just to get my self on the mend. If something helps it's good.
  12. Great advice Orwell. I m going to use this too!
  13. "And let's remember OCD will take an inch of threat,however remotely possible,and turn it into a mile of danger " ( Sorry I can't use quote thing) This is what I have been doing Taurean . And because it's a real thing I was even doubting I had OCD . However I am reacting like this while no one else around me is, which I guess is what makes it ocd. The way my brain processes the given information however slight. Getting back on meds tomorrow . Hopefully things will improve . Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom. It has been especially helpful when I can't quite think straight at the moment
  14. Hi Try not to be too hard on yourself. Everything is in turmoil at the moment. I'm afraid to go out and not been out for ages and lots of people are even without OCD. Lots of people are also washing hands after touching post at the moment.i think it's a difficult time to challenge OCD because we are being asked to behave in a unique way. If I was you I'd have a calm chat with partner about what they feel is acceptable caution and try and build a way of doing things. My husband is very laid back but even he is wiping deliveries etc. The difference between me and him is that if I make a mistake or don't do do something I catasrophise to unbelievable lengths were as he says 'oh well I did my best '. I think in these times that's how OCD differs from non sufferers washing things. Use this down time to read lots of books and you will be suprised how much u gain.my fave is "when in doubt make believe " by Jeff Bell
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