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  1. Hi Alex, My first husband left me, he couldn't cope with my ocd but to be fair neither of us even knew about ocd or what I had back then. My now forever husband is amazing , but it has taken us a while to get to this stage. I think the pandemic has made everything harder and especially relationships. I have so many friends and family going through bad stuff and just can't be there. I think you are in a good position in that you know what the issues are and have expressed them on here. I understand if your gf has mental health issues too, it makes it harder.my adult daughter ha
  2. Thanks for reply Mariejo .it definitely helps that I am aware and live in times where mental health is not taboo like it was for my mum. I have 5 kids and 2 of them have degrees of this but we are always open and discuss it. I try so hard not to pass it on and often succeed. I remember the damage she did me was far worse than bacteria on a sweet could have done. Thank you x
  3. I believe my ocd comes from my mum (nature and nurture) when I was a kid she would ruin things like we'd have fun in a pool (if she ever let us in one) by later panicking us that it was contaminated or removing sweets she bought us because she thought we'd catch something from them. Luckily, unlike her, I am aware that this happens to me and that I could ruin things for my husband and children. I try not to voice my worries and spoil things for them but its so hard. Does anyone have any tips how I can be strong and not 'say it ' please and cope while it passes.eg. my children go in
  4. Hi Estelle, it seems like you are getting the right help put in place so well done. meds help me a lot so I hope they help you too. It seems like you understand that giving in doesn't help because a worse one comes a long. Personally I try not to give in and get distracted as quickly as I can . Put some things in place that absorb your thoughts to stop you thinking about these things when they arise. I see them as physical thoughts like clouds or a train passing which helps immensely. Or I say 'oh its ocd again you can't get me ' or something. I have similar experiences to you in that the
  5. I find coming on here really helps me . Its a good idea. Cbt should help and it sounds like you are getting help. I find if iam stressed and exhausted mine flares up throughout life, so I now look for signs of stress to stop it getting too bad. Also getting distracted helps massively so getting on with something absorbing or fun is a great step to feeling better. Hope this helps
  6. Personally I would try and beat it and not say anything. Its not the sexting that's the problem its ocd making you respond in this way. Tell ocd it won't beat you and get busy distracting yourself. I have had similar needs to confess all sorts of bizarre stuff and it does pass if you fight it, then it feels insignificant . Hope this helps
  7. Yeah this happens to me. I agree with Polar that its our perception of them due to ocd. I think it happens because we put too much pressure on ourselves over Christmas and its this stress that causes our ocd to flare up. Try and not see christmas as pressure to have a good time. I do a very reduced christmas and actually end up a lot less stressed and enjoy it more. My ocd generally centres around ' bad' things I've done at the moment, even 30 years ago and of no actual consequence. Its definitely a symptom of ocd. I try and treat it like any other trigger and label it as ocd and get busy
  8. Hi Bob, I have this same theme of ocd too. Thing is there is not a person alive who didn't do something weird or stupid as a kid. Its how we learn and its how we grow. The thing with ocd us it latches on to these things and makes them into something bigger.most people just look back and at best laugh and at worst cringe. It flares up for me when I am stressed or exhausted . Take time to care for yourself and get busy. Thats what I do, I get distracted by something demanding or something I like doing and the worry fades and eventually I think, why was I so bothered? I hope this
  9. I sometimes get caught in this checking cycle. The best thing that helped me was a book by Jeff Bell called "when in doubt makebelieve" .it really helped .
  10. Thank you everyone for your kind replies. It reassuring to know that people on here understand.thank you
  11. I don't have anyone to talk to when my OCD is bad. I seem to have no friends, lost touch when not wanting to go out, and now everyone is so busy and trying to cope with so much they have no time for me. I don't want to upset my family again as I was really bad with ocd at the beginning of lockdown and they need to deal with getting back to things too. Mental health services are overstretched. I don't know where to turn. Does anyone have any tips on making friends or any tips on coping with ocd alone Thank you
  12. The two things that help me are 1. Remind yourself you have not harmed anyone/pet. These are just thoughts, no one has ever been hurt. 2. See these thoughts ,which are OCD, as something that makes you great for dealing with the extra hardship you have, not a bad person. I say 'the wolves are running ' and see the thoughts as something I have to, and can , beat -as something separate from myself. In the same way you would beat a physical illness. I hope this helps it has helped me a lot.
  13. I watch the old comedies too like only fools and horses, father Ted. It's right they are comforting as they are familiar, I also know all the lines off by heart. If I get a trigger I put one on to distract myself long enough for it to pass. I never dreamt anyone else would do this to. I've watched Hetty wainthrop , father brown too they are escapism kind of cosy.and the royale family 'the golden egg cup' is the funniest thing I've ever watched.
  14. Awesome, that's how I ended up going out in the end. Think that is good all round advice for OCD. Well done and thanks for sharing,
  15. Thank you for your replies. They have been really helpful. I have planned a few things to try. Always grateful for how much chatting on here helps. Thank you .
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