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  1. I sometimes get caught in this checking cycle. The best thing that helped me was a book by Jeff Bell called "when in doubt makebelieve" .it really helped .
  2. Thank you everyone for your kind replies. It reassuring to know that people on here understand.thank you
  3. I don't have anyone to talk to when my OCD is bad. I seem to have no friends, lost touch when not wanting to go out, and now everyone is so busy and trying to cope with so much they have no time for me. I don't want to upset my family again as I was really bad with ocd at the beginning of lockdown and they need to deal with getting back to things too. Mental health services are overstretched. I don't know where to turn. Does anyone have any tips on making friends or any tips on coping with ocd alone Thank you
  4. The two things that help me are 1. Remind yourself you have not harmed anyone/pet. These are just thoughts, no one has ever been hurt. 2. See these thoughts ,which are OCD, as something that makes you great for dealing with the extra hardship you have, not a bad person. I say 'the wolves are running ' and see the thoughts as something I have to, and can , beat -as something separate from myself. In the same way you would beat a physical illness. I hope this helps it has helped me a lot.
  5. I watch the old comedies too like only fools and horses, father Ted. It's right they are comforting as they are familiar, I also know all the lines off by heart. If I get a trigger I put one on to distract myself long enough for it to pass. I never dreamt anyone else would do this to. I've watched Hetty wainthrop , father brown too they are escapism kind of cosy.and the royale family 'the golden egg cup' is the funniest thing I've ever watched.
  6. Awesome, that's how I ended up going out in the end. Think that is good all round advice for OCD. Well done and thanks for sharing,
  7. Thank you for your replies. They have been really helpful. I have planned a few things to try. Always grateful for how much chatting on here helps. Thank you .
  8. Thank you LM .just knowing someone understands helps a lot more than you realised .thank you for lovely reply. yeah I'm trying to find a way back to being things being a bit more normal too. I find making small steps - but keep making them -helped me a lot .I'm a lot farther on than I was and continue to progress. Sometimes it's hard to know what is OCD and what is common sense guidelines. At the moment I'm going with if there's a lot of 'what it's ' then it's likely OCD but it's even trickier these days. Thanks again for your reply.means a lot .
  9. Hi everyone , Since lock down I have worked on my OCD a lot . I feel I have made great progress. I have been to work, to shops even hospital. Considering in march I couldn't even leave my room I feel I have made progress. I have not been anywhere 'fun' and constantly hear if other people taking holidays, days out etc. The thing is I've always had an issue with travelling because I worry I'll need the loo. I always plan my days out around loos .eg if going to beach.which I think effects my families fun a lot. Lockdown was a relief for me as I didn't have to go out , but now I know I need to challenge this and I am getting extremely bored which is massively effecting my mental health. I don't know if this is OCD but I have hyper responsibility OCD which is making me not want to go out because I have chosen to . I have to go to work and food shop but I don't have to go on day out. I feel like if I could get over my toilet concerns I could also face this next level of leaving my comfort zone. Has anyone else experienced this or have any tips for me please .thank you.
  10. Yes I get exactly that. I find getting involved in something distracting helps a lot. Eg engrossing film, book, puzzle.
  11. Lots of people Google symptoms and would be tempted to. It's just harder for us because our OCD makes us react differently. We think it must be true because we read it, it is our reaction that is the problem. We can't read it and be objective. I make the mistake of googling symptoms sometimes but then I tell myself Google presents every scenario for millions of people ,it doesn't mean it's certain to us. You have booked an eye test which is a practical step, so well done. I try not to Google but if I slip up and do I just try and think I'm arming myself with a bit more background knowledge rather than assuming I have everything on there. I hope this helps, see the worry as OCD and know you are doing something practical. I have been there many times.
  12. I know it's OCD in the sense that I actually felt it coming on. I also know it's OCD because if what I have learned in counselling etc.i definately agree with what you say Dimmerswutch. Thank you that is good advice. I'm terrified to go back to how I was and I'm behaving manically trying to stop it. Not forgetting more non OCD everyday problems that everyone has. I think lack of things to do during this pandemic is making it harder and everything feels like an effort. Thank you I defo need to change how I am reacting. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  13. I have just had a really big spike. A massive worry that I am now going to have to fight with everything I have to prevent it totally debilitating me for a long time. The thing is for the past few days I've felt like I can't switch my mind off it's just been racing away constantly with all sorts of wierd thoughts, I can't sleep because of it. I have also become more aware of things around me like details on buildings etc. I did say to my husband I felt like my OCD was about to come on because of this. Is this something common to anyone else ? I've not been extra stressed or anything which I would normal look out for as a warning. Just my mind whirring . I am on meds which generally work very well. Any tips on how I can stop this from really putting my life on hold again as it often does would be really appreciated. Thank you everyone.
  14. Thank you for your replies. I've learnt it's the OCD that is the problem not the thing.eg. it's not the problem it's my response to it that causes my anxiety about it.
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