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  1. Going to our local town big switch on today, it sounds as though it will be a great event, music, dancing and soprano singer etc. This will test me being in such a huge crowd but looking forward to it :yes:

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :CarolSingers:

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    2. Avo


      Well done for coping with what sounds like a very stressful situation Lost. Maybe the organisers could look at doing things a bit differently next year? it does sound a dangerous situation.

    3. taurean


      Where were "Elf" and safety when they were needed?  :rudolph:  

    4. lostinme


      :lol: Roy, that made me chuckle 😂 

      I was very proud in myself on how well I coped in the situation, but I think Avo is definetly right I think they need to look at better organisation next year :yes:

  2. lostinme

    The best approach?

    Hi Emsie, From my personal experiences from issues I've overcome is simply not acknowledging the thought in any way. When I get a thought in things that no longer affect me it's literally seconds that it lasts and so no longer causes anxiety, I think this is where we need to be. I know that the issues I still have problems with is through thought, overthinking that causes more anxiety and this then becomes another problem. I attach fear, dread to the task in hand before I even start and I also say to myself its just a thought, but I'm afraid this can also become a reassurance behaviour so be very careful. At first it's just a thought works well whilst beginning a change in behaviour but after that I think it should become neutral like any other thought that goes through our minds throughout the day. Hope that makes sense, you don't say its just a thought for every single thought you have, so in some way it's still giving these thoughts importance. Hope this helps lost xx
  3. lostinme

    OCD UK Conference

    Yes total sense, it was a great day and I seem to be working better through my toughest challenges
  4. lostinme

    OCD UK Conference

    Sorry Ashley possibly an inappropriate word to have used, you know me and grammar sadly not a very good mix I think possibly it would have been better if I'd have said light hearted humour Thank you to Gemma and Laura too and everyone that took part it was obvious from the start that a lot of thought, hard work, time and preparation had gone into organising it
  5. lostinme

    OCD UK Conference

    Thank you so much Roy, Caramoole and Avo it took a lot of guts to do what I did without no family member by my side, even though I was with an associate a good part of the time it was still very daunting facing lots of challenges I had never faced alone before and I was petrified to say the least. But I got through it. Hopefully next year I will be able to face it totally alone and hopefully without the added issues that occurred.
  6. lostinme

    OCD UK Conference

    Thank you Roy if it wasn’t hard enough to face these challenges as it was you just wouldn’t even begin to believe the extra challenges I had to face too, it was unreal, but I came out of it unscathed, absolutely amazing 😉 feeling astonished, is this the new me? if it is I just love it 😍 The conference was just amazing 😉 the time, hard work and effort put into making this take place from all of the courageous people was absolutely outstanding to say the least. Ashley and all his co workers did OCDuk proud, this must have took an awful lot of preparation, hard work and time and they did the charity very proud. Everyone deserves a special thank you for making this a great informative day for us all. So a massive Thankyou to Ashley, Sue and all of his OCD charity co workers, volunteers, all of the exceptional health professionals, Claudia and jo for sharing their own experiences and Ian puleston, who set aside there own time to make all of this possible. It was a very informative, funny and emotional day
  7. lostinme

    OCD UK Conference

    Hi Rox, never give up hope, one day you will get there, it is hard but achievable If someone had told me 3 years ago that I would go to a OCD conference alone, stop in a hotel alone, eat out, use public toilets, mingle with strangers, make a drink, eat a sandwich without washing my hands first and be a six hour journey away from home etc, the list is endless, I would have said no way, it’s something I have never done in 50 years, but I did, I did it and not only that it’s unbelievable the unexpected things I also had to face on top of all this and if I can get through that I can get through anything. I think I’ve suprised myself and Im so proud because I didn’t breakdown and crumble even under such awful circumstances. So never give up hope, don’t give in trying because there is always a way it’s just you need to find what works best for you
  8. Feeling very tired tonight, I was at hospital until 4am this morning with my dad again bless him :( So won’t be long out of bed tonight 💤 

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    2. lostinme


      Thank you Avo and BelAnna, he’s doing good, he as had a small operation so fingers crossed all will go well and he doesn’t get sepsis again, that’s the worrying part and sadly this can be quite common with this procedure. 

    3. BelAnna


      Oh that's good to hear. I hope he doesn't get sepsis this time- that sounded so scary last time but hopefully they will start antibiotics quickly if they need to this time xx

    4. daja


      Fingers crossed for your Dad Lost.

  9. lostinme

    An update.

    That’s great news keep going
  10. This is great news BelAnna, keep up the great work you can do this x
  11. Thank you Emsie, your such a sweetie to be honest I’m dreading it, it’s the first time I’ve been away from home on my own so if I can achieve this I can achieve more. But sadly this week as been a bit of a downer and I’ve not managed my homework set but I’ve been really ill and I’ve had some emotional stuff happening so you know stress only makes things worse, but hey I can get back to it as soon as things settle again and I’m feeling better Really glad it was helpful for you, keep up the great work and never give up xx
  12. Hi ineedahug, Really sorry to hear your feeling so down at the moment. Firstly I’d like to say well done for taking some steps towards recovery Compulsions are bad and I think we can all say we don’t like doing them and they are what keep the OCD going. However it’s easier said than done to just stop them, if it was so simple we wouldn’t have a disorder and there wouldn’t be a need for such forums. I think both encouragement and positivity is one of the most important things on our journey, celebrate every little success no matter how small, make a point of doing this every time, praise yourself for every little achievement you’ve made. Stop seeing yourself as a failure it is very counterproductive and causes negativity that only brings your mood down and makes you feel less likely to continue. We have to remember that we are doing this for us, so encouragement and praise need to come more from within ourselves because it’s that that keeps us moving forward. Are you currently having CBT? and working through a heirachy from the easiest to the hardest? This really does help, it is the best treatment for OCD. Dont see yourself as a failure because you didn’t manage to stop doing a compulsion, just think ok I didn’t manage it this time but I could possibly do it next time and carry on with your day. It takes lots and lots of hard work, Courage and practice but eventually you will get there one step at a time
  13. That’s great news Emsie, I’m so pleased for you keep up the good work I just wanted to help make you aware of this, because this is something that prevented me from moving forward and to be honest it took me some time to even realise when I was neutralising a thought and also reassuring myself too. Homework as been going really well and I’m still pushing myself forward. The only issue I have at the moment is I keep falling ill, I think this must be the 5th cold I’ve had in the last couple of months or so I no sooner get over one I come down with another and this one is really taking it’s toll on me, just hoping I will be feeling much better for the conference Best wishes always lost x
  14. Hi Emsie, hope your ok and well What helped me the most to stop ruminating was to just think I’m not going there and continue with what I was doing beforehand and I’d do this each and every time it tried to drag me in. It takes lots and lots of practice and you will have times when you don’t even realise your doing it, but as soon as you do just do exactly the same and refocus your attention back to the job in hand. You have to be really careful not to neutralise the thoughts because this will just keep the cycle going. Hope this helps lost x
  15. This is when you have to learn to live with the uncertainty of never knowing Saz or look for other ways to accept it by self compassion and forgiveness. Firstly there is no evidence either way only what OCD throws at you over and over again. You can choose to look at it both ways, there is a possibility I didn’t do it? This is great you can forget about it, let it go and move on. Or there is a possibility you may have done it, if so you learn to accept it( that possibly I might have done) it was nothing more than a stupid drunken mistake, one i deeply regret and don’t intend to do ever again. So even without any evidence you learn to accept that both possibilities could be true and then work through both with self compassion and forgiveness and then you let it go, it’s done with, forgotten etc. This way the battle ends because you learn to accept the probability and the OCD as no where to go. Hope this helps Saz, don’t give up