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  1. This is excellent news. OCD usually begins in adolescence years and younger and over time intensifies in severity. The more help offered to both parents and children will help them to a much better future.
  2. My mind always goes into overdrive by worrying and over castrophising a situation instead of one of concern. My twin sister as been called back for more extensive tests after her mammogram and straight away I'm in panic mode :( 

    1. taurean


      That's your default lost, but we can in time change our default behaviour. 

      Sit down and relax, do some deep breathing until you feel calmer. 

      I have been through all this with my own sister. What did I do? Accepted that whatever resulted, I could do nothing about it but provide consideration and support. 

      All the best 


  3. Hi guys long time no see, I’ve not been very active of late because I’ve had a few ups and downs and I didn’t really feel I had any positive input to offer sadly. I’m still on a bit of a low or perhaps a lot of one to be honest, I’ve had to have six teeth out and a denture fitting and as usual nothing goes straight forward for me and complications always happen, things never seem to go to plan. It’s really knocked my confidence and I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself at the moment but I know things will slowly get better. 

    Hope you are all fit and well and still moving forward. Best wishes always lost x

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    2. taurean


      I am so glad you "found" us again lost. 

      I do perfectly well with my denture plate lost, and have had one for years. 

      Hope those other issues "crawl back into their box" and you can "push it back under the stairs" again soon. 

      All the best 

      Roy :king:

    3. taurean


      By the way, :flowers2: :fool:

    4. lostinme


      Cheers Roy, they made me smile 😃 

      Sorry I must seem really rude, no sooner I dropped in again and then I vanish. It’s been a rough week for me not only had I got continuing issues I’ve also got more issues regarding my extraction so yet another visit to the dentist tomorrow :( Just hoping they can sort it out this time. 

      My daughters father had a heart attack this weekend too, but thankfully after having stents inserted he is doing fine now. Its been a very emotional time especially for my daughter.

  4. Hi Radcliffe and welcome to the forum Please don’t be afraid of seeking medical advice because you feel that your OCD is not debilitating enough. The sooner you seek OCD treatment the better it is, because sadly as time goes by the symptoms slowly affects so many different aspects of our lives. I wish there had been treatment available years ago like what there is today because there’s no doubt that my symptoms wouldn’t have got as severe and debilitating as they did over the years. CBT is the best treatment for OCD, by taking that first step and seeking help you can slowly get your life back
  5. Yes it definitely sounds like magical thinking Alexandra. Before having CBT I suffered terribly with this, I did lots of different rituals from counting, to doing things in a certain way and a certain number of times and at a certain time. So don’t give up hope because with the right treatment things can get better
  6. Hi Alexandra and welcome to the forum Im so sorry to hear you are having a terrible time. OCD is very complex and can be about absolutely anything and there is no text book case, it’s very individual, even though it can be very similar. I’m not qualified to give you a diagnosis but I can say that with what you have written above definetly sounds like OCD. The problem is with OCD the longer it’s left untreated the worse it can become but the good news is that things can and do get better. The gold standard treatment for OCD is CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and this should be the therapy you are seeking, have you heard of this ?
  7. Hi daja, so sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment Yes the answer is exposure, however just as importantly, if not more so is the cognitive side too. Doing the exposure and not understanding why you are doing it or tackling your thought process regarding it can often leads to failure. They both need to be worked together hand in hand for it to be successful. We have to be really careful when saying this, because it can lead to negative thinking and we will always put off trying. It’s quite easy to say it’s not the right time right now, but to honest if we think this way there will never be a right time At the moment you avoid putting your phone on the table, possibly because your thoughts scream at you I’m irresponsible, I’m going to die, it’s all my fault etc. Straight away you place belief in this so it’s only natural you avoid doing it. You need to start to make small change s to your behaviour and to your thoughts regarding this. Starting with the least anxiety provoking thing first until it no longer affects you and working through things slowly one by one
  8. Feeling very vulnerable tonight, my dad is really unwell in hospital after suffereing a heart attack and he as also got an infection and severe temp ? 

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    2. Emsie


      That's great news about your doggie, Lost, I hope she/he is even better today.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot. I will remind myself of that, thank you....I know you'll never quit, you're such a warrior. Xxx

    3. lostinme


      Your welcome Emsie :)

      We are all stronger than we think, we are all warriors Emsie living our lives with OCD, battling on and never quitting regardless. With all this strength and courage we use daily living with OCD we can use it in a positive way and start to turn things around for the better xx

    4. Emsie


      Thank you so much, Lost. Xxx

  9. I think quite often when we first initially seek treatment we are unaware what to expect and what is to be offered to us, we just know we need help. So often (I think I am right to say) we are looking for a miracle cure or magic wand(so to speak to). I think finding a therapist that offers evidence based treatment that as proven successful to other patients gives us hope that we can also get better if we work along side our therapist. I think just because it’s not evidence based doesn’t mean it might not work for some individuals. What works for one doesn’t work for all. I think the most important concern here would be, why do they think that this treatment would be more suitable for me and could it possibly cause me to have a major setback or make things worse than what they already are? I think that evidence based treatment gives you the hope needed, an important part of recovery. Definetly, understanding CBT is a major part of the journey which can’t be learnt over a few weeks, in fact I’m still learning. I think one of the big downfalls of treatment and having to keep returning again and again is the lack of knowledge regarding CBT and more importantly understanding it. If I’m honest and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say this but the biggest part for me was understanding what words were used for what eg: (going over things over and over again in your mind, this is how I would have explained it before, so understanding when someone said you spend a lot of time ruminating was referring to this. Understanding what is your obsession, what is your compulsion etc, when you first seek treatment you are unaware of what they are never mind what they are called, you are just aware that you have to do things in a certain way or a certain number of times etc. To find CBT affective you need to be aware of what they are, how the therapist refers to them so you can apply the appropriate treatment, with a correct understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing it. I think that group sessions prior to CBT therapy would prove to be very affective and give you a better understanding before starting to apply it for these reasons.
  10. Hi guys, hope your all ok and still trying to push yourselves forward :)

    Sorry I’ve been a bit of a stranger recently but I’ve had a few difficulties of my own lately which as you know impacts on our OCD sadly :(

    Good news is I havnt let things slip back but sadly I’m no further forward :(

    It doesn’t feel right answering posts when I’m not in a positive mindset. 

    Take care of yourselves and hopefully I will be back here soon, best wishes as always, lost :)

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    2. taurean


      Glad you popped in and updated us lost. Keep going. Roy 

    3. taurean


      I am so pleased that you have been able to maintain your gains lost. It's a marathon ? not a sprint, and accepting when we experience setbacks is all part of the journey. 


    4. lostinme


      Thank you daja and Roy, your kind words and support always mean a lot :)

      Hope you are both good and keeping well :) 

  11. Merry Christmas ? 

    Hope everyone as had a lovely day :)

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    2. gingerbreadgirl


      Happy Christmas lost :) 

    3. lostinme


      Hi Roy it’s been a good but very busy couple of days, spending lots of family time together playing games, drinking and eating way to much. Hoping to find a little relaxing time tomorrow, though I doubt it very much still lots of things planned :)

    4. lostinme


      Thank you daja and gbg, hope it’s been a good one for you too :yes:

  12. Bless you cub I’m glad to hear that never give up hope and have a little faith in yourself you can do this one step at a time
  13. Sadly it doesn’t work that way Phil, compulsions only get worst and never better and quite often when one doesn’t work it gets replaced with another, sadly making the OCD worse. The only way forward is by stopping your compulsions, this needs to be done gradually by working through your least anxiety provoking compulsion first and then when your feeling comfortable with this one you then start on your next one working through your heirachy step by step.
  14. Well done Freya, I’m so happy to hear you have taken that most important step
  15. I think it’s only natural to feel saddened and anxious when therapy comes to an end. It’s really frightening going it alone because you become afraid of setbacks. Try to keep hold of the positivity you had whilst you was in therapy and what you have learned along the way, remember that you did all the hard work and your therapist was there to guide and support you. Don’t feel afraid to reach out for help from the forum when you are needing a little guidance and support we are here for you. Well done, your doing great you can do this
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