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  1. Hi bruces, I don’t really know much about it but with what I’ve heard and read that a mixture of psychotherapy, cbt and emdr can be helpful with this and usually medication for the depression can be helpful. The depression and anxiety will make it feel much worse than it really is. Are you taking medication for your depression at the moment?
  2. lostinme

    So, I have autism

    Take inspiration from how far Wonderer and her son have come, they’ve done absolutely amazing and they’ve come so far, so change is possible
  3. I just can’t believe it, I wasn’t even over my last cold that lasted about 3 week and now I’ve got another so feeling the worse for wear :(

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    2. daja


      Feel better soon Lost.

    3. taurean


      I echo that, hope it is of short duration, lost :flowers2:

    4. lostinme


      Thank you Roy and daja, feeling a little washed out today and a stinking head but apart from that I’m all good :)

  4. lostinme

    Today is a marked day.

    Lily, lily, you really need to start to make changes. You are continually doing compulsion after compulsion and that’s what is keeping you stuck and so remains the viscous cycle When you have a thought, just think I’m not doing this right now and refocus your attention on what you was doing and do this each and every single time over and over again. It takes practice but it does work. Everytime you do a compulsion you are feeding your OCD and giving the thought importance, so please try to do this
  5. Yes Bruce, but we have to find the motivation to change the way we feel and think because otherwise we remain stuck. It’s not easy starting, but it’s easier than just living the life we are stuck in. Believe me when I say I know how you feel because I do, I’ve been where you are now and sadly there is only us that can make the decision to change.
  6. lostinme

    Such a waste of time

    I think this sounds a great idea bruce, why not give it go, you might even be pleasantly suprised
  7. lostinme

    Such a waste of time

    I’m good thanks Emsie, very busy with lots of things so I don’t get as much time as I’d like on the forum these days Im still working through my CBT and doing pretty well at the moment so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself Its good to hear your still working on your therapy and working through any difficulties you face along your journey, with continued hope and motivation you can do this x
  8. Bruces we all have worries, some worse than others, but worries all the same, sadly this is just part of life Try not to see all your worries as a whole, break them down into individual ones and this way it’s not so overwhelming and to be honest some you will start to wonder what you was even worried about
  9. lostinme

    Such a waste of time

    Bruces if you want things to change you need to change your mind set, we can change a negative into a positive
  10. lostinme

    Such a waste of time

    That’s great news Emsie, even though you missed out on a day out with your hubby and daughter a good thing came out of a bad day, so to speak. I think the most important part of recovery is motivation, without motivation we wouldn’t achieve anything even if we had the best most knowledgable therapist in the world guiding us. You can do this x
  11. Rexx, Im sorry to hear your struggling You are acting on your compulsions and this is what is spiralling out of control. You are going over scenarios I should, I shouldn’t hear my voice etc and this is giving the first initial thought importance and making it stronger and seem really important. You need to learn it’s not important either way and don’t give it any attention, each time you get a thought regarding this just think to yourself I’m not doing this right now and occupy yourself with the job in hand, whether your watching tv, reading, working etc. In time the thoughts will fade away and you will be able to see this for what it really is
  12. lostinme


    Hi Mackem, It’s worth looking at it that you have nothing to loose by doing it. I have done this course and I’ve found it very useful running along side doing my CBT. I can use the techniques I learned at very stressful times and I also sleep a lot better since doing it
  13. Thank you flower, I can’t say it’s not hard at times because it is, especially with such a big family, there always seems to be something that crops up and knocks me back again, but sadly that’s life. I need to work on still focusing on therapy and doing my tasks in hand even when such issues do arise, which sadly my life always seems to be that way. Im working at the moment at achieving this, because it’s ok avoiding compulsions when everything is running smoothly but I need to be able to avoid them also when I’m stressed or upset by something. I’m doing good though, I’ve been tackling two 24 hr kettles over the last few week, normally I would have to empty and fill them both to enable me to drink from them, but today I’ve just emptied and refilled just the one so I’ve not been able to fall back on the one I consider the safest. I think motivation is a big part of CBT we need to keep pushing ourselves every tiny little step out of our own comfort zone and not waiting for our therapist to suggest everything before we even try. So glad things are good for you and very pleased you are enjoying life again xx
  14. lostinme

    Worried about my past

    Yes BigDave this is one big rumination of what ifs, leave it be, let it go, it’s in the past and done with
  15. Hey Wonderer, that’s wonderful news I’m so very pleased for you Im good thanks I’m slowly working through my latest hiccup, what brings us down only makes us stronger I’ve still got a way to go but I’m always fully motivated and I never give hope of one day achieving total recovery. But hey I’m 75% there and enjoying life again and doing new things and achieving things I could only ever dream of, so feeling pretty good and proud of my achievements so far. I think it’s great to share how you are feeling and you should feel very proud of yourself in all your achievements. By sharing your own journey gives others inspiration that recovery is possible. We should shout it from the rooftops so hopefully everyone will be inspired to start their very own journey too xx