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  1. Hi guys hope your all ok🙂 Restaurant
  2. It's a difficult time for me at the moment, everything is up in the air. So many things to worry about and more just keep coming, life can be so unfair at times and it's hard :(

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    2. lostinme


      Thank you storm, hope your ok xx


    3. lostinme


      Thank you all for all your kind sincere messages. Hope everyone is doing ok and keeping well xx

    4. lostinme


      Thank you Roy as always for your much appreciated advice, your always there no matter what hardships you face yourself and that in itself is phenomenal, not sure that's the right word but you know my grammar lol. I would PM you becauce I've always regarded you to be a trusted friend but I think you have enough going on right now without any added extras. Thank you as always lost x

  3. It's really not important Paul whether you fantasized about her or not. Leave it be and just enjoy what you've got now. It was a fantasy and nothing more, leave it in the past and enjoy moving forward
  4. Even though this is a contamination issue it's a little different from your normal contamination issues because it's more a mental contamination. With contamination issues we can wipe away germs from a feared object which reduces anxiety and leaves us feeling safe to continue, this is where our compulsions come into play. It's a little different with a mental contamination because you can't do this because all the washing in the world won't change anything, you have to change your thinking process towards the mental contamination and that's a little different to do. I'm not sure if this is making any sense because it's difficult to explain or if you will even agree, but I've been through a similar situation myself and even though we still have compulsions we have to do regarding it eg avoidance we have to deal with the core issue a little differently. Yours being the feeling of feeling dirty and seedy inside in some way. We usually work CBT from the outside in but in these cases it needs to be done from the inside out if that makes sense. I won't continue to elaborate more Ashley unless you wish me to continue and understand what I am trying to say and then I can possibly help you change the way you are thinking?
  5. Phew just arrived home from holiday and feeling pretty exhausted, could do with another one to get over this one :lol:

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    2. daja


      Did you have a staycation Lost or did you go abroad?

    3. lostinme


      Thanks gbg and daja I had a lovely time. We visited Wales and it was alot of walking but it was really nice but very tiring :)

    4. daja


      Sounds nice Lost. 😊 

  6. I think the worst one is when they say why don’t you just stop it. Also negative talking isn’t at all helpful like saying if your not willing to put in the work then there is no point continuing. Why don’t you just ignore the thoughts and then you wouldn’t have these problems.
  7. Hi gbg, sorry your still having problems with this I was on them for a long time and didn't have any issues with them. Have you considered trying to take them just before bed instead and this might reverse the insomnia X
  8. Well done gbg, you've done amazing, you should be very proud of yourself x
  9. That's fantastic gbg, well done, you've got this, keep going x
  10. When all you need is a really good friend, someone you can really talk to, someone who can just listen and be non judgemental to hopefully understand and see your struggles and hardships that you've faced and are still facing. To be able to really open up to someone and for them to listen to how you feel not only in your mind but also what's felt in your heart. It takes time to trust someone to really open up and tell them what's really going on inside and explain your hardships and the things that eat away at you every minute of every day, maybe it's embarrassment or shame and these things are the bigger picture in all the hardships I face now :( 

    1. gingerbreadgirl


      Always around if you want a chat lost xx

    2. lostinme


      Thank you gbg, that means alot :) x

  11. This is great news Ollie, you've done so well, be proud of yourself and your achievements
  12. I have to agree with Ashley here, avoidance is never the answer. Contamination OCD can eventually stop us doing numerous things because of the fear of something so we eventually avoid these places and things to eliminate possiblity. The problem here is it leads from one thing to another, touching money, doors, papers, shopping etc the list is endless I know because I've been there. It's not just about putting someone in a room full of contaminants but to help change their behaviour and their way of thinking so they don't avoid doing these things. It doesn't matter where we are or where we go there will always be contamination issues its how we deal with them that can become the problem. We have to learn when washing hands is necessary.
  13. Let's hope gbg that as your body adjusts to them things will settle down very soon x
  14. That's great news black, onwards and upwards from now
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