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  1. Let's hope gbg that as your body adjusts to them things will settle down very soon x
  2. That's great news black, onwards and upwards from now
  3. Yes let's hope so flower could you not ring your doctor's for a little advice ? x
  4. Phew what a day I've had, feeling really ill in fact I'd go as far as to say I could go to hospital tonight :( having new guttering fascia fitted etc and if it wasn't bad enough that workers was here and a mess everywhere but also they was breaking down asbestos too which made me really anxious. Good news is I havnt cleaned everywhere from top to bottom and havnt washed my hair or showered again since this morning so feeling proud in myself :yes:

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    2. daja


      That’s disgraceful.

    3. lostinme


      Yes I know, you would think they would know better :(

    4. daja


      I think they are just stupid.

  5. The same gbg, different theme but same scenario So I understand totally what you are saying
  6. Exactly gbg, the same as me It’s ok changing our behavioural response however the cognitive side of things is just as important and I think this is where we remain stuck?
  7. Yes handy I get this, it’s ok changing your behavioural responses to something, however if your only changing your behavioural response and not understanding the cognitive side of things this can be what keeps us stuck.
  8. Thank you Gemma, Lots of things to think about here. I know it's either something I'm not doing or something I am doing. I've got over so many other issues that are not an issue any more, so why are these proving to be the hardest ones to do. It's at times like these I wish I had made notes to how I overcame them x
  9. This is exactly it we are still wanting to be in control of the situation so as not to be the bad person we think we might be and that it's all our fault etc, this is the core belief we maybe need to work on too?
  10. Hopefully we can work through this together gbg different theme but same outcome and this is where work still lies x
  11. It's good to be back Gemma and nice to see you too thank you for your kind response it's much appreciated I'm not sure that I worry something will go wrong? It's more the what ifs I think? I know even though I've stopped so many compulsions regarding this issue I still dread having to do it, just incase and I can't wait for it to be over. Hope this makes sense. So it's not the not doing part and avoiding it's more finding the right steps like with other issues that I've managed to overcome. I think I'm like gbg hold brace oneself until it over? Sorry gbg if I've got this wrong? It's very much an automatic response that I'm not sure how to change and that's why I think it's down to my initial thoughts, behaviour before starting that I need to work on changing ?
  12. Hi Gemma, long time no see, hope you are ok I think what you have said here to be correct. However I think my initial problem is the sheer dread and anticipation before entering a room to make a drink to cook etc, possibly the same with gbg re the TV. It's more the build up to the event that's the bigger issue rather than the event itself, you already expect the worse case scenario before you start so off sets the anxiety and you prep yourself ready. A person without OCD would just enter the room switch on the TV, cook, make a drink etc without thought or hesitation and this is what I feel is our biggest hurdle. It's about changing our thought process before hand maybe? Does that make sense?
  13. Yes perfect sense, even though we know we are going to just shrug it off and laugh at it so to speak, it's the lead up before hand that's the issue (expecting it to happen) and I think this is what we need to change. We are already over anxious before hand before even entering the room and this to me is the main issue? Does that make sense? x
  14. I was hoping to offer lily a little advice regarding this new theme to nip it in the bud before it took hold so to speak, just one sufferer to another and what has helped me on my journey, different theme but still the same principles apply. I thought that this is what the forum is for to offer help, support and understanding and to offer help to others where possible? I understand that her therapist as helped her considerably, however a therapist isn't there 24/7 and it's at these times a little outside help can often be a godsend in an hour of need and even help her in her present situation.
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