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  1. Hi neko, Welcome to the forum. You have some great advice here, reading all of it has helped me too! The above is exactly what I do, in fact I freak out doing compulsions/checking at times before I even have the thought or image, so that’s something I personally need to stop. Hope things improve soon for you.
  2. Dragonfly

    Who wants to change?

    I think this is a great post too. I was only thinking today that I obviously need to change something, as I keep going backwards and forwards!
  3. Dragonfly

    Intrusive thoughts/visions

    Yes, this is exactly it! Of course I don’t want to check, and I know I shouldn’t. I’m actually pretty good with quite a lot of my checking now, but this visual OCD in particular really does make me feel powerless, because the OCD is making me think I’m seeing something, as well as having the thoughts sometimes.
  4. Dragonfly

    Intrusive thoughts/visions

    Hi Ashley, Thanks for replying. It has helped me knowing the above, I have felt like I’m loosing my mind at times! Yes, I think you’re right. Thanks
  5. Dragonfly

    Intrusive thoughts/visions

    Hi Ocdhavenobrain, Thanks for replying. The driving theme has been with me for absolute years, at times I’ve thought I’ve overcome it, well actually I have at times. The visual side has only come in to play the last couple of years though. And as I said, it’s not just with the driving at times, it happens with some of my other themes. I know the whole speech about not checking etc, I know what it does, but I find the visual OCD side particularly hard and very upsetting at times.
  6. Dragonfly

    Intrusive thoughts/visions

    Thanks for replying Angst. That’s exactly it though, for me the images are more powerful too. Sometimes I get through it very well when it happens, but other times I question my sanity, as well as think how irresponsible it would be not to check being as I’ve ‘seen an image’, be it all in my head
  7. Dragonfly

    Intrusive thoughts/visions

    Thank you Greycat, it’s definitely helped knowing I’m not the only one
  8. Hi everyone, Hope you’re all ok. My OCD is doing my head in yet again! I have quite a few themes, some have got better though. Does anyone else get visualisation’s (for want of a better word) as well as thoughts, so for instance, I can be driving and go over a bump, worry in case it’s a person, and end up checking loads? Also though, I sometimes can be driving along, not even go over a bump but suddenly visualise a person is walking out in the road (there isn’t one of course). I then end up checking in case there was a person, and if this happens, and also a slight bump, I can check for absolutely ages. It’s weird, but it happens most at zebra crossings and at junctions when I’m turning left or right and I’ve slowed down anyway. I find this so very hard not to check though, even harder than just a bump, as my mind then says that person was real. I’ve had similar with cleaning products, so for instance I may be cooking something, notice the cleaning spray then imagine I’ve put it in the cooking pot, so I’ll tip everything out and start again. Does or has anyone experienced this, and how can you stop your mind visualising? I feel like it’s the don’t think of a pink elephant scenario!! Thanks x
  9. I think threads like this are great too! Well done Gbg! Well as I’ve said before in other threads, I have a few themes of OCD that come and go, but it’s my driving OCD that’s a bit of a problem again at the mo, but I’m working on it. I didn’t go back and check earlier though after being out in the car, so that’s progress!
  10. Dragonfly

    Re- voluntary work

    Ah well done Lost and wish you the best of luck! I volunteered in a charity shop for a while a couple of years ago now. I only did a few hours a week, but it really helped me as I had bad health anxiety at the time, and I needed a distraction, plus it did wonders for my confidence too, as I hadn’t been back in a work place in years. Do keep us posted on how you get on! Xx
  11. Hi there - In my experience it’s not unusual for OCD to go up and down either. My usual triggers are stress and tiredness, so I try to manage these the best I can. I know it’s not easy, but do try to stop mentally testing scenarios. Your OCD will just feed off of this and magnify things, that just aren’t there! When you feel yourself wanting to test scenarios, can you refocus on to something else? Maybe call a friend or go out for a run or walk? It will take practice, but it’ll be worth it. Hope things improve soon X
  12. Dragonfly


    Ah lovely to read this! Well done X
  13. Dragonfly

    Skipping a step

    I totally agree with PB. Also though, your anxiety was extremely high wasn’t it? Could it be that it’s just at a far manageable level, so was a 9/10, but now a 2? I’ve found at times I’m so used to being anxious, that a lower level becomes a bit of a ‘normal’ for me. The ‘figuring out’ really does have to stop. If you try not to figure it out does that create anxiety?
  14. My last therapist taught me another way, as another option to cope with triggers and OCD thoughts. You kind of detach yourself from the thought, so for instance if I go over a bump in the road when driving, and I then worry was it a person, she said to then describe the OCD. So for me personally, I would mentally say to myself, ‘I can feel the OCD has made my chest tighten, I can feel the OCD trying to make me anxious over the bump in the road, it’s trying to make me worry’ or whatever else I felt. For me it really helped me to detach myself from the thought, rather than feel overcome by it, if that makes any sense. I would then refocus, by maybe saying again mentally, ‘ok, what are we having for dinner tonight, and what time’. Well done going back to work! I find keeping busy really helps me too. Good luck! X
  15. Hi there! I’m so sorry to read you’re suffering. I’ve been in anxious states in the past, so totally understand it’s awful. Franklin has given you some great advice etc there, I’m not sure I can add much more. A book that was suggested to me though, that I found very good, was Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts. It has exercises to do in there too, which may be helpful whilst your waiting for therapy. When I was really in the depths of OCD and health anxiety, I meditated a lot, just 5-10 min ones that I found on google, this really helped me slow my mind down. I got out loads, and in the end had to think to myself, ‘right I’m just going to take that leap of faith that it is just OCD!’It did help me a lot. Hope you feel better soon x