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  1. That's not the question. The question I asked is if this type of mental testing and to that degree that I wrote are typical or normal of OCD. Is it normal to test whether or not you could be naked with your best friend and whether or not you desire her?
  2. I try to test these thoughts to see if I find them disgusting but sometimes my mind isn't disgusted and I'm like WTF?? To you get that? Is it normal for people with OCD
  3. So you're saying that this is still OCD despite this sexual mental testing in my mind. Do people with sexual orientation check mentally create and check these thoughts like I do?
  4. But is this type of mental testing normal or typical within OCD, imagining your best friend naked and being intimate with them to see if I would desire her and want to be intimate with her. How is that different from fantasizing? I guess when I fantasize about men it doesn't cause me anxiety and it's not ruminating and it's not forced. I seem to have lost interest in men but I don't know if this is because of the OCD.
  5. I mentally test so much? I mentally test sexual scenarios in my head. At the moment I'm worried, what if I'm attracted to my best friend. In my mind I try to imagine, would I want to be naked with her? I know it's sick. Who imagines stuff like that. I try to imagine her naked to see if I would be attracted to her and if I could be sexual with her. I wrinkle my nose with disgust as I write this. Don't you only imagine people naked if you want to sleep with them or fancy them? Part of me is like no way, I don't see my friend like that and then the part of me is like, I could want to be with her and sleep with her and it depresses me and I'm like WTF?? Is this normal, do people with OCD have these kind of thoughts and mentally test these kind of scenarios?
  6. lonelygirl91

    OCD switching themes

    im really struggling with this
  7. lonelygirl91

    OCD switching themes

    This is so true! My main OCD theme has always been fear or being lesbian or bisexual. I also have other OCD themes which are reoccur from time to time like worrying that I'm a paedo or that I have a brain tumour or cancer. Last week I was so obsessed with the idea that I'm a paedo; it caused me so much grief and depression, but now it's fizzled out and it's like I'm over it, but now it's something else that is taking over. With you does OCD feel real? OCD makes these thoughts seem real like with my best friend. Is it me or the OCD? I'm trying not to mentally test, but it's hard.
  8. lonelygirl91

    OCD switching themes

    I feel like such a sicko mentally testing being intimate with my best friend.
  9. Can OCD switch themes quickly? Last week I was worried that I'm a paedo, now I'm worried that I'm attracted to my best friend. Last night I was out with my best friend and a thought came into my mind, "what if I would want to be with her?" I started mentally testing, could I be intimate with her? In my mind it seems like I would want to be intimate with her and not be grossed out. This isn't the reaction that I want. I wanted to be grossed out but my mind makes me seem like I could want to be intimate with her. Can OCD trick you like this and make things seem real or are these real feelings?
  10. lonelygirl91

    Following advise and feeling better

    I feel that the themes are switching but this feels so real. Does OCD make things feel real?
  11. lonelygirl91

    Following advise and feeling better

    If it's not one thing it's the other. Now I keep thinking what if I'm attracted my best friend? We went out and I had two drinks and I kept thinking what if I'd want to be with her? I tried mentally testing being intimate with her in my mind; hoping to be repulsed, in my mind it seemed like I would want to and enjoy it. It really put a damper on my feeling and feel really low about it.
  12. lonelygirl91

    Following advise and feeling better

    What do you mean if it is true? That made me anxious
  13. lonelygirl91

    Following advise and feeling better

    It's definitely not easy but I'm trying hard not to engage with these thoughts and to get on with my life. At the moment I'm feeling stable though I feel depressed about my life that I don't seem to fit in with people and don't have a boyfriend or much interest from guys. It's like the focus has shifted now. It's not going to be easy and will be up and down like you say. Unfortunately that is the nature of this condition.
  14. lonelygirl91

    Following advise and feeling better

    Anxious about what?